I hurt her…I am sorry swara 16

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hlo guys..i am so sorry for late updates..but i will be going fast from now on..actually i was busy with my other fan fiction…which i will update soon ( not yet update) i am sorry again…i heard that swaragini is going to end … i reaaly dont lnow the its correct or not..i hope its not…so here is the update…a big one…


The thing is not settling in my mind…
This all happens when I get to know swara is suffering from astrophobia…queen sansdhya too had astrophobia…
I give her dna sample to doctor which match with sahil…this means she is the princess…she is the same princess aradhya for whom we are working for years… for which I joined the army…yes I joined army for the mission…the mission to find princess aradhya…I had doing my mba in one of the university when I got to know viren bhai got kidanapped along with jeevika bhabhi…I searched them everywhere…since sahil is my school friend and is in army..i took his help…but all we got to know that a voice message of jeevika in which she says save princess aradhya…she is in danger,.. this was shock when sahil says us that princess aradhya is his sister…and got kidanapped …later they come to know that she died…along with her mission heer too get closed…
Mission heer is in which sahil is working…. His father swarendra singh pratap is a scientict and my brother works with him… heer is a formula which can cure 90% of disease known till now…this is come to known by wrong people…this formula can be used for negative purpose …if a little propotion of this became high can cause a very dangerous poison …this is known by them and they start to fight for it…. Raja swarendra singh pratap got killed along with queen sandhaya by guarding this formula…now this is in locker which can only open by princess arahya…her retina and the eye lens is the password so only can only open this heer…

Little we know that viren bhai and jeevika bhabhi will be safe somewhere …because only viren bhai know some of the chemicals used in this formula…how much propotion is poison and everything…but our all plan flopped when they come to know that princess aradhya didn’t died…until they find her..my bhai and bhabi is safe…I joined the mission to find my bhai and bhabhi and sahil..sahil joined to find her little sister…the whom we all thought is died….

I emember our five years of mission and information we got…how I joined uttars college by our source we got to know she is there somewhere near here..as some of their people t are seen here…but I never thought the person who is my wife…whom I start to love will be princess aeadhya…

Wait..why didn’t I think this before…
I immediately go to our room…she was sleeping..i took a relief….i slowly tip top amd went near her…I slowly sat near her…
I am sorry swara,,, but I have to do this…I promised my self I wont touch you but now I don’t have any other option…she was turned to a side…I slowly loosed her doori….and there it is…the mark…the same mark which princess aradhya..the only thing terrourist know……
She start to move…I lower the temperature and wrap her blanket…she looks so cute when sleeping..i was about to kiss her forhead..no..i should not…
I closed the door and went to to the library…this is going to be tough..i sighed…

Swara pov
A day has passed after that incident…the way he took care of me brings me closer to hi,..he is not like papa..not like any man I thought of..i already had made my mind I should not expect anything from my husband..because that is what I had seen in all arranged marriage…but he is different…I slowly start to feel for him..and this makes me blush…I looks at him..he is seriously driving…in own thoughts…we are going back to maheshwari mansion..didnt I tell u …I am going to my college with uttara after 2 days…its all going to fun..i will meet my friends..i can study and I am happy…!!

Sanskar pov
I feel like she is coming closer to me…I know she is looking at me…and she really want me to speak something..but what ? how can I forget she is a princess for whom many people are waiting for..she is no more my wife…and I cant love her…I fall for her innocence..but now…
I should tell sahil..but he is out of station..he said me he will come with a surprise for me..i know he had got the hide out of that people…now..the mission is going to end and my life with swara..

sp here is the update,,,, comment and if i am happy..i will update next part soon ( i already made one long before )

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