I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 9 by suma

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Laksh came to home with Sanskar. Anyone can easily say by looking at laksh eyes that he cried a lot. He slowly knocked ragini’s room.

Ragini opened the door looking at laksh. But laksh didn’t noticed ragini eyes. She too cried like there are no tears left.

” Ragini , Bhai ” he couldn’t tell further as he don’t know what to say

” Laksh , I want to talk to you ” Ragini said determined.

” About ? ” Laksh sensed something seriousness in her voice.

” Sanskar ”
He was shocked as
did she know about his condition ” he thought

” Yes , I know about his condition laksh “

Then laksh made sanskar sleep on bed and both Raglak went to laksh room.

Ragini soon burst into cry thinking about sanskar.
” Ragini… please don’t cry… please ” he tried to console her but he couldn’t as he also going through the pain.  Laksh hugged her tightly

After sometime ragini wiped her tears and break the hug.

” Laksh , I want every detail about Kavitha ..I wanted to know about each and every tiny detail of  the drug so that we can know about the cure or anything ” ragini said in stern voice.

” Ragini.. we should inform to police about Kavitha “

” Don’t talk like stupid laksh ..now any wrong move it will take my sanskar away , and I can’t let it happen  “

It hurted him…not for the word ” my sanskar ”
” Stupid laksh ” ??? really !!! ” Am i that stupid ”
If anything happen to her or Bhai…what if when I can’t able to protect them , I can’t even risk their life.

he turned to go, and thinking

Yes ! I understood her love for sanskar and Bhai love for ragini and main on quotes

” Aditi love towards me “

Anyone can love easily. But to sacrifice their love because someone will be happy !! Not all can do !
Yes ! Now I started liking her . May be someday I love her like she loves me.

Now I’m on mission kavitha.
Will kill her even if needed.

I left home at night to know the details as there is no enough time.

Ragini entered Ragsan room.
She saw sanskar sleeping like baby.
Her pain…her love…his pain…his love.. everything flashed infront of her.
Soon anger placed on her face. That he didn’t even showed some care or love towards her. It irked her a lot. She waited desperately for days weeks months years. But both kept their love in silent mode .

She soon went to washroom and filled a bucket of water and came to sanskar and splashed on his face.

” Tsunami tsunami ….I don’t know swimming….i haven’t  prepared to die this early mumma…dad….laksh…luckyyyyyy…
Bachao..bachao…koi bachao mujhe ” soon he realised when he felt all the alcohol effect gone and looked at Ragini who is glaring him.

She is folding her hands across her chest and watching drama.
He slowly came to her and asked
” What ! Why are looking like that …really i dont know swimming” he tried to maintain eye contact but couldn’t .

She slapped him hard.
Still  he didn’t came from trance. She slapped another side of his cheek …hitting his chest.
” Why….why …why u didn’t tell me that you love me…after knowing I love you ….why sanskar…why ? ” She bursted out crying. ?????

” You mad woman ! I don’t love you…hahaha who told you ? ” He tried to cover but badly and sadly she slapped again
He kept his hand on his cheek and looking at her shocked …like his Rgaini….His love….slapped him…better she is slapping in room. Noone is watching right !! He looked around.

” Don’t you dare to lie again ” she locked her lips with her’s.

It was a kiss at first but soon it turned to passionate kiss that both expressing their love, how much they both craved for the love from each other.
He was shocked at first, but he couldn’t stop himself to kiss her. He holded her through waist and started kissing her wildly and she is ruffling his hair and they were kissing …

Something strike to sanskar and he break the kiss and turned to other side.

” Sanskar ”  she called her name slowly which mixed with love and pain

He didn’t turned to her.she went infront of him and saw him crying.

” Sanskar ? ” She wiped the tears

” Ragini… please ! I understand you knew about everything but listen to me , laksh loves you more …marry him, you will have a great future ” he said controlling his tears turning to other side

” Watch me sanskar ” she said and made him turned to her side.

” Ragini ! Please you are making me weak ” sanskar said

” Sanskar , listen…I love you. Ragini sirf sanskar Ka hai aur sanskar Ka hi rahega ”  ragini said

He hugged her tightly and cried.

” Sanskar …No….Don’t cry….I can’t see you cry ”
Saying this she is also crying.

” You are also crying…I can’t see you cry Ragu ”
She smiled as first time he nicknamed her.
She wiped her tears and looking at him with lots of love. But he…he is looking at her rosy lips. ???

” What sanskar ? ” She asked thinking he will tell, but to her disappointment He nodded negatively .
She understood he won’t confess his love. So she thought let her confess her love. She wanted to show how much she loved him and loves him.

” Ragini…I’m hungry ”
She smiled.

” If you ever drink na…I will kill you ” she said

” Don’t worry I don’t give a chance to you..bcz I’m counting days now ” he said sarcastically but it hurted ragini a lot.

She went to bring food wiping her tears which are continuously flowing.

She came with food to room but sanskar is nowhere and she is calling his name

” Ragini…I’m in washroom ” he replied

” Ok! Food is here, come soon “

Half an hour passed still he didn’t came

” Sanskar , what are you doing still there “

* Here he is feeling dizzy and he don’t wanted her to know *

” Coming ragini ”
He opened the door and saw her sitting on bed waiting for him.

” Ragini…”
She turned to him

” Sanskar food “

He looked at it and said to her ” Some throat pain ragini…can’t able to eat now “

He slowly came to otherside of bed and slept. A single tear is dropping from his eyes.
She came to him and hugged him.
He turned to her and  signed her ” what? ”
She nodded as no and slowly started kissing him.
She kissed his left cheek,
he is looking at her as No. ..she kissed his right cheek …she moved and kissed his forehead , he closed his eyes..
She kissed his nose and slowly moved to lips and locked with her’s…. at first he didn’t responded but slowly he started responding to her kiss and got wilder and ripped off her clothes soon and started kissing her whole body.

She fastly removed his shirt buttons and started kissing him. Both forget about the pain they are going through and made love.

Both slept in eachothers embrace.
Ragini wokeup and saw no one beside her and remembered the last night and smiled but soon it got vanished after remembering the flashes of what she heard on the call.
Soon she got up and got ready and started searching sanskar… There she found a note.

” Good morning Ragini , don’t be tensed I will be back …Wait for me both will do breakfast
Sanskar “

She smiled seeing the note.
She took her mobile and called laksh.

” Laksh did you find anything ? “

” Ha Ragini…I’m in lab now …testing the drug..so that we will get to know is there any cure for this or not “

” Okay…I will be there after 1hr . Let me know the details of the lab “

” Ragini…Be with Bhai…and take care of him. I will inform everything now and then “

“Okay laksh .. and what about Kavitha “

” She is drunk last night…in that state she spitted all the truth …I think she won’t remember anything …okay ragini…I will talk with you later “

” Ha laksh ”
” Sanskar ..sanskar ”
Tears were flowinggggggg as to see his state struggling between life and death

” Ragini…why…why didn’t you inform us before ” sujatha asked while crying

” Doctor ! How is he ? ” Ram asked

” we can’t say anything ” doctor went in.

” Ragini….what happened  ?” Sujatha asked

She explained everything and told how this happened


” Today I made  your favourite dishes sanskar “

” Hmmmm…..Ragini, I’m sorry for what had happened last night ” he is blabbering about it
And she slapped him again (this time slowly )

” Don’t say that you did a mistake, it was the best thing you made till now “

” Awww !!! Really ? “

” Ummm…first loving me is the best thing “

” Oh !! ” He smiled but somewhere he felt he is doing wrong as  what if he dies and Ragini won’t marry laksh ?

” Ragini….can I ask you one thing ? “

” Except marrying, you can ask anything sanskar “

” Please don’t be so stubborn and listen to me “

She went to kitchen to get something saying
” Yes, I’m stubborn and will not listen to that ”
Then her mobile rang, she saw the caller ID

” Laksh , what happened ?? ” She is speaking on call
And moved to sanskar

She saw sanskar fell on table, bleeding from mouth

” Sanskarrr” she dropped the mobile and ran to him
Fb ends.

” Laksh , we can save sanskar right ??? You find the cure right ?? ” Ragini asking with a small hope

He fell down on his knees
She is looking at him with the same hope that he will say yes

” Sorry , Ragini…there is no cure for this drug ” he cried louder

With that news she fell  down and crying hard.

Screen splits to crying laksh and ragini and sanskar struggling between life and death

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