Ikrs: Vaada Raha (Short Story) Part:4

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Vaada Raha-
Dhaani and Viplav after flowing their emotions settled down on their bed to have breakfast
“Here, drink it please”, Viplav requested while handing her the glass of water
“Thank you”, Dhaani replied in low voice while taking glass from him
“So what would you like to eat? I’ve made everything of your choice”, he spoke with a smile trying to make the atmosphere little light
“Anything”, she answered without looking at him

“Emm! I don’t know how to make ‘anything’ dhaani so you’ve to tolerate this only”, Viplav informed childishly whereas a smile appeared on dhaani’s lips after listening him
Viplav gave a sigh of relief after seeing his wife’s smile after one long day
“Keep smiling like this because you’re my strength”, he said while giving her a toast
“I’m sorry”, she being guilty spoke
“Sorry? For what?”, he questioned out of confusion

“For saying all those harsh words to you, I… I didn’t say all that intentionally it’s just…”, her voice chocked in between while tears again started to fall
“You don’t need to be sorry”, he replied while keeping the breakfast tray aside. “You were absolutely right, I should be there when you needed me… but please for all this don’t give punishment to yourself, I deserve your punishment so give that to me”, he demanded cupping her face

“I don’t want to give punishment to anyone.. I just want everything like before”, she said with a tired voice
“Everything will be like before.. I promise but it needs your strength, I won’t ask you to move on because it’s really difficult but please try to forget that incident thinking it as a worst nightmare”, he requested while wiping her tears through his thumb
“I’ll try to”, she nodded while holding his hand
“Now you should take some rest”, he advised while leaving her face whereas Dhaani again nodded in affirmation.
Viplav was making apple juice for dhaani when he unknowingly started smiling thinking about a happy incident.
XYZ club:
“Apple juice for me”, dhaani ordered looking at a waiter sitting on bar counter
“And a drink for me”, Viplav added
“So this is your favorite club… Nice!”, she said after taking a complete glance of the place
“Glad you liked it”, Viplav spoke with a smile

Meanwhile waiter placed their juice and drink in front of the respective persons
“But so dull and boring music is playing”, she complaint while taking a sip of juice
“But I like it actually, it’s so calm”, Viplav said while closing his eyes
“Boring idiot”, she mumbled under her breath
“I’ve heard it”, he gave a serious look

“That’s great Mr. Boring”, she shouted while standing up but again sat down with a thud
“What happened? Are you alright”, he asked in concern as he noticed her state
She started to laugh loudly seeing his face, “you’ve two faces, two noses, two ears… no wait, 1,2,4.. yeah four ears and so many hairs”, she said cutely in between her hiccups
“dhaani you’re scaring me now.. two faces, four ears.. if you can see ghost or something?”, he asked touching his face
“Ghost… Don’t take it’s name, else they’ll come and will take you away”, she said with a gesture “by the way you’re a commissioner and still scared of ghosts… Haww! Shame on you”, she added in between her laugh

“dhaani I guess you’ve gone mad”, Viplav said cluelessly looking at her
“You called me mad? You’re mad”, she angrily shouted pointing her finger but than sat down once again, “hold it viplav”, she ordered him widening her eyes
“Hold? What?” he questioned out of confusion

“This club is moving.. round and round. Go and stop it like a super hero”, she replied holding his arm
“Club is moving? Wait a second, club isn’t moving, you’re feeling dizzy”, he said after realizing something and called the same waiter who had served them drinks
“What have you added in that juice, just look at her. It’s seems like she’s drunk”, he asked in anger

“Sir I’ve served her simple apple juice”, waiter replied in fear
Viplav then after thinking something picked up his glass and let out a sigh as soon as he realized that the glasses were actually exchanged. He then turned his head to see dhaani but was shocked to find her missing from her place. He got up in search of her but a melodious voice grabbed his attention towards dance stage
“Chunaree Lehrayee, Payal Chankayee, Chudee Khankayee

Liya Bechaini Ka Jog,
Laga Laga Laga Re,
Laga Laga Laga Re,
Laga Laga Laga Re, Laga Prem Rog”, she sang while moving herself according to the rythm and throwing her scarf in air. Viplav on the other hand gets shocked to see her and, so he quickly ran to her and brought her down
“What? Let me dance”, she demanded while trying to go again
“No you’re not going anywhere”, Viplav forbid with angry face

“Sariyal! You know what, if Salman Khan would’ve in your place then he’ll surely sing… Tum sey mil kar dil ko mere jaane kia hoa rey… but you’re so bore”, she said twitching her nose
“Yeah I’m sure, he would’ve but remember I’m not Salman”, he replied while signing to look at his face

“You can’t be.. because he’s the best”, she smiled
“Okay then go to your Salman”, he spoke frowning his brows
He was about to turn but dhaani held his hand which made him to turn
“But I love you and will always be”, she whispered softly in his ears
Viplav was speechless on her sudden confession but didn’t react and silently leaves that place along with her.
Viplav’s thoughts gets disturbed when his mobile rang. He picked it up and gets hell angry on the person who had placed the call
Head Quarter:
“Who the hell has realised them”, Viplav asked aggressively
“Sir Dahshrath Tripathi’s PA came with his lawyer along with bail papers so we had to let them go”, Raj replied bowing his head

“How could you Raj.. how?”, he frustratingly spoke while slamming his hand on table
“Sir, then their wasn’t any charge on them, no proof and…”, another inspector tried to spoke
“Oh just shut up”, he shouted interrupting him
“Proof is needed to give them punishment.. right? Fine I’ll bring that”, he said firmly
“But how sir?”, Raj asked
“Do you trust me Raj?”, Viplav questioned

“More than myself”, he replied
“Then do what I’m saying as I’ve a plan”, he ordered calmly
ViDha’s room:
Viplav entered inside room and smiled seeing dhaani, who was dressed up nicely and was looking at garden through window
“When did you wake up?”, he asked with a smile
“When you weren’t at home”, she replied softly

“Yeah woh I had a work so need to leave in hurry”, he told to clarify
“And if that work is done?”, Dhaani asked looking at him
“Did you have your juice?”, he asked trying to change the topic
“Yes, I’ve”, she replied looking back to garden

Viplav was about to move from his place but dhaani held his hand which made him to stop
“Do you still love me the same way?”, she questioned nervously
“What do you think?”, he threw another question turning to her

She lowered her eyes on his question
“You’re same for me as before.. so please don’t even think about that question”, he demanded lifting her face
“But I feel like it’s injustice for you to stay with me because…” she said twisting her fingers and trying to suppress her tears
“Because what?”, he asked little louder but then sighs holding her shoulder “Please dhaani, at morning only we talked with each other about this thing and you promised me to gradually forget everything”, he spoke softly staring at her

“I can’t forget anything viplav till I see them dieing in front of my eyes”, she said in a stern voice “you want me to forget everything naa.. I’ll, but for that I want to punish them for their sin, for touching me”, she added wiping her tears

“Give me just 24 hours Dhaani and I promise your culprits will be in front of your eyes and they’ll pay for their every sin”, he announced determinedly
Dhaani nodded understandably whereas Viplav looks on firmly.
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  1. Awesome episode Maha??
    Thank God dhaani ko ehsaas hua ki woh galath kehdiya….really very sad that dhaani is feeling that it is injustice to viplav….but our rocking star is so caring and loving towards dhaani….oh no those rogues are released..??but i know viplav will find out proofs and kick them Inside the jail….really heart touching story Maha….
    Come soon I m waiting for next episode…
    Byee mahaa…
    Take care dear….
    Keep smiling…??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Lalitha for commenting. Glad you liked:*

  2. Fenil

    Supeb chappy.
    Good that Dhaani realized and they share sweet conversation.Memory of flashback of apple juice was really funny.Good Dhaani turning strong.waiting for next.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much for reading and liking it.

  3. Sujie

    Apple juice and sweet conversation….Combo????
    Dhaani …poor she….But when Viplav is there why to fear….Dhanai ke ek ek aasuon ka hisaab lega Viplav….surely…keep going dear?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Sujie! Glad you liked it.

  4. Hi Maha,

    Superb episode.. great going. Now awaiting the last part of this story.

    The punishment to be meted out to those culprits.

    Thanks Maha for the update. Waited patiently.

    Take care.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much Janice! Keep reading dear.

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