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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar-
“Viplav, you won’t go to that place. No means no! I don’t want you to go there. Even Aunty agrees. Right aunty?”, Tanya said as she looked at his maah while she nodded gravely.

Viplav clenched his fist in anger. “What was wrong NOW? What is wrong with going to a Ashram filled with poor ladies? That too when you are going for charity work?”

“We don’t want you to go there… didn’t you understand?”
“To be honest, I am sick and tired of this constant interfering that you all do in my life, the thing which I should know are kept secret from me… I feel really frustrated, I just want to leave you all and go away. Far. Where no one is able to find me. Where no one can dictate me what I have to do. Somewhere peaceful.”, he shouted furiously
“But we’re stopping you for your betterment because that place…it is unsafe. There are a lot of gangsters and rogues there. You are taking your security, but please, just don’t take risk, damn it”, Tanya still tried to convince him

“Fine. Tell me what happened in those two years for my betterment. I will not go.” he said to her. She stopped abruptly and looked at him unbelievingly. He looked at his mother who was having expressions filled with panic
These reactions were what convinced him that something was being hidden from him. Something important. He tried finding about his life but that didn’t seem to lead him anywhere. His family was his only hope.

“What is this madness Viplav? Haan? How many times do Tanya and I have to tell you that NOTHING happened in those two years. You think we are lying?”, his maah shrieked. He turned to her.

“You want to know what I think? I think you ALL are liars! You all are deliberately trying to come in between my determination to know my past! You are stopping me, God knows why! But it won’t work maah. It won’t. I’ll find out.” he screamed with his all might
“Why is it so important to you Viplav? Even if something did happen, why is it necessary to find it out? Don’t you trust us? Don’t you trust us to know what is good for you?” Maa asked him in a heartbroken voice.

Tears streamed up in his eyes. “I see images Maa. I hear voices of a girl. I can’t see her face but I have seen myself with her a lot of times. It is making me mad maah. I feel restless idiot. I feel worried and I am unable to concentrate on anything. It is always on my mind. I need to know maa, if I want to live my life peacefully ever again.” he replied painfully

Tanya spoke, “Nothing happened Viplav. I don’t think it was anything. You made a friend but now she doesn’t live here. That’s it!”
He looked at her eyes and found that they weren’t really meeting his. She was lying. Plain and simple. He felt rage bubble up inside himself. “Does my comfort and peace of mind mean nothing to her?”, sudden thought engulfed his mind

He took his keys and ran out of the house, determined to get some closure and the answers to the various questions he have in his mind. He speed up his car to the very familiar Sunset Point. It was midnight. He went to his usual spot at the cliff that faced the sea. And he found HER there, yet again.

She was in a pristine white sari, her long hair blowing back due to the gentle wind. The moonlight created an atmosphere of peace, calmness and loveliness about her which was forcing him to wish rest of his life here. As he was drawn in wishing, his feet worked on their own to reach closer to her. She spoke without turning.

“So you are here again. Good. Tonight is the last time I would be meeting you. I am leaving this place.”

A strange pain a-rised in his heart. He felt betrayed. She was the only person who kept him sane through this insanity all these months. He needed her. He needed her advice, her calmness, the peace she gave and her small smile which made him sure that everything was going to be alright. She was his only friend now. Only true friend.

“We will play a game today Viplav. You ask me questions. I will reply in Yes, No or Inappropriate. Ask meaningful questions, the questions which you have had in your mind for so long. But beware, I cannot say beyond a word. Done?” she asked.

“Interesting. Of course she knew. She knew everything. And she was willing to help me get my answers on my own. Fantastic!”, he nodded eagerly while thinking in his mind and sat beside her.
“What is your name?”

She raised an eyebrow. He recalled the rules and bit his tongue. “Okay. I will try again.”

“Are all these saris designer?”


“Oh damn! What is wrong with me? Is this even a question to be asked?”, he mumbled under his breath

“Emm……do you know the woman whose voice I hear and who I see?”


His heart beats stopped instantly. He smiled and eagerly shot the next question.

“Were you close to her?”


“Did I meet her in between those two years?”


“Was she important to me?”


He frowned. If she was important to him, then why were his mother and Tanya not telling him about her? Unless………….. He was hell confused

“Were we in love with each other?”


“Was she………..not of my class?”


That is it. It was established that he fell in love with someone poor and obviously Tanya and Mom didn’t like it. Which was why they were avoiding this topic. Is this a reason why Tanya didn’t want him to go to the Ashram?

“Did she live in the Tarini Vidvah Ashram?”


I grew excited. “Does she still live there?”


His heart sank and face expressions reflected his disappointment. For a while, he couldn’t find any suitable question. While he was knocking his brain, she waited patiently, strumming her guitar.

“Was she a widow?”


That was it, this was the reason his family wasn’t telling about her, this was the reason they kept all this secret from him.

“Were my parents against our relationship?”


“Do you know where she is now?”


He grinned widely. She knew! She could lead him to her. Yes!

“Can you take me to her?”


The excitement he had in him faded away. Why? Why couldn’t she arrange for them to meet?



“You cannot deny me the chance to meet the woman I love her, you know. You said you would help me. I have already solved the mystery myself. I just want to meet her once.” he said to her. She didn’t reply, just continued smiling in her, beautiful way. In any other situation, he would have been entranced, but he was too angry and hyper. He wanted to meet his love!

“Game over. Congratulations, at least you made some headway. The rest of the story would be better known to you if you try harder. Try. Think. And by think, I mean, THINK. FOCUS.” she said in a hollow voice.
He closed his eyes. The image of his and his love dancing in each other’s arms came. Her laugh echoed through his mind. ‘I love you’, ‘I hate people who smoke’ and other such words came to his ears. His head started paining.

He opened up his eyes and looked at her. She was strumming her guitar silently. He begged her to tell him herself. She refused. He stood up in frustration.

“You are no better than maa and tanya. Even they had been playing with my feelings and hiding stuff from me, you did the same. I was willing to forgive you because you were willing to help. But you are just enjoying my pain. You aren’t helping, even though you promised. I am leaving. Goodbye and have a great life!” he said in anger as he turned around. He had hardly gone a few steps when a sweet, painful voice reached his ears. She was singing.

“Sathiya tune kia kiya, beliya yeh tune kia kiya…
Maine kiya tera intezar, itna karo na mujhe pyaar…
Itna karo na mujhe pyaar”

He froze to ground. That voice. It was the same. It was HER voice. The voice that he had been hearing for the past six months. He felt Goosebumps on his skin. He felt cold and exposed. A sudden chaos of voices and images swam in his mind. He closed his eyes as they took over.

“My name is Dhaani.”

“Haha haha. You are so funny!”

“I live in Ashram as I’m a widow. My father left us when my mother was pregnant and my mother left me when I was married”

“Why are you here Viplav? Just go from here… I’m not worthy of you”

“I love you too.”

The same image of their dancing came to his mind. But this time, it was clear. The face of the woman was visible. It was HER. Miss Mysterious Dhaani.

Another image came to his mind. He was giving her a lot of gifts. Each gift had designer saris in them. The saris that he had always seen her wearing for the past six months.

And then, came one final image. Dhaani was dressed in a pristine white sari. They were on a cliff, hugging each other tightly.

“Let us run away and get married Dhaani. My parents are refusing to acknowledge our relation.” he said to her. She wept bitterly and shook her head.
“Your parents are right. You are a perfect man and you don’t deserve imperfect thing. Their only son. What wrong are they asking if they wish for you to marry a better girl, someone of your social standing? Admit it, we both knew this relation was doomed, right from the start. Don’t worry Viplav. I will always love you. And about our unborn baby, don’t worry. I will give birth to it. I will brought it up. I will tell him or her about you, about us.” Dhaani replied.

“No, no, no, no, NO! Please Dhaani. You think I would be able to live without you and our child? No. I won’t be able to. Please, let us just go away from here. Far away. Where no one will be able to locate us. We will make a world of our own.” he said desperately. Dhaani shook her head. She stepped back and pushed him away but tripping on a stone which was behind her, she slipped and fell down the cliff.

He rushed over and caught her arm. She was hanging in the air. She looked up and their eyes met. “I won’t let anything happen to you Dhaani.” he said as he tried pulling her up.

Dhaani had tears in her eyes. With great effort, he pulled her up and laid her head on his lap. The area between her legs was bleeding heavily. They both knew what this meant.

“It is gone. It went away. See, even God doesn’t want us to be together.” Dhaani whispered weakly. Losing blood was proving dangerous for her. He tried to pick her up to take her to a hospital but she resisted. He begged and pleaded with her but she refused. Finally, he sat on the ground and clutched her close to him. He was crying madly while she was sobbing.

“Next time, I would come as an NRI. And then, you would have to work very hard to win me. I won’t agree so easily as I did this time. I will also speak English. Ek dum fatafat. You won’t even understand what I am saying!” She said. He smiled at her through his tears, requesting her one last time to get help. She shook her head.

“I always knew we couldn’t be together. But that didn’t stop me from loving you. I don’t want to live without you Viplav. It is better if I die. I don’t have the strength like my mother, to live alone and face the world’s taunts. And I don’t have the strength to see you with someone else.” She said.

“But dying is wrong! Just giving up, it is absolutely wrong!” he cried out as he held her closer to him. Dhaani gave a sad smile.

“Death comes to everyone. I agree that I am calling it myself and I am giving up but that is the best option. Death may be wrong, Viplav, but it is the easiest thing I can do right now. And after living my whole life with so many hardships, I think I deserve to die as easily as I can.” She said softly. He cried harder. Despite his most optimistic thinking, he knew she wouldn’t survive. She had lost too much blood and more importantly, she had lost the will to live.

“Won’t you give your love this freedom Viplav? Allow me to die peacefully Viplav. Please.”

He nodded to her through his tears. She smiled softly and with great strength, muttered an ‘I love you’ to him. He replied with an ‘I love you too’. She held his hand and started singing softly.

“Sathiya tune kia kaha,
Beliya yeh tune kia kaha”

She looked at him and gestured him to speak. He joined her in singing the next two lines. They sang the whole song together once.

“Yun naa kabhi karna intezar”
“Maine kiya hai tum se pyaar…
Mai na kiya hai tum sey pyaar”

Silence. She wasn’t singing anymore. He looked down at her and found her large eyes looking at him, expressionless and hollow. He broke down and held her closer to his heart, crying for her to come back. After a few minutes, he gathered the strength and started singing.

“Itne muhabbat seh na sakun ga,
Such maano zinda reh naa sakun ga..”

He continued singing his love’s favourite song for God knows how long, slowly rocking her gently in his arms as he sang.
He opened his eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks. He turned slowly and saw his love Dhaani standing before him, her white sari stained with blood below her stomach. She was smiling softly.

“Dhaani!” he whispered brokenly.

“You lost your mental stability after that night. You were in a mental asylum for a year before they tried to give you a shock therapy to revive you. You gained back your mind but the memories of the past two years were wiped off.” She said softly.
“Take me with you. Please. See, I didn’t even remember you, yet I found it so hard to live. Our hearts are connected Dhaani.”

“My heart stopped beating two and a half years ago Viplav. Yours is still beating. You are living while I am dead.”

“I cannot live like this Dhaani. Tanya is my friend, not my love. She will never be able to take your place in my heart. I will never be able to give her the love which I have given to you.”

“She isn’t taking my place Viplav. She already has her own place in your heart. You have to move on. I had requested you to release me, free me. Yet, you didn’t. I have stayed in this world and wandered alone. I have waited for you to release me. I will continue to live my after life only after you get settled. I won’t be happy till you are. Please Viplav. You have a life. You have parents, a friend like Tanya, work, everything. Don’t just leave it all for me. I never wanted to separate you from your life. Don’t make me guilty of that sin.” She said.

His mind was in a turmoil. He wanted to be with Dhaani. Love was all that he needed. Yet………………..

“Yet you have a responsibility towards others. You have duties to fulfill. Don’t run away like I did. I became selfish and see, what it led to. Don’t make history repeat itself. Can you imagine the pain your parents would feel? Tanya? Just because I love you doesn’t mean that no one else does. Tanya has tried so hard to make your life easy and comfortable. She has worked so hard. Don’t break her heart Viplav. Please.” She painfully pleased him

“Love…. that’s why they weren’t telling me my past… because their love was important for them than my pain”
“They don’t want you to live rest of your life recalling me… don’t doubt their love”

“I…I don’t know anything. I just can’t live without you, I’m incomplete”

“You’re not incomplete, my presence inside your heart will make you complete. I’m always with you..in every bit you”

He gulped his tears moving his gaze to sea then again looked at her. It would take just a few steps and a jump for him to join her. And yet, it would just take him a turn to go back to his life. If he join Dhaani, they would leave. If he go back, he would be joining his family. His saw his loved one’s faces. Could he leave them alone?

He couldn’t. Dhaani was right. Even if he loved her, he could turn his back to his parents, to Tanya. They have a right on his life as much as he do. He looked at Dhaani to tell her about his decision but it seemed that she already knew. She was smiling at him proudly.

“I will keep on loving you, you know. And I will definitely return as the NRI. And I have decided, I will have orange hair.” She said.

He smiled at her and widened his eyes in mock horror. She giggled gleefully. She produced a rose which had only one petal left. She plucked that petal and sighed seeing the stick.

“And……..all meetings done. Our last one is completed. You remember this rose? You gave it to me, saying that it would live as long as we are together? It has died now. I am going.” She said wistfully.

Tears came to his eyes. Dhaani waved her hand and stepped back. A blinding white light started engulfing her. She mouthed ‘I love you Viplav’ as the light consumed her. And then, she was gone.

He fell to the ground, crying his heart out. He recalled all their memories together, their promises, their dreams, their hopes for the future. Her glowing face when she told him about her pregnancy, his reaction to it, their parting, her death. He cried for hours. As the first rays of the sun came up, he saw her guitar lying on the ground. He smiled through his tears and picked it up, stroking it fondly.

“I love this guitar. I got it from a branded showroom. 80% discount! Still cost me a few thousand rupees, but it is so beautiful na?”

The memory made him smile. He picked up the guitar and took it with him as he walked back to his car, taking the step towards his life. The life that he had to live. The life that his love Dhaani had granted him. As he drove through the lanes, he smiled between his tears as he hummed softly under his breath.

“Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar……”
Few days later,
Same place, same weather, same surroundings but different people. He sighed holding the stem of flower which was given by HER at their last meeting. He was sitting at the same bench where he used to sit with his love.

“I’m sorry Dhaani..I couldn’t marry Tanya, I just couldn’t. Yet I’m living my life which you had granted me, but just LIVING not loving it. But I’m not incomplete anymore, I’m not alone as you’re with me. In my heart. In my memories. In every bit of mine. Whenever I miss you I feel you inside me, whenever I want to cuddle you I clutch your guitar tightly to feel your warmth. I’m not alone anymore because I love you”, he spoke closing his eyes and felt HER fragrance which was in the cool breeze, yet only he can feel it.

“I love you too Viplav and will always be”, a sound echoed in his mind but this time he didn’t created panic instead a clam smile was playing on his lips. A deep relief was visible through his face.

God knows how long he sat there in that position but one thing was clear, that place will always give him relief as this was the spot where he met his Miss. Mysterious last time.

“Dil k chaman ka hasna tou dekho,
Jaage nazar ka sapna tou deykha..
Aise hue hum aik jaan aik dil,
Tu hai k mai hun kehna hai mushkil…. played”
Thank you for reading!
Phew! Done with last part. Hopefully you all liked it, though I know it was really saddening as I too was having tears while writing. I’m thinking to post it on Whattpad but maybe there won’t be any ViDha readers there. Let’s see kis par karte hun post! Now only last part of “Vaada Raha” is left. Once after posting it I’ll bid bye to everyone. Okay! DO COMMENT before leaving this page.
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  1. Fenil

    Aflatoon shot.
    Ek dum jakkkkkkasssss so emotional an painful.Those question answers session was superbly manage.superb mind-blowing fabulous fantastic fantabulous Awesome Amazing story.
    Totally loved it.Try on wattpad by seeing may be readers awake and they also started writing for ViDha.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very very much bro! You made my day through such appreciative words. Yeah I’ll try to post there!

  2. ????????????….
    These are my expressions while reading…..wooowww really an emotional ending dear….u did a great job….u explained bit by bit very patiently I liked it alotttt….
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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear for loving this shot a lot. I’m so overwhelmed after reading your view. I’ll post last part of Vaada Raha soon.

  3. Sujie

    Maha….You have actually made me listen Saathiya ye tune kya multiple times imagininv this and crying along…..Not minding listening to it…..I love it….you know that…Talking about the shot….you killed me…..awesome writing…..
    achha hua he did not marry Tanya…but imagining Viplav lost and smiling with tears in memory of Dhaani was ❤️???though It was sad…thank you dear…you really really rock????????

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much dear for loving it and yes this song is actually my favorite and then I thought it would be best for this plot. So happy that you liked it:*
      Love you<3

    2. Sujie

      Love you too dear…. I am glad that you came up with this….and mentioning the song…was apt… I repeat …totally apt..for the whole scenario…thank you for the story dear….

  4. HI Maha,

    The story was mind blowing. I cried as I read the story. the last part touched me the most.

    Thanks Maha for this episode.

    Please do not stop writing. We look forward each day for another story from your end.

    Take care.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much dear for such words. Keep supporting dear<3 and yes I'll try to come up with something.

  5. Renimarenju

    Maha, Through out all episodes, it was an awesome journey 2 see vidha with such pure emotions and it touched my heart 2 the core…..U actually made me 2 remind my own love while reading whom i am missing badly……It actually made me 2 remind those bitter moment of life when he was bed ridden for months and I went depression because i was not able 2 do any thing…….This pure souls vidha will stay @ my heart forever as while reading all in one go made me 2 visualise myself and my love as vidha…..It took much time for me 2 get back normal when i find him as normal eventhough he wasn’t risen from bed , but his confidence and care made me 2 gain back trust in life and i faced that period with much difficulty…….I am crying literally after reading this one…And don’t know what 2 say now…..
    Thanks for writing this one and it was so specail 2 me..

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much dear, I hope now the person whom you love is fine. I’m really happy that my writing touched your soul. Really grateful<3

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