You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 16

RECAP : Karthik spills the beans to his parents about the phone and the blackmailer; he is later kidnapped. Amruth threatens Shakthivel.


Scene 1 :

Shakthivel faints after coming to know about Karthik. Revathi Sn sees this and rushes to him. She tries to wake him up. But he doesn’t respond.

She quickly takes her mobile phone to call Andal.

Revathi Sn panics while talking to Andal.

Andal : What happened sis? Why are you tensed?

Revathi Sn : Please come soon Andal. Shakthi fainted. He’s not responding.

Andal (shocked) : Oh no! What happened to Anna? I’ll come there immediately.

She ends call.

Revathi Sr worries.
After few minutes, Andal and Azhagar come there. Revathi Sn hugs Azhagar. He consoles her.

Andal checks Shakthivel’s BP and puts syringe in his hand. He wakes up after a few minutes. They get relieved.

Azhagar : Bro, how are you now?

Shakthivel : I’m fine bro.

Azhagar : Did you know how my Akka got worried for you?

Andal smiles.

Revathi Sr : I almost got tensed.

Shakthivel : What could I do? I heard a shocking thing. Karthik is in the blackmailer’s custody, he’s kidnapped!

They all get speechless.

He tells the incident where Karthik’s phone broke.

Azhagar : Andal! Get the phone! We have to track Karthik now!

They all worry for Karthik and start tracking him through their phones.

Scene 2 :

Revathi Jr at her home. She worries for Shakthivel.

Revathi Jr : I hope that uncle gets fine.

She tries to call Karthik.

Revathi Jr : Why didn’t he pick up? Oh yeah, he told that he will be using his mom’s old phone for few days. Perhaps he’s busy. I’ll call him later.

She gets a call from Pooja, her college friend.

Pooja : Hi Revathi, it’s been a long time I talked with you. How are you? How’s Karthik?

Revathi Jr : Hi Pooja! Me and Karthik are fine. How are you?

Pooja : Yeah I’m also good. Hey one important news.

Revathi Jr : Tell me.

Pooja : Me and Ajay have decided to visit a forest place for sightseeing. It would be glad if you join us.

Revathi Jr thinks and agrees.

Revathi Jr : Okay, I’ll also accompany you. When and where are we going?

Pooja : We are going to a remote forest tomorrow at 9:00am. Is it okay?

Revathi Jr : More than okay! I’ll see you tomorrow! Bye!

Pooja : Bye!

They end call.

Revathi Jr hopes that Karthik will also accompany her. She gets sad and feels alone without her Karthik.

Scene 3 :

Karthik is tortured by the goons. He finds his phone near his foot. He tries to take his phone, but Amruth snatches it.

Amruth : Ah ah ah!! Are you trying to call someone to save you? That’s never gonna happen.

He sees Revathi Jr’s missed calls and laughs.

Amruth : See, your girlfriend even doesn’t know that you are with me.

Karthik(angry) : Don’t you dare say anything about her! You have no rights.

Amruth : Okay relax. Don’t worry, I won’t harm your family, but I’ll definitely harm you! You are my only enemy!

Karthik : Why are so jealous of me? What did I do to you?

Amruth : You snatched my place in business presentation. You snatched everything from me.

Karthik : What “everything”? Keep on blabbering, that’s why nobody talks with you.

Amruth : Hey! I have John with me. He can’t leave me alone. He’s my only best friend. He is enough for me.

Karthik laughs.

Karthik : You yourself said that you deserve only one friend, who is stupid to believe you! Hahaha! Two idiots I’ve ever seen!

Amruth gets angry. He tries to beat Karthik with a log. But Karthik kicks the log.

Karthik teases him more and is happy that Amruth is frustrated. Karthik enjoys this LOL moment.

Scene 4 :

Shakthivel and others’ attempt to track Karthik fails as he is in a remote area.

Azhagar : I just now filed a police case to find Karthik’s whereabouts. I’m sure they’ll find him. Don’t worry.

Andal gets a call from her hospital that she got an emergency case. But Andal denies going there as she wants to search for Karthik.

Revathi Sn and Shakthivel ask her to handle the emergency, while they will find Karthik.

Azhagar also asks her to go hospital as they will take care about Karthik’s case.

Andal then goes as they insist.

Revathi Sn : I’m so scared, what if he does anything to Karthik?

Shakthivel : Nothing will happen till I’m alive. He shouldn’t have the guts to touch my son.

Azhagar gets a call from the inspector.

Inspector : I’m sorry Azhagar, the men couldn’t find Karthik in nearby places. I’ll ask them to find him in faraway places. Don’t worry, he will be safe.

Azhagar : Please tell them to find him as quick as possible.

He ends call.

Azhagar : Karthik is like my son, if anything happens to him, I won’t be quiet.

Revathi Sn prays to lord and hopes that Karthik should be safe.

Azhagar : Can we go to temple? We will pray and do an Archana for him.

They agree.

Scene 5 :
It’s morning, Revathi Jr calls Azhagar and informs him about going out with her friends. Azhagar asks her to be safe.

Revathi Jr again calls her love Karthik and gets frustrated that he didn’t pick up his phone even today.

Revathi Jr : Why is Karthik not answering my calls? Is he angry with me? No, why will he? I think he has some important work.

She meets Pooja and Ajay.

They click selfies, ordinary photos and are happy.

After one hour, they reach the forest. They see the places by Jeep.

They are unaware that Karthik is trapped in the same area.

Pooja suspects that someone is tied up there. She asks Ajay to stop the Jeep.

She sees the person through her binoculars. After seeing, she is dumbstruck.

Revathi Jr : Pooja! What happened?

Pooja gives her binoculars to Revathi Jr and asks her to see herself.

Revathi Jr : What happened to Pooja? Why she’s…. (She sees that the person is finally Karthik!)

Revathi Jr (shouts) : KARTHIIIKKKK!!!!!!!

She cries a lot. Pooja consoles her.

Revathi Jr : Ajay! Please take me there!! I have to save him! I think he’s kidnapped by someone! Please Ajay! (She panics)

She urges Ajay to drive fast. He does so.

Karthik sleeping, later hears someone shouting for him. He later senses his lady love’s voice.

Karthik : Is that Revathi who shouted for me?

He thinks.

He sees Amruth and his men’s tent.


Next episode promo : Revathi Jr , Ajay , and Pooja reach Karthik. Revathi Jr frees Karthik. They all gather into a fight with Amruth and team. Revathi Jr accidentally shoots Amruth’s hand with his gun.


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