I love you but I hate you more – 5 by suma

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“Bhai…what did you do with Ragini?” Lakshya asked sanskar

“Seriously!!!! I dont even know her lucky and you were asking me that what did i do with her?”

“Bhai! She dont wanted to work with you, she asked me to change her designation”
Lakshya said giving him a coffee

It hurted sanskar.
“She dont wanted to work with me?” Sanskar asked in low tone.

“Bhai..Dont feel bad..i will get to know the reason” lakshya said to him
Just then vatty entered the cafe

“Hey, lucky and sanky… you guys chilling without me?”

“Chilling!!! Chill nai…chilli mili” sanky said in sarcastic tone

” what are you talking about sanky?” Vatty asked

” Bhai, ye sab chodo and concentrate on the project that Application should be delivered to clients on this weekend so work on it..later we will discuss about this” Lakshya said and left the place before hugging vatty.

” okay!! Vatty lets meetup someother time” sanskar shaked the hands with vatty and left the place.
“Mera bachaa ko kya hua?” Ragini slowly peeped into ayaan room and saw him sitting sadly.
“I dont want to talk to you” he said with angry pout

“Seriously!!! Why?”

“See …You forgot totally”

“Arrey, tell me ayaan…what was that?”

“Mumma you promised me last week that you will take me to Scary house”

“Sca…Scar…Scary house!!!!”

“Mumma…you been postponing it from so many days..Dont be so scared!! Im here na..Tumhara hero ❤️ Tumhara superman” he said standing on bed.

“Okay! We will go” she said to him
He fell on her hugging tightly
“I love you mumma”
She kissed him.
“Mumma…i got ready” Ayaan came out getting full dressed and came to Ragini room where he saw her lost in thoughts.

“Mumma! I know you love papa a lot but that doesn’t mean you always lost in his dreams”
He said smiling.

Ragini turned smiling at him and ayaan ran expecting her next move and she ran behind him.
Both running all over the house.
At last ayaan got caught to her and she started tickling him and he is enjoying
Both were happy smiling.
One can easily lost themselves looking at their pure smile?
Both ayaan and Ragini came to one mall where there is scary house.
Ragini cant send him alone but she has no dare to go in but she have to do it for her son.

At the same time kavitha and sanskar entered the mall and kavitha know sanskar isnt intrested in the marriage and she wanted to get him close so she wanted to use the opportunity by scary house and she asked him to come
But he clearly denied as its all silly and nothing scary as they said..and its for kids. But she dragged him in and entered the scary house…
kavitha was all screaming and he left her hand she missed him and searching him and exited the scaryhouse.
He was searching for kavitha there.
Here entered Ragini and ayaan..
Ayaan was enjoying and Ragini wasnt even opening her eyes, from entering the house and at way ayaan left her hand and Started walking himself and came out through exit.

Ragini opened her eyes in search of ayaan but she was hell scared of darkness and ghosts though she know it was all fake but her fear for darkness overpowered it and she started screaming..

Sanskar ran to her
“please calm down its all fake..its the people who are shouting here” he said thinking her as kavitha then he heard her screaming and got her it wasn’t kavitha but Ragini.

He was about to say but
She hugged him tightly
“Lucky!! Im scared”
That time really he doesnt wanted to say its not lucky
He just hugged her back
“Listen! Im here with you, nothing will happen”
“Please lucky! Get me out from here and ayaan…Ayaan”

“Ayaan??..who is he?okay!! Dont get tensed, we will go out,okay!!” Sanskar asked
She was loosing her consciousness and sanskar lift her in his arms in bridal way and get her out from the scary house.

Both RagSan came out
Kavitha was shocked seeing Ragini in his arms and burning in jealousy
And ayaan was scared

“Mumma” he shouted
Sanskar looked at him
“Champ?? Your mumma??”
“Buddy!! What happned to mumma?”
Soon he took ragini and ayaan to his car and left to Ragini home.
After reaching home
Sanskar lifted ragini and carried to her room and made her sleep.
“Champ..Have you ate anything?” Sanskar asked ayaan
“No buddy…Actually we planned to eat outside”
“Okay! Show me where is kitchen?”
“Wow you know cooking?”
“Yeah…what do you want?”
“My favourite pasta”
“Wow champ…its my fav too”
Both did Hi-Fi and he lifted ayaan in his arms and started cooking

He enjoyed sanskar company a lot.
“Finally pasta Ready!!!”

“Yeah!!! I will wake mumma and lets eat together” ayaan said

“Champ!! Your mumma dont like my presence…so i will take leave now! And call me to this number when she wakes okay?”

“No…No…you are not going anywhere” he holded his hand and dragged him to Ragini room.

Both sat two sides of Ragini and waiting for her to wakeup
After halfanhour
Slowly Ragini opened her eyes and saw Sanskar beside her.
She got down and asked angrily

“What are you doing here??”

“Mumma…Dont shout at buddy!” Sying this he explained everything to Ragini

“Okay! You may leave now!!” She said to sanskar

“Huh!!!??? Thanks bhi nai ??? Achai  ko jamana nai hai” he said making faces

“Buddy!!! Thanks a lot for paastaaa” saying this he jumped into sanskar arms.

Ragini was hell angry on sanskar and shouted at ayaan
“Get down ayaan…Is this the way to behave with strangers??”

Ayaan slowly slided from his grip making sad face and left to his room

“Whats your problem ragini???… why to shout at that kid?? What did he do? I dont know why you hate me this much…but i wonder why this hurts me!!! Why ?your tears make me feel sad and i dont know why it hurts everytime knowing that you hate me” he asked making her weak.

Really she was shocked that after this much happened by him in her life and he acts like nothing happened

“How cleverly you can act??Stop Acting being innocent Lucky !!sorry Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari”

“I don’t understand what you are saying!!! Lucky??? Who is lucky here now?? I don’t understand whats going on your tiny brain??
Please tell me with clarity!”

His mobile started ringing and its kavitha
He disconnected the call
She saw the caller id and she wasn’t ready to tell him anything

“Tell me?” He shouted
She was scared ?
Looking at her scared face soon his anger got calm and went near her and cupped her face

“Really! It hurts thinking that you hate me..I really don’t understand why this feeling i hold for you with in 2days of our meeting, you asked Lakshya to change your designation right!! You dont wanted to work with me? Just a day, you will work with shivin” saying this he started to leave

She felt to Ran to him and hug him tightly. But one side his cheating, her pain and heartbreak stopping her to go to him.

He turned to her holding the door
“I will never face you again Ragini…and if I mistakenly come near you… i will not disturb you” saying this he left

She fell on floor crying
“Mumma” ayaan came running to her “Why you hate him so much?”
She didn’t answer anything just hugged him and crying at her fate

Okay!!! Yayyy done with this part

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