IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love- Chapter 30

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Hi, dearies….. I’m really sorry for making you all to wait for so long… As I said before, I’m stucked with my office works…. And from next month I will be working on night shift as well and I don’t know how I’m going to update all my stories…. But one thing I promise you, I won’t discontinue any of my stories…. Maybe I will be late in updating but I will complete all my stories…. You can trust me on that…..




Omkara’s Room

Rudra enters inside the room and sees Ishana sitting beside Mishti lost in her thought. He sits beside her and touches her shoulder. Ishana breaks her thought and looks at him.

Ishu: Rudra?? When did you come??

Rudra: Just only, bhabhi. What were you thinking just now, bhabhi??

Ishu: Nothing. I was thinking about my friends. All because of you. They teased me just now. (She slaps his arm.) Why did you tell them about yesterday??

Rudra: Bhabhi, I promised them that I will inform everything to them daily. That’s why I told them. They are having rights to know, bhabhi. (Ishana pouts.) Leave that, bhabhi. Was everything fine?? I mean last night you stayed here. Did he……??? (Ishana recalls about Omkara’s state last night. Rudra sees her again lost in her thought. He snaps his fingers in front of her face.) What happened, bhabhi?? You are again lost. Did he tried to do anything??

Ishu: No no. He didn’t even look at me. You don’t worry. Even if he wants to do anything, I won’t keep quiet.

Rudra: (smiles proudly) That’s my bhabhi!! I came to give your medicines. You have to take one before your breakfast right?? Have it. (Hands over a tablet and a glass of water. Ishana takes them from him and has it.)

Voice: You are taking medicines?? (IshRu turn and see Annika at the door. She enters inside the room.) What happened, Ishana?? Why are you taking medicines?? Are you not well?? (Places her hand on Ishana’s forehead checking for fever. Ishana smiles seeing her concern towards her. She holds her hand.)

Ishu: No, I’m fine.

Annika: (raises her eyebrows) Fine?? Why are you taking medicines if you are fine??

Ishu: Woh…. (Looks at Rudra.)

Annika: (turns to Rudra) Rudra, at least you tell me. Why she is taking medicines??

Rudra: She has landed in depression after left from here. That’s why she is taking these medicines. (Annika is shocked to know this. She understands what could be the reason for her depression.)

Annika: I’m sorry, Ishana. I won’t ask what is the reason for your depression because I know what is the reason. I’m sorry that I am also one of the reasons for your depression. (She looks down in guilt.)

Ishu: (pulls her chin up) Don’t blame yourself. You have nothing to do with my depression. (Annika smiles in tears.)

Annika: Now, I understand why RuMyaPri love you very much. (IshRu look at each other and turn to Annika questioningly) No one can hate you, Ishana. If anyone wants to hate you will change their mind if they see your beautiful heart. As Rudra said you are really a gem. (Ishana feels embarrassed hearing the compliment.)

Ishu: No… No…. I’m not that much good as you are saying. I am still having a lot of flaws. (Rudra smiles seeing Ishana’s uneasiness hearing the compliment. He aware that Ishana won’t be comfortable hearing this type of compliments. He decides to tease her too.)

Rudra: (hugs Ishana’s arms) Annika bhabhi is correct. Bhabhi, you are really a gem. No one can be like you. You are simply unique and like a single piece on earth. Annika bhabhi is 100% correct. (Ishana understands he is teasing her and slaps his arm. He chuckles rubbing his arm. They turn towards Annika and surprised to see her in tears.) What happened, bhabhi??

Annika: What did you call me?? (Looking at Rudra tearfully.)

Rudra: Bhabhi…..

Annika: Do you know how much I missed to hear this word from you??

Ishu: (confused) Rudra, you didn’t call her ‘bhabhi’ these days??

Annika: He did call, Ishana but there won’t be any love, affection or rights when he called me like that. He only gave the respect as his brother’s wife. But after so long, he has called me as bhabhi with his full rights. (Holds his cheek.) I longed to hear this from you, Rudra. Thank you so much. (Rudra feels bad seeing Annika. He didn’t expect that Annika felt hurt with his behaviour. She is correct. After IshPri left, he didn’t pay any attention towards his family. His anger was on peak towards them. He gave respect to them because of their ages and their relationship with him. He didn’t address Annika as bhabhi most of the time except if it is needed. He knows he is wrong too. He should not behave like that towards her.)

Rudra: (holds her hand which is on his cheek) I’m sorry, bhabhi. I should not have behaved like that towards you. I thought you are also supporting our family because you were keeping silent all the time whenever they badmouthing about Ishana bhabhi. I didn’t know that you are holding pain in your heart too. I thought you too have become heartless like them. (Tears started to make their way out from his eyes.) I’m sorry, bhabhi. I should not have thought like that about you. (Holds his ears. Annika shakes her head and takes his hands.)

Annika: You don’t have to say sorry. Actually, I’m very proud of my devar who has taken a stand for his bhabhi when everyone against her. My Rudra is really great. (Rudra smiles in tears and hugs her. Annika hugs him back. She feels relief that she got back the old Rudra. Ishana too smiles in tears seeing them get united. Annika sees Ishana and pulls her into the hug. Mishti who is lying in the cradle cries feeling neglected.)

Ishu: Oh!! My baby is jealous!! (They break the hug.)

AniRu: Jealous!!??

Ishu: Haan!! She doesn’t like to see anyone hugging each other. She will cry like this. (Lifts Mishti from the cradle and embraces her. Mishti stops crying and lies on Ishana’s shoulder.)

Annika: So cute!!! (About to touch her but stops.) Can I touch her??

Ishu: Touch!!?? You can carry her also. (Hands over Mishti towards Annika. Annika lifts her from Ishana and embraces her.)

Annika: Arrey!! She is not crying!! Such a good baby. What is her name!!??

Ishu: Mishti.

Annika: Sweet name. Just like her mother. (Pats Ishana’s cheek.) Ok. I have made breakfast for everyone. Come and have it.

Rudra: Sorry, bhabhi. We don’t want to eat with them. I will get from outside.

Annika: Rudra, it’s not good to eat outside food all the time. I know that you don’t like to eat with them but please don’t refuse me.

Ishu: We will come.

Rudra: (looks at Ishana) Bhabhi!!??

Ishu: (towards Annika) I will talk to him. You go first. We will come in a while. (Annika nods and returns Mishti towards Ishana. She is about to leave but turns back to Ishana.)

Annika: You can call me Annika. It’s my name only. I never heard you calling my name. So, just call me Annika. Hmm?? (Ishana smiles nodding her head. Annika smiles and leaves from there.)

Rudra: Bhabhi, why did you agree?? I don’t like to eat with them.

Ishu: Omkara sir will be there, right??

Rudra: Yes. So??

Ishu: (smirks) That’s why I want to have the breakfast with them. (Winks at him)

Rudra: That means, bhabhi, you are having a plan?? (Ishana nods.) Come, let’s go. I will send the message to our group as well.

Ishu: Group!!??

Rudra: Yes. Our new WhatsApp group which I have created some time ago. Only me, you, Soumya, Prinku and Ranveer. (Ishana shakes her head while Rudra sends a message in the group asking them to come to the dining for breakfast. They too leave from the room.)


Ishana’s Office

AvJa are watching the video played by Ishana’s boss. They see everyone is enjoying the party by dancing and chatting. Ishana is just standing and watching them dancing. AvJa know that she is not a party type of girl. That’s why Ishana won’t attend any parties unless if her friends accompanied her. They see Ishana takes a glass of juice and have it. She holds her head after a while. They could see her other colleagues holding her feeling concerned about her. She just shakes her head saying something and leaves from there. AvJa look at each other confusingly and turn to the laptop again. They see Ishana coming and walks towards her boss. They could see that her walk is unstable. She says something to the boss and leaves from there unsteadily. The video continues with the party and they couldn’t see Ishana. Avni stops the video.

Avni: Sir, can I send this video to my mobile??

Boss: Sure. (Avni takes the USB cable and connects her mobile with the laptop sending the video to her mobile. AvJa leave from the office after thanking the boss.)

NeilGau’s House

AvJa are pacing at the living room thinking about the video they watched just now.

Avni: Ishu was already intoxicated during the party itself. That’s why she was walking without balance.

Pooja: But, she didn’t have any alcohol. She only had mango or orange juice.

Avni: And her boss to said that he didn’t arrange any hard drinks at the party.

Pooja: But that Omkara Singh Oberoi said that Ishu was highly drunken that day. That’s why he has tortured Ishu by pouring the liquor forcibly in her mouth.

Avni: If she didn’t have alcohol that day, how come she was intoxicated?? Did we miss anything??

Pooja: Let us inform this to Ranveer. Maybe, he can connect the dots. (Avni agrees.)



Ishana comes down with Mishti and sees the Oberois already sitting at the dining table for their breakfast. RuMya and PriVeer too come there at that time. Annika smiles looking at them and signals them to take their seats. The Oberois feel annoyed seeing Ishana. Ishana looks at Omkara who is also looking at her.

Rudra: Arrey, bhabhi!! What are you looking?? Go and sit beside your husband. (Takes Ishana and makes her sit beside Omkara. Rudra lifts Mishti from Ishana and gives to Soumya.)

Ishu: (towards Omkara) You are here?? I was searching for you since morning. Why did you leave me…….. baby?? (Omkara coughs hearing her and widened his eyes surprisingly looking at her.) What happened, baby?? You are coughing!!! (She pats his back and gives him a glass of water. AniRuMyaPriVeer are controlling their laugh watching the scene while the Oberois are highly irritated with Ishana’s behaviour.) Drink, baby!! (Ishana hands over the glass to him but he doesn’t take the glass.)

Om: It’s ok. I’m good.

Ishu: No, baby. You have to drink. (She grasps his mouth and places the glass on his mouth forcing him to drink the water. All are shocked seeing her act and get up from their places. Jhanvi pulls Ishana harshly from Omkara and pushes her. Annika holds her before she falls down. Omkara coughs badly while Shivaay calms him.)

Jhanvi: Are you mad?? Do you want to kill my son just like you have killed Gauri??

Ishu: I just gave water for him. What is wrong in that??

Shivaay: Is this a way to give him water?? Listen, you are crossing your limit. (About to go towards her.)

Om: Shivaay, leave it. I’m good.

Rudra: She just gave him water. Why are you reacting as she has forcibly poured liquor in his mouth?? (Omkara looks at him shockingly while Rudra just stares disgustingly at him.) What happened, Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi?? Why are you looking like this?? I hope that you understand what I am saying about. Still remember?? (Omkara recalls the night where he forcibly poured liquor inside Ishana’s mouth. He looks at Ishana while she just stares him with anger and hurt-filled eyes. AniSouPriVeer look at Rudra questioningly while he just nods his head. He knows that no one knows about Omkara’s act other than him and AvJa.)

Tej: What are you blabbering??

Rudra: Why are you asking me?? Just ask your so-called son. You will know if I was blabbering or what. (Looks at Ishana whose face is getting pale and remembers something.) Bhabhi, you don’t care about these people. Come and have your breakfast. (He takes a piece of poori in a plate and feeds Ishana.) Ranveer, Prinku, Soumya, you too have your breakfast. (The Oberois look at him in disbelief but he just ignores their look and continues feeding Ishana.)

Jhanvi: I will have breakfast later.

Shivaay: Why we have to starve because of this girl?? This is our house!! Daadi, mom, papa, bade papa, badi mom, Om go and sit in your places. We will have our breakfast. (All started to have their breakfast.)

Ishu: Rudra, I will have myself. You can have your breakfast. (Rudra agrees and started to have his food. Ishana looks at Omkara who is looking at his plate without having his food.) What happened, baby?? Do you want me to feed you?? (She asks blinking her eyes a few times at him. Omkara is startled and started to have his food quickly without answering her. AniSouPriVeer control their laughter seeing his state while the Oberois get annoyed. Ranveer’s mobile rings. He leaves to answer the call.)

Ranveer: Yeah, Avni. Have you met him??

Avni: Yes, Ranveer. He said that he didn’t arrange any hard drinks for the party.

Ranveer: Then, how come she was drunken??

Pooja: Ishu only had a juice that night, Ranveer.

Ranveer: How come you are so sure??

Avni: They did video coverage for the party. I and Pooja saw Ishu had juice only.

Ranveer: What?? Juice?? Are you sure?? How she can become intoxicated because of having juice??

Pooja: That is what we are confused too. That’s why we are telling you. Maybe, you are having a different perspective because you are a police officer.

Ranveer: Haww!! Where both of your detective modes has gone?? Agent Avni and Agent Pooja!!?? (He asks teasingly.)

Avni: You only asked us to go as Ishu’s friends. That’s why the detective mode has disappeared.

Ranveer: (chuckles) It’s ok. I will try to investigate this. Just send me the video.

Pooja: The whole video!!??

Ranveer: Yes. Might be you both have missed something in the video. Just send me the whole video.

Pooja: Ok. It will take some time because the video is huge. I need to cut it into few parts and will send it to you.

Ranveer: Sure. No problem.

Avni: Ok. Ranveer, how is Ishu?? We haven’t talked to her yet. Is everything fine there?? (Ranveer is about to say something but Pooja interrupts him)

Pooja: Has she taken her medicine?? She needs to take one before her breakfast. And she can’t delay her breakfast if she has taken the medicine.

Ranveer: (confused) Why??

Avni: You know right, she is not well. The medicines dosage is quite high. If she doesn’t take her breakfast on time, she can collapse. We already told RuPri about this and we know you all must be taking care of her. But…..

Ranveer: You are asking for your satisfaction. I understand. It’s not wrong, Avni, Pooja. A mother will inquire about her child’s well being even though her child is at a safe place. It’s mother’s nature. Nothing wrong in that. You both are not less than a mother for her. (AvJa smile at each other.)

Pooja: Thank you, Ranveer. And Ishu is not less than a mother for us too. (Ranveer smiles.)

Ranveer: Yeah, let me answer your questions. Your both kids are fine. (AvJa smile.) And till now everything is fine here. I can say your Ishu is rocking here. The Oberois are speechless. You know what she did just now?? (He tells them what happened during the breakfast.)

Avni: Really?? We can’t believe it. Our Ishu did like that??

Ranveer: Yeah, your Ishu only did like that. No one has expected that including me. I thought she was just saying in anger that she will take revenge on them but she won’t do anything here. But, she has proven me wrong. She has already well prepared how to attack that man. (AvJa just smile.) Ok. I will talk to you later. I need to go inside before anyone comes. And don’t forget to send the video. (AvJa agree and Ranveer goes inside after ending the call.)

Rudra has arranged a room for Ranveer as he said earlier. Ranveer is looking at his mobile which is receiving the video clips one by one from Avni’s mobile. Priyanka came that time and sees Ranveer looking at his mobile.

Prinku: What are you looking in your mobile?? (Ranveer turns towards Priyanka.)

Ranveer: AvJa are sending me some video clips. That’s why I’m waiting to watch those clips after finished receiving them.

Prinku: What video??

Ranveer: Actually, that night before Ishana done Gauri’s accident, she has attended a party which was organised by her boss. When you said that Omkara told that Ishana was drunk that night, I felt something is wrong. That’s why I asked AvJa to go and meet her boss and ask him about that night. But he said that he didn’t arrange any hard drinks and AvJa said they saw in the video that Ishana only had juice.

Prinku: But how come someone can be drunken by having a juice??

Voice: Maybe her juice was mixed with alcohol which she didn’t aware. (PriVeer turn and see Soumya at the door.) Sorry, actually Ishana di wanted to bath Mishti and she can’t bath her alone. I never have bath a baby before this and that’s why I came to call Priyanka.

Prinku: (smiles) Ok. I will come. (Turns towards Ranveer)

Ranveer: You go with Soumya. I will try to find something from the video. And Soumya, thank you. (Soumya smiles and SouPri leave from there.) Soumya was right. Someone can’t become inebriated just because of drinking juice. And there is a possibility Ishana’s juice has been mixed with alcohol. (He receives a message from Avni saying all the clips have been sent.) Good!! I will watch it now!!

Omkara’s Room

SouPri enter inside the room and see Ishana is not there as well as Mishti.

Prinku: Soumya, you said bhabhi is here but she and Mishti are not here.

Soumya: That is what I am thinking. (They hear sound from the washroom and walk towards there. They are surprised to see the scene inside. Rudra is sitting on a stool and Mishti is lying on his legs while Ishana is bathing Mishti. Rudra holds Mishti carefully so that she won’t slip from his legs. SouPri smile at each other in disbelief. Rudra sees them and smiles proudly.)

Rudra: (towards Mishti) See who are here. Your bua and your chachi!! (IshSouPri are surprised with Rudra.)

Soumya: Rudra, it’s maasi, not chachi.

Rudra: (realise what he said) Maasi or chachi, both are aunty only. (IshPri give a teasing look at each other while Soumya smiles shyly. Ishana continues to bath Mishti.)

Ishu: It’s done. Priyanka, please hand over the towel to me. (Priyanka takes the towel and gives to Ishana. Ishana wipes Mishti and lifts her from Rudra. She continues wiping Mishti walking out from the washroom. Rudra is about to get up from his place but Soumya stops him.)

Soumya: Wait, Rudra. There is soap left on your legs. (She takes a dipper of water and pours it on his legs washing away the soap stains. Then, she pours water on the floor washing away the soap water which is left on the floor. She gives him a towel.) Wipe your legs and get up. (Rudra smiles taking the towel from her. She leaves from there and joins IshPri who are dressing up Mishti. Ranveer comes that time.)

Ranveer: Guys, I’m going out for a while and will try to be back soon.

Ishu: Ok, Ranveer. Be careful. (Ranveer nods and leaves from there.)

Prinku: I will be back in a while. (She also leaves from the room.)

Priyanka goes towards Ranveer who is about to leave somewhere.

Prinku: Ranveer, may I know where are you going?? (Ranveer looks here and there making sure no one is there.)

Ranveer: I’m going to Blue Diamond hotel. Ishana’s office party was held there only.

Prinku: But Ranveer it’s already more than a year. Do you think that you can find anything there??

Ranveer: I don’t know. I can’t say anything before trying. Ok. I will leave first.

Prinku: One minute. (Ranveer turns to her.) I am also coming with you.

Ranveer: Ok. Let’s go. (They leave from there.)


PriVeer reached the hotel and go to the reception.

Ranveer: Hi, I am Ranveer Singh Randhawa and….. (he is about to take his ID when Priyanka interrupts in between.)

Prinku: I’m Priyanka, his fiance. (Ranveer looks at her shockingly while she just smiles encircles his arm with her’s) Actually, we are going to get married soon and we are looking for an outstanding hotel to organise our reception. My friend told me that this is the best hotel in this Mumbai city. That’s why we came here.

Rec: (smiles happily) Really glad to hear this. Can I know when is the date for the reception?? Because I need to check if the halls are available or not on that day.

Prinku: Actually, the date is not fixed yet. You tell us which dates are still available for the booking. We will decide after that. (Ranveer chuckles turning away from there.) Actually, this is the first time I’m getting married. That’s why I am quite excited.

Ranveer: Yes yes, it’s the first time for her and other people have done 100-200 marriages before this. (He says mockingly while Priyanka slaps his arm. The receptionist chuckles.)

Rec: I will call our hotel’s event manager. You discuss with her first.

Prinku: But before that, can you show us around this hotel?? (She thinks for a while when another receptionist interferes.)

Rec2: It’s ok. You go with them. I will handle here. (The receptionist nods and turns to PriVeer.)

Rec: Ok, come with me. (She takes PriVeer with her.)

Prinku: (while walking) How long are you working here??

Rec: More than a year.

Prinku: Good. Mumbai is your native place??

Rec: No, mam. I’m from South India.

Prinku: Aww!! Your good name??

Rec: (smiles) Mahishasuramartini. (PriVeer widen their eyes in surprise.) What happened?? Is it very hard to pronounce??

Ranveer: No no. It’s not because of that. Your name is different and unique too. That’s why we are surprised. Beautiful name. (The girl smiles.) So, we can call you as Mahi??

Mahi: Sure, no problem. Everyone is calling me as Mahi only.

Ranveer: That’s good. So, Miss Mahi, how many party halls are here in this hotel??

Mahi: Three, sir.

Ranveer: Can we see those halls?? We will decide which hall we want to book after seeing them. (Mahi thinks a while and looks at them.)

Mahi: Ok. Come with me. (They follow her till they reach the hall.) This is the first hall, sir. (They enter inside the hall. Ranveer takes his mobile and looks at the screenshots which he has taken when he watched the videos. He shakes his head at Priyanka.)

Ranveer: Not this one.

Mahi: (confused) What??

Prinku: Nothing. Can you take us to another one?? (Mahi agrees and takes them to the second hall. Ranveer again looks at his mobile and shakes his head. Mahi sighs and takes them to the third hall. Ranveer looks at his mobile and around the hall.)

Ranveer: Yes, this is the hall!! (Mahi looks at him confusingly) I mean it’s awesome. This is the one we are searching for our reception. (Mahi sighs in relief. PriVeer look around the hall when their eyes caught on a door.) What door is this??

Mahi: This is the connectivity door to the pub which is beside this hall.

Ranveer: So, there is a pub beside this hall??

Mahi: Yes, sir.

Prinku: What is that door for?? (Pointing towards another door.)

Mahi: That is also connectivity door to the pub.

Ranveer: So, there are two doors connecting this hall and the pub?? (Mahi nods.) Is the pub always busy??

Mahi: It will be busy at night from 8 pm till midnight. But why are you asking?? (Ranveer looks around the hall and his eyes spot at something.)

Ranveer: Just simply asked. This hall is having CCTV??

Mahi: Yes. Every corner of this hall is having CCTV. Not only in this hall but all the halls. Our hotel management gives importance to the customer’s security very much.

Ranveer: It’s very good. I appreciate that. So, all the CCTV must have covered everything happened here, right??

Mahi: Yes, sir. So, should I call the event manager to proceed your booking??

Ranveer: But before that, I want to see the CCTV Room of this hotel.

Mahi: CCTV Room?? For what?? Sorry, sir. I can’t take you there. No one is allowed inside there except the management staffs.

Ranveer: I want to go to the CCTV room. Just take us there.

Mahi: So, you didn’t come for any bookings, right?? You both are having some other intention.

Ranveer: Yes, we are not here to book any halls here and we are here for a different reason. That’s why I’m asking you to take us to the CCTV room.

Mahi: I won’t. Better both of you leave from here before I call the securities.

Prinku: We won’t leave if you don’t take us to CCTV room.

Mahi: Why do you want to go there?? Are you planning something to defame this prominent hotel??

Ranveer: We are having important works to do than this. But this hotel might be defamed if you don’t do what we said.

Mahi: What??

Prinku: Take us to the CCTV room.

Mahi: But why?? You were telling this since then. Tell me the reason first. If your reason is valid, then I will take you both. (PriVeer look at each other. Priyanka nods at him.)

Ranveer: This is Priyanka Singh Oberoi.

Mahi: Oberoi!!?? (Looks at Priyanka.) You are an Oberoi??

Prinku: Sadly, yes. It is my surname.

Ranveer: So, you know about Oberois??

Mahi: Is anyone there who doesn’t know about the great Oberois?? (They could feel some sarcasm in her tone.)

Ranveer: You don’t like them??

Mahi: Who am I to like or dislike them?? They are arrogant spoilt rich people. (PriVeer smile at each other.) But, they are one of our important clients here. Their business meeting, art exhibition mostly will be done here only. In fact, there was an exhibition yesterday at our auditorium which organised by Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Prinku: The art exhibition held in this hotel??

Mahi: Yes. But I heard it has stopped midway.

Prinku: (towards Ranveer) Then, why bhabhi doesn’t remember that she already came to this hotel before??

Ranveer: She doesn’t even remember what happened that night. Then, how she will remember that she has come here before this?? (Mahi looks at them confusingly.) It’s nothing. You tell us why his exhibition has stopped??

Mahi: I was on leave yesterday but my friend told me that his mistress came and interrupted the media conference. That’s why it stopped.

Prinku: (shouts angrily) Excuse me!! She is not his mistress, ok!! Don’t say that word again!! (The girl is shocked seeing Priyanka in anger.)

Mahi: But that is what I have heard before this. (Priyanka is about to tell again but Ranveer stops her.)

Ranveer: Why are you getting angry at her?? Everyone is thinking like this only. No one knows the truth except your family and us. (Priyanka calms herself and looks at Mahi.)

Prinku: I’m sorry, Mahi. I should not have shouted on you. But please don’t say that word again. She is not that man’s mistress but his wife, my bhabhi. (Mahi is shocked hearing this.)

Mahi: Wife?? But why he said like that??

Ranveer: It’s a long story which has started from this hotel around 1 ½ years ago. (PriVeer tell her everything.)

Mahi: My god!! I feel bad for that girl. But your family is too bad. They should not have done like that to her especially your brother. Maybe she did wrong for causing his fiance’s death but that doesn’t mean he should punish her like that.

Prinku: We know. That’s why my bhabhi has returned to give back to all of them.

Mahi: Come with me.

PriVeer: Where??

Mahi: CCTV room. You wanted me to take there, right?? (PriVeer smile.) You both are having good intention. That’s why I’m helping you. But there is another problem.

Ranveer: What problem??

Mahi: You said that the party happened 1 ½ years ago. I don’t know if the footage is still available. Because we won’t keep any old footage for more than six months.

Ranveer: Never mind. We will try to ask first. (Mahi agrees and takes them to the CCTV room.)


Mahi knocks the door and a man comes outside.

Man: Mahi, you are here?? (Looking at PriVeer.) Who are these people?? You know right that no one can come here??

Mahi: I know, bhaiya. But it’s very urgent. That’s why I brought them here. They want to watch the footage. Only you can help them.

Man: Mahi, our hotel footages are very confidential. How I will give to outsiders??

Mahi: Please, bhaiya. Won’t you do it for your sister?? (Makes a puppy face which he melts.)

Man: Ok. I will do it for you. (PriVeer smile happily.)

Mahi: Thank you, bhaiya.

Man: But not now. My shift will be over in a while and will be coming back at night. (Towards Ranveer.) Tell her the date of the footage. I will try to find and will tell her if I got the footage. You can come and get it tomorrow.

Ranveer: It’s ok, sir. I will come tonight itself and will help you to find the footage.

Mahi: No, sir. No one is allowed to enter the hotel after 10 pm except the staffs and the guests. Let’s do one thing. I will come at that time and help him finding the footage.

Prinku: Thank you. Take my number and inform me after getting the footage. (Gives her number to Mahi.) Thank you, sir. We are leaving now. (PriVeer leave from there.)

Prinku: (while walking) Ranveer, I’m having a doubt. How if the footage is not there?? I mean how if it got deleted??

Ranveer: Don’t worry about that. The footage can be retrieved. Let’s go back first. It’s already late. (They leave from there.)


NeilGau’s Office

Neil: (on call) Yeah, AvJa have told us. If the footage has been deleted, try to retrieve it from the hard disk. Ok, tell us after you get the footage. We want to know how Ishu was drunken if alcohol was not there. I feel that something has to do with the pub which is connected to the hall.

Ranveer: I’m feeling the same too. That’s why I asked for all the footage on that particular day.

Neil: Ok. Haan!! I have messaged you the address. Did you get it??

Ranveer: Yes. I got it. You tell the person that we will come tomorrow. By the way, where is Gautham??

Neil: He is in meeting with other officers. I come out after seeing your call.

Ranveer: Sorry, I disturbed your meeting.

Neil: It’s ok. Actually, we should thank you for helping us. We are the one should do what you are doing. But…..

Ranveer: Hey, we are friends. What is different if it is me or you?? We want to find out the truth, right??

Neil: But I don’t think there will be any use if we know how Ishu was drunken. The truth will be the same only. She is the one did the accident.

Ranveer: But she didn’t mean to do it. I know the truth can’t be changed but at least that family should know the truth.

Neil: But Ranveer……

Ranveer: Don’t say anything. Just focus on your work there. I will inform once I get the footage. (He ends the call.)

Gautham enters Neil’s cabin and sees him looking at the mobile.

Gau: What Ranveer said?? (Neil turns towards him and smiles.)

Neil: He went to the hotel where Ishana’s office party was held and asked for the footage on that particular day. He said he will call tomorrow after getting the video.

Gau: (nods) Neil, I feel fishy after watching the clip that AvJa sent just now.

Neil: What??

Gau: Watch this. (Plays the clip.) Ishu is having a juice. She holds her head in just a few seconds. She didn’t even finish the juice. (They see her holding her head and places the glass on a table.)

Neil: That means she is already stewed.

Gau: Yes. And as I know, it will take some time for someone to be inebriated because of alcohol.

Neil: But Ishu never had any alcohol before. Maybe that is the reason she got high quickly.

Gau: No, yaar. She only took a few sips. We can accept if she has finished her glass. One can’t get high quickly because of few sips.

Neil: You are right. So, something else has been mixed in her drinks. Not alcohol.

Gau: Maybe drugs.

Neil: Yes. She has been drugged!!

Gau: But why?? (NeilGau look at each other confusingly.)

To be continued……….

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    1. Ruby_MarNy

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