Birth for you …. Death for you – A Jabir FF – Part 7

Hello everyone this is me Pari. today I am writing the last part of this fan fiction. hope you like this fan fiction. every reader I request you to please share your reviews in the comment section. also suggest me some more couples to write a fan fiction on.

This part begins with a new day

Janvi was getting ready wearing a beautiful red lehenga beautiful jewelries. her friends were helping her to get ready but her mind was on Kabir .
suddenly she gets kabir’s call.

Kabir – I am sorry Jaanvi but I won’t be able to attend your marriage as I’ve got sudden meeting.

Before Janvi could say anything Kabir ended the call.

Here Janvi was going to the Mandap.

on the other side Kabir was doing the formalities in the airport  to go to US

Here Janvi was lost in thoughts of Kabir remembering their old memories together

Janvi told her friends that she has to fix something in her dress so she is coming from the washroom in a minute

Now Janvi told the driver to take her to airport as soon as possible

Other side Rahul was waiting for Janvi .he asked her friends when Janvi will come. they told her to have patience .she is looking very beautiful .she is the most beautiful bride ever.

Mean while Janvi reach the airport now about to enter the flight when Jhanvi shouted –  Kabir ! I love you ! I will marry you

Kabir ran To Janvi .
they hug each other

After that they reached the Mandap and Janvi told that she wanted to marry Kabir.

On the other side Rahul was shattered he asked Janvi that who will marry him ?what is this ?she never thought about him .
suddenly from the back Ayesha shouted I will marry you Rahul. you forgot me how can you marry someone else if I am here .we were in the relationship for past 3 years .you promised me that you will marry me how can you do this?

Both the couples got married in the same Mandap.
They live happily Ever After

  1. Jasminerahul

    Sad that before janvi could say anything kabir cut the call.but glad that janvi left her mandap n went to the airport.i loved jhanvi confessing her love n saying that she will marry kabir.kabir running to jhanvi n they hugging was emotional romantic n beautiful. Rahul’s reaction was realistic.but shocking that ayesha n Rahul were in a relationship n Rahul had promised to marry her.i am confused.ayesha loved kabir n wanted to woo him.then why is she scolding Rahul for getting ready to marry janvi? Plz reply or plz clear it in the epilogue.I loved ayesha telling Rahul that she will marry him.glad that both the couples got married on the same mandap.ayesha Rahul as a couple was a surprise.
    I suggest you to write on MeEt and AnAn.bcz ffs are less on them.plz continue your samaina ff.if you say the couples you like, it will be easy to choose couples from them.

    1. Pari19

      Because ayesha realized that kabir loved janhvi . I forgot to add that scene

  2. Revu

    Wow this was so cute and sweet. Kabir and Jhanvi moment was so emotional. Airport scene was so good. Rahul was shattered which was so sad to see, but Ayesha made him to realize that she is waiting for him. Happy that Jabir and Ayesha- Rahul united. Cute story , And you ended it so soon yaar. Please write an FF on Anubhav and Gungun from Kabhi-Kabhi Ittefaq Se. The current track is not so good , I miss their lovely nok-jhoks. If you please write on them then I will be happy.

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