Do you like Imli’s re-entry in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan has got a surprising entry in the show. Imli Devi has returned in Chakor’s life to create new stirs. It is not clear whether Imli’s character will be totally positive or negative this time. Imli is aware of her crimes done against Suraj, Chakor, Rajvanshi family and the Aazaadgunj village. She knows her counts are numerous. Even then, she recalls the day when Chakor has spared her life on the command of their mother Kasturi. Kasturi didn’t wish Chakor to commit murders. She had commanded Chakor to send Imli and Gumaan Singh to the jail. While Imli has come back in Aazaadgunj, there is scope that even Gumaan Singh will roll back in the crime zone.

Imli’s character seems grey as of now. Since her re-entry, she talks negative but converts her actions into positive. It has to be seen where Imli’s entry will take the story. In the current track, Chakor is seen dealing with another problem. Chakor wants to find the culprit who had committed Rajjo’s rape. Raghav was the prime suspect before, but now he proved his innocence and decided to help Rajjo. Chakor and Raghav team up to get justice for Rajjo. Do you like Imli’s re-entry in Udaan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Definitely, Imili’s entry will spice up the show.

  2. Lokesh

    Although I left watching, but it would be interesting for the viewers. I loved her character whether positive or negative

  3. Not at all!
    We just want Suraj back

  4. No I just hate her blo*dy psycho lady

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