Loving again – part 2 (twinj ff)

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Loving again… part 2

Though i dont know whether i am doing justice to all your expectations, i tried the second part….i hope you all like it.

“Her throat hurt like she had been crying for hours, but wasn’t she sleeping all the time.” Confused about her condition she opened her eyes and the white walls welcomed her.

Everything came back to her, the last night she was in control of herself and all those terrifying moments between her stay here.

Stretching herself up she sat on the hospital bed, and the calendar told her it was the 11th day of that night but why she was alone.

Every time she woke up and opened her eyes, her mother or mother in law helped her but right now it was secluded, No sign of anyone and she felt a need of using the washroom.

Unable to believe her senses and energy left in her body she pressed the little button on the left side of the bed and it ringed followed by someone entering inside the room.

“You awake!!!” and she sensed the relief in his calm voice.

“Call the nurse please…” she told him carefully touching the floor with her feet.

Understanding what she needed he peeped outside and called a nurse who hurried to the room.

“I am right here.” And with that, he left the room.

With the help of the nurse she comforted on the washroom seat and suddenly her mind worked and with a jolt, she completed all her personal jobs and left the room.

“Kunj… where is my daughter?” tripping over the long gown she asked with an emergency in her voice.


Since Twinkle was already awake, they thought to let her perform in other important rituals for the peace of dead soul.

And so here she was returning home in a pale salwar kameej sent by her mother in law.

With no sign of tears at all, she took the back seat of the car and waited for him to start the car. She had cried enough that now even tears have left her eyes.

Doctors suggested her to not leave the hospital before a day or two but she was adamant to visit her house because she needed to bid him a bye for the last time.

Looking at her face, he felt remorseful… “He never wanted anything sorts of that to happen ever. He was trying to move on in his life then why this happened.” The same questions repeated in his mind again.

She looked lost… in the hospital she wasn’t agitated or troubled when she asked him about her baby rather it seemed she already knew the baby was fine and she just needed to hear.

The bubbly girl and then the woman who used to retort back was nowhere in sight… perhaps she wasn’t ever going to come back.


The ladies pitied her and she tried walking past all those eyes, last she wanted was to hear the consolations of someone about what happened with her.

But it was a failure, the hall full with relatives who were busy for the next preparations and ritual suddenly turned silent as she entered.

“Don’t give them attention, go to your room.” He whispered behind her and in meantime his mother came forward and pulled twinkle to her room.

“Juhi, you good girl… please go to the hall dear, your bhabhi needs to rest.” Telling the little girl playing with the small baby her mother in law left her side.

“Alright, bebe… and with the words the girl exited the room and left them alone.

Without wasting a moment she took her baby in her arms and hugging her close to her bosom cried for their loss.

The old lady ran to help but she had no words to calm her and so she hugged them both and patted her back assuring she wasn’t alone.

At the gateway, his heart broke at this scene and he left the door in frustration.


They say the most bubbly people are the most sensitive people but her strength amazed everyone…she didn’t break after that day in her room.

Though most of the times she was silent she was not crying or grieving anymore; she made herself busy in taking care of her girl and other house cores.

“What are you going to do now bhabhi?” one of her relatives asked Kunj’s mother.

“What do you mean?” Usha asked the lady raising her eyes from her grandkid’s soft skin she was massaging.

“I meant are you letting your elder son go back to the foreign city?” the lady expressed her concern. “Won’t it be too much for you two to live alone here after all of us leaves?”

“I didn’t think about that, let’s see what happens.” But she told a lie; she was already thinking about something.

“Bhabhi, how twinkle is going to raise her daughter alone? It is not easy.” The lady wasn’t in a mood to stop and Twinkle tried ignoring all those talks.

“We will see Rama.” trying to ignore her words Usha replied.

“She is not alone masi, we are all here for her… she has her family.” The gravity in Kunj’s voice though shut down the concerns of lady but it terrified Twinkle for obvious reasons.


He had extended his leaves twice in these three weeks time and now he needed to report to his office.

Opening and closing the zip of his bag he tried to think what should be done next… he going away wasn’t a good choice but he had no choice.

Suddenly a hustle at his door broke his thoughts and he looked up, “Twinkle… do you need anything?” he asked finding her suddenly on his door.

“I wanted to say… and it seemed something was stopping her. “You… you should go back as soon as possible.” And with the order, she left him dumbstruck.

“Stop… though he didn’t want to be rude with her he didn’t know what acquired him at the moment.

The usual harshness in his tone she was very familiar with shocked her and she stopped.

“May I know why!” he enquired.

“Because bebe is planning to get us married in the next six months.” She told him in haste and tried going away but he caught her hand for…. For an explanation.


Hello everyone, you all made my day with so many overwhelming responses… so as promised I am here with this next part.

 I am not familiar with all the family bonds of the show so I might use anonymous names for the characters like mother, brother…I hope it does not bother you guys.

With love Morusya.

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  1. Meharin

    It’s ok di.Lovely episode.Post soon……….

    1. Morusya51

      thnk you Mehr, coming soon with next part.

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      thank you so much dear, coming soon.

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    1. Morusya51

      i am happy you find this chapter emotional…thank you for liking it.

  4. Shalu02

    Fantastic Episode ?
    Finally twinkle full pov☺️
    Kunj friends really bad how can they do that please post soon ?

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear, more of their pov will be in next chapters… and dear it was Kunj’s relatives not his friends 🙂 i am happy you all are liking the chapter♥♥♥

  5. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Finally so twinj are getting married.
    Eagerly waiting for next one.

    1. Morusya51

      yeah for now their marriage is on cards but lets see ……next chapter will be up soon dear.♥♥

  6. Lovely epi…
    So now twinj r going to be married soon ..
    Waiting for next…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you Yashika, i am happy you like it…yeah lets see what is in there in next chapter ♥☻

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      Awwwwe….. thank you chhoti behna, next update will be soon love.

  8. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

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      I am happy you liked it… next update will be soon.

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    Awesome Episode dear and emotional also feeling bad for twinkle but happy twinj get married soon please post soon

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      Thank you dear…your comments are filling me with Zeal to complete the shot in a day only but I’ll be back with update soon.

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      Coming soon dear❤️?

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      Thank you Pooja…. Marriage is on cards lets see how they manage this.?❤️

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