I wish you were here – Ep 9 – Rishta

Its next morning. And its valentines day. Aarya is sleeping. Sid walks to her with a coffee tray in his hands.

He wakes her up. He is smitten by her beauty. Aarya pulls Kartik closer

Sid: Good morning Aarya

Aarya: Today is indeed a good morning . You are looking so handsome

She bends to kiss him. Sid turns away and laughs

Sid: First aap brush toh kijiye

Aaarya falls down pulling him and then she realises that she is hugging a pillow.

Yeah it was a dream. Though she is Aarya the Laila part of Naira, it is an inborn quality and will it go away?

Aarya: Sapna tha…its the second time I dream about him. This is love..Im in love….with Sid…and its valentines day today woohooo

Aarya rushes to the washroom and comes out as fast as she could. She gets ready in the most beautiful way possible and leaves the house to meet her Sid aka Kartik

Meanwhile Kartik wakes up with Akshu’s cry and handles her. Once Akshu is silent Kartik gets ready. He remembers that it is Valentines. Memories of him and Naira’s previous Valentines days make him emotional

Naksh and Keerthi come to Kartik

Naksh: Kartik no more tears this valentines your valentine will be with you

Keerthi: Haan..ab jao and spend time with your sherni, Aarya, mera matlab hai, Naira.


Kartik: But she…

Keerthi takes Kartik to the window. They see Aarya waiting outside


Aarya: I just hope ke Sid ko yeh gift pasand aye. Aur fir propo- buddhu, pehle yeh to pata kar, if he likes your or not?


Naksh: She has come for you..go

Kartik gets overjoyed and he runs down to her

Aarya hides the gift

Aarya: Good morning Sid

Sid: Good morning Aarya. What are you hiding

Aarya: Woh..how is Kairav? Did he sleep well? Did Akshu sleep well? Did you…

Sid: All of us slept well what about you?

Aarya: After removing a huge load I too slept very well ji

Sid: Good. Come inside..have breakfast with us

Aarya: Arrey nahi nahi I cant burden you, I just came to check on you.

Sid in mind: She came all the way in the cold morning and is saying she will burden us by having breakfast? Is ka kya karu mein

Sid aka Kartik is desperate to hug his Sherni Naira, atleast on Valentines..just then Aarya spots the goons who harassed her at the market, at a distance and she hugs Sid.

Sid: Kya hua?

Aarya: Woh gunde, the ones who harassed me at the market are here again.

Sid: Don’t worry I won’t let a single blood of you drip

He holds her and turns towards them

Sid : Dont worry Sid is here then no fear..this time You won’t be touched

Sid: Oye…she is mine..if you dare to touch her Ill kill you

Aarya smiles.

Aarya suddenly kisses Sid aka Kartik. Sid is happy but is unable to show it out.

Sid: These guys won’t believe if I just say by words

The goons run away

Aarya: Sorry ji woh..

Sid: why are you apologising

Aarya: Woh I kissed you, but you call me sherni but you are real sher. Thank you. But wait, you speak like mendak too.

Sid is happy to hear Mendak from his Naira. He gets emotional

Aarya: Kya hua?

Tina nods in affirmation. The scene freezes

Aarya is in her dance studio going through a file. Her thoughts go to Sid and luckily he comes to the park with Akshu and Kairav. Aarya settles comfortably in a chair and starts to do his job ie., admire her Sid. Kartik aka SId catches her gaze and feels like he is falling in love all over again with his Naira.

Aarya in mind : Im unable to stop thinking of him Im unable to take my eyes off him…I cant wait anymore. I should tell Sid that I love him…very soon

Kartik in mind: Bhagwan this is all very strange…but Naira was right.. she will make me fall for her in whatever form she comes…first Tina and now Aarya…I planned to make Aarya fall for Sid but now I have clearly fell for her..how can one fall in love with the same person again and again..this is all magical…Naira…jaldi aake propose karo…dont delay like you did during the Switzerland trip…


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