Kya Hua Tera Vaada? A Nairan Fanfiction ~ Chapter 8

Naina’s POV
I stayed up all night at Karan’s side looking for any sign of movement, I didn’t know when I dozed off. I woke up and found myself in his arms on the bed! I was so tired that I couldn’t recollect anything that had happened the previous night but glancing at Karan, I remembered everything. Wait a second! I looked up and found Karan awake, looking at me! I quickly shifted and got off the bed.

I looked at him, “Are you okay? I mean, how is the pain? Should I call the doctor?”

He quickly replied, “No! There’s no need for the doctor! I mean, the doctor will come and give an injection, nothing else! I don’t need a doctor!”

I smiled to myself, Karan hadn’t changed much. He was still afraid of doctors and injections!

He kept a hand on his stomach, “However, I could definitely do with some breakfast!”

I nodded and called an assistant who gave us an option of healthy breakfasts considering the fact that we were at a hospital. I ordered an oatmeal bar and coffee while Karan ordered a soup. Well, let me rephrase that, Jiju called and kind of forced him to order soup! We were waiting for our breakfast to arrive and there was an awkward silence.
Karan broke the ice, “You’ve changed a lot!”

I looked at him, “What do you mean?”

“You never used to wear anything other than a salwar kameez now you wear dresses and frocks. You used to hate coffee now you actually ordered a cafè latte!”

I looked at him with tears in my eyes, “And do you know what forced me to change, Karan?”

Karan’s POV

“What?”, I whispered.

She looked at me with her hazel brown eyes which spoke volumes. Her eyes reflected agony.

“The pain you gave me! The pain of not being trusted by my love, the pain of losing my child! It forced me to change!”

I took her hand in mine, “Naina, sorry is an understatement. I can never express in words how guilty I feel for everything. I was very busy with work and I couldn’t handle the pressure. When I saw you and Aryaman together, I just couldn’t bear it. I know it’s very hard for you to forgive me, after all I am your culprit. I couldn’t save my own child! My family, Khyati, Maa, Papa, Dadu, Maasi Maa, Bhai, Bhabhi, Pankti, they’re all against me. Meher and Muskaan don’t know what I’ve done. Bhai doesn’t want Meher to ever get to know that I am her father. He is so disappointed in me! I’ve been the worst son, brother, husband and father!”

I burst into tears and immediately saw guilt in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Karan! I didn’t mean to say that! I don’t know if I will ever be able to forgive you for the pain you’ve given me. They say that time heals everything but time has only made my wounds deeper. Everything I’ve had to face alone in these six years, everything Meher had to face, can’t be compensated with a mere sorry! I won’t deny it, I love you and I always did. But trust is very fragile and you’ve broken my trust, trusting you again will be very difficult for me!”

I nodded, “I totally understand, Naina. But I’ll wait for your forgiveness!”

Naina’s POV

The assistant came in with our breakfast. We ate our breakfast and I got up to leave. Karan held my hand tightly and looked at me with fear in his eyes.

I got concerned, “What happened, Karan?” He looked straight ahead and I turned to see the nurse. I shook my head in disbelief. Karan pulled me towards him and I fell on the bed.

He whispered, “Naina, please! Ask the nurse to go away! Please!” I looked at him and then at the nurse.

I squeezed his arm and said, “Karan, the nurse won’t do anything to you! She’s just come to check if you’re okay!”

Karan looked at me pleadingly, “But I’m totally fine!”

Behind me, the nurse exclaimed, “Actually, ma’am, I’ve come to give Mr. Karan an injection!”

Wrong timing! Did you have to say this in front of Karan?, I thought to myself.

Karan hid himself behind me. The nurse came up to us, “Ma’am, please move so that I can give Mr. Karan the injection.

Karan exclaimed, “NO!! If I have to be injected, I want Naina beside me!”

The nurse rolled her eyes, “Fine!” I chuckled and Karan instantly glared at me. He looked so cute when he was angry!

The nurse held Karan’s arm and moved her hand up and down. I looked at the nurse angrily, was she trying to flirt with Karan? It was Karan’s turn to smile, I looked away angrily. How dare that nurse touch Karan? Finally, the nurse picked up the syringe and I sighed with relief!

Karan suddenly hugged me, I didn’t move away, he had had a tough childhood and his fear of injections was a childhood fear which he obviously hadn’t been able to overcome. I hugged him back with one of my hands caressing his back and one hand tousling his hair.

The nurse looked at me with jealousy written all over her face, “Ma’am, I suggest that you should give Mr. Karan his injection next time!”

She huffed and walked away. Karan and I burst into laughter. It had been so long since I had laughed wholeheartedly!

I heard an angry voice, “Cheeku!”. I gulped in fear and turned around to find Meghu Di looking at Karan and I angrily!

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