I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) Episode-22

Episode 21

Sanskar doesn’t respond as he is too busy in playing with his princess..
Ragini(bit loud):Sanskar
Sanskar turns at her..
Ragini:still u r playing with her..u said u need to go office today..
Sanskar:oops..I forgot
Ragini:y not..u r forgetting world when u r with ur princess..then how could u remember this..
Sanskar(placed baby on bed safely nd comes towards her): jealous??
Ragini:Haan tho..what will u do
Sanskar (held her hand nd pulls her close):u tell what should I do..
Ragini:stop finding way to romance..go
Sanskar:u became smart
Ragini:I know..
She pushed Sanskar towards washroom smiling
Sanskar smiles nd goes..
Ragini trying to make  calm down diyu who is crying..
Ragini:kya hua diyu..stop crying baby..
Ragini stood up holding baby nd roaming here nd there showing some playing things..
Baby doesn’t stop crying..
Ragini (shows Sanskar pic which was on wall):see how papa is smiling..
Baby stops crying seeing sanskar’s pic..
Ragini:oh my bachho.. missing papa right..
Ragini (smiles):U know diyu..Ur papa naa best in world..
Ragini mobile rings..
Ragini:see..i said sach..
Saying she lifts d call smiling as it was sanskar’s call..
Ragini: missing me
Sanskar:nay..but missing my princess so much
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:I always love to kiss that..but mein kya Karu..I’m in office..but don’t wry..I will do whenever I reach home..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:what is my baby doing
Ragini: playing with her Mumma
Sanskar:tell her Mumma to don’t bother her so much..
Ragini again pouts..
Sanskar:u don’t wry..u will get a kiss for this one too
Ragini:stop it..
Sanskar(smiles): did u have lunch
Sanskar:not yet
Ragini:it’s 3pm Sanskar
Sanskar:I will have..there is so much of pending work..I need to do..nd I will be late at night..u eat nd sleep
Ragini:teeke..first have lunch nd do work..
Sanskar came from office nd sees Ragini who is awake nd waiting for Sanskar..
Ragini:u came..
Sanskar: what I have told u..
Sanskar:did u see the time..it’s 2am u r still awake..I told u to sleep na..then y did u wait for me.
Ragini:vo..I didn’t get sleep..so
Sanskar:stop lying..
Ragini:Ok..tell me one thing..did u had Ur lunch
Ragini: promise
Ragini:I know..if I slept u would not eat dinner either..that’s y I’m awake.
Sanskar:but Ragini..
Ragini:bas..get fresh nd come..we will eat dinner
Sanskar:wait..we matlab.. didn’t u eat..
Ragini:vo..i had juice nd fruits..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:sach mein..I ate  fruits..promise
Sanska still glares at her..
Ragini ( hugs him): what to do..I became habituated to eat with u  ,to sleep with u..I didn’t want to eat nd sleep without u..
Sanskar:but u should tc of Ur self naa..
Ragini: sorry.i won’t repeat it again
Sanskar(kissed her forehead):teeke..I will get fresh nd come..we will eat dinner..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar closed his eyes leaning to bed..Ragini came after keeping utensils in kitchen..
Ragini:Sanskar sleep naa.. looking tired
Sanskar(opened his eyes): waiting for u
Ragini smiles nd hugs him  placing her head on his chest..
Sanskar(caressing her hair):didn’t baby bother u so much today..
Ragini:not so much but lil..
Sanskar:baby must have missed me naa
Ragini:Haan..do u know what have happened..
Sanskar:kya hua..
Ragini told to Sanskar about baby crying nd stops seeing pic nd all..
Sanskar:sach mein
Ragini looks at his face which is glowing with happiness..she smiles..
Ragini:Sanskar do u know how bad u r
Sanskar:what I have did..
Ragini:u make every one addict to u..me nd now baby..stop being so loving nd caring..
Sanskar(hugged her tight):ok
Ragini smiles hugs him..
Ragini buttoning sanskar’s shirt..
Sanskar:kya hua..u r looking sad
Ragini:night u didn’t sleep well nd u woke up early..u r not eating Ur lunch too..I’m worrying about u..
Sanskar(caresses her hair smiling):chill..I didn’t go office since 1yr naa that’s y ,now there is so much of work it will be complete in 1wk..u no need wry I’m ok..
Ragini:but u should eat Ur lunch naa..
Sanskar:I will do..but u should promise me that u would not wait for me..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar (kissed ragini’s forehead):I will eat lunch nd dinner too..u eat nd sleep well..
He got ready nd kissed baby forehead who is sleeping..
Ragini:u too
Sanskar smiles nd pecks her lips nd goes..
Ragini looks at Sanskar surprising who just came home from office..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:u said u would be late..but u came too early..
Sanskar:hmm..I had to come..
Ragini understand y he came..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar smiles nd goes to get fresh..
Sanskar making diyu sleep holding her on shoulder..
Ragini stares at them..
Sanskar:stop staring us like that..
Ragini(smiles):she fallen asleep
Sanskar placed her in cradle nd kissed her forehead while saying good night baby..
Sanskar:ragini u too sleep..I have work..I will go study room
Ragini:no need..u can do here
Sanskar:light will disturb Ur sleep
Ragini:no..it won’t( she gets his files nd lapi onto bed)
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini(kissed his cheek):good night..now u can work..
Sanskar:u sleep now
Ragini nodded..
1wk passed with sanskar’s busy schedule but he never ignored either Ragini or baby..

Ragini is talking with ap,suji nd swara through video call..all are happy with ragsan’s baby..Ragini heard foot steps nd disconnected the call bidding bye to them..
Sanskar came inside..
Ragini:Sanskar what is those all..
Sanskar(handover ice cream to Ragini):this is for u
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:nd these all toys for my baby..
Ragini:itne aware toys! but Sanskar she is too small to play..
Sanskar:no pblm..I’m here naa to make her play.hain naa princess..
Baby smiles..
Sanskar:see..baby is smiling..
Ragini looking at them smiling..
Sanskar:stop staring at us like that..eat Ur icecream
Ragini:Sanskar do u want to eat ice cream…
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini (puts some icecream near her lips):don’t u want(she asked huskily)
Sanskar smiles nd moves towards her..he about to lick but  Ragini licks herself..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow..
Ragini:areh don’t u have shame ..baby is here naa she will watch(she gives teasing smile to him)
Sanskar:u have to repay for this..
Ragini:will see
Saying she stood up..
Sanskar:where are u going..
Ragini:I want to eat in alone
Sanskar pouts.
Ragini smiles nd goes..
Sanskar comes kitchen nd back hugs Ragini..
Ragini(turns at him):what
Sanskar:Baby have slept..
Sanskar:now no one can see us
Ragini(pushed him):I have work
Sanskar(comes to her):I too have
Ragini:then go
Sanskar:I have work with u
Saying he picks her in his arms..
Ragini: Sanskar
Ragini smiles nd encircled her hands around his neck..
Ragini getting ready..Sanskar is playing with diyu..
Sanskar:baby can I tell u one secret about Mumma..
Ragini turns at him..
Sanskar:turn other side..u don’t hear
Ragini:what is it
Sanskar:I said it’s secret..
Ragini:so u r keeping secrets from me
Ragini pouts
Sanskar:baby do u know this is the Ur Papa’s biggest weakness..Ur Mumma always do to melt me..but this time I won’t
Ragini hits him
Baby starts crying..
Sanskar:see baby is crying bcz u r hitting me
Ragini:stop it.she is crying Kyun Ki she feels hungry..
Ragini:give to me..I have to feed milk to her..
Sanskar gives baby to Ragini..
Ragini:u go nd get fresh..
Sanskar:no..I will wait
Sanskar:after having milk baby will sleep naa..
Sanskar:u r angry naa..I need to make u cool na..I will do under shower..
Ragini:shut up nd go..
Sanska smiles nd goes..
Ragini smiles..
Ragini:where are u both going
Sanskar:just for walk
Ragini:u go..give me diyu
Ragini:Kyun matlab .today I didn’t spend time with her properly..
Sanskar:let me play with her sometime na..
Ragini:give me Sanskar
Sanskar:no..my princess wants to with me..
Ragini:u were with her since mng
Sanskar:but still I want to
Ragini:baby must be missing me
Sanskar:when her papa is with her..she won’t miss her Mumma..
Ragini:she will miss
Sanskar:see naa baby..Mumma na always fight with papa..
Ragini: nay diyu..papa always  fight with Mumma
Sanskar:stop arguing with me..
Ragini looks at him angrily nd turns to go..
Sanskar:where are u going
Ragini:y u care..
Sanskar:take diyu
Ragini:I don’t want.u only tc her
Sanskar:ok fine.. go
Ragini turns at him nd hits him playfully nd takes diyu from Sanskar..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini: stop smiling
Sanskar:u r really cute when u r angry..
Ragini:I know
Saying she goes holding baby.sanskar smiles  nd comes following her..
She sat in garden..Sanskar sat beside her nd admiring them..
Sanskar kissed Ragini cheek while admiring them
Sanskar:what what..I wanted to kiss u..so I kissed u..I want to kiss baby also..
he kissed baby two cheeks..
Sanskar:Haan..u only get one
Ragini makes cry pout
Sanskar: still u won’t get..
Ragini:then I will take it..
Saying she pecks his lips..
Sanskar:see baby how shameless Ur Mumma is..
Ragini hits him playfully..
Sanskar smiles nd hugged them..

Hi guys..sorry sorry..I know I’m late.. forgive me..hope u liked this update..
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