HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 12

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HAMARI KAHANI-Twinj Tiktik 12

Hey guys! I am back! U guys are always requesting and urging me to continue and post soon. Really sorry that i was so late last time but i feel i am too early this time, is it?
Ok…sorry for being late?

Paavu requested me to include a summary for her and this is for all the readers who were not able to catch up with the story…
Twinj are a married couple and while trying to solve a regular tiff, Twinkle evokes UV’s name which angers Kunj. The latter takes the car, in anger. Twinkle reminisces all the past happenings.
TWINKLE was a punjabi pataka and the best friend of Pallavi whom she called ‘Pallu’. On the first day of college her mother forced her to keep a maun vrat on the advice of a swami whom Twinkle despised and whom she considered to be a thug. On the other side KUNJ was the college heartthrob and was dared to propose the first girl entering the college and as fate wanted it, he ended up proposing Twinkle who, bound by Leela’s promise, ignored him. Initially Twinkle thought of him as a casanova but quickly changed her opinion after he saved her from college bullies. They developped a strong friendship during which both started liking each other. While trying to end a problem, Kunj forcefully took Twinkle out of the English class after threatening the teacher about abducting his own daughter. The english teacher, Mr Dubey, was replaced and the new entry marked the arrival of Yuvraj Luthra oof UV who was revealed to be a passionate lover and stalker. He madly loved Twinkle. He misbehaved with Twinkle during their first class and Twinj had a fight after which they ignored each other. During the Fresher’s party, both chose different partners instead of each other…to be more precise Kunj-Alisha and Twinkle-UV. After a dance face off, they both got drunk as per Karan’s and Pallavi’s plan and after a fierce verbal fight, both confessed their love and engaged in a liplock. On that night the fact of Twinkle not being handicapped was also revealed to Kunj and UV.

OhhhhK! That was huge! Hope that this will be helpful to u…
Now let’s get on with this epi…

❤️_________ready set go_________❤️

Recap:UV tells Twinkle to accompany him to find Kunj and Karan while he secretly plans to get her…

Y-chalo na!!! Unke rang mein bhang daalte hein! Usne tumein dhokha dene ke baare mein socha bhi kaise?!
(Let’s go!!! Let’s ruin their setting! How could he think of cheating on you?!)

He faked concern.

Twinkle thought for a while.
T-haan! Sahi bole! Tumhein pta hai?
(Yes! You’re right! Do u know?)


T-tum itne bhi bewakoof nhin ho jitna ki shakal se dikhte ho! Chalu dimaag hai tumhara! Kabhi kabhar istamaal bhi kar liya karo…friendly advice hai….
(You are not as stupid as u appear to be! U have a sharp mind! U should use it more often…its a friendly advice…)

(Funny tune plays in bg)

Yuvi, irked, sugar coated his words and convinced her to come along with him. Reluctantly, she went with him.

❤️Next Scene❤️

Both were walking in the corridor of a hotel and were swaying and struggling to walk. Each one of them was taking support from the wall and sometimes, taking advantage of that situation, UV would touch her.

T-mera sar ghoom rha hai…round round.
(My head is spinning…round round.)

She made circles in the air with her hand and sat down against a door.

Y-haan! Twinkling taara galaxy mein phass gyi…
(Yesss! The twinkling star got stuck in the galaxy…)

He giggled.

T-hey! Twinkle kabhi ni phass sakti! Agar phass bhi gyi…to mera Kunj hai na…vo mujhe har mushkil se bachayega…tum jaise bure teachers se bhi! Cheapster kahika! Naam Yuvraj hai par harkatein bhikariyon ki!
(Hey! Twinkle can never get stuck! Even if I got stuck…then my Kunj will save me from them…even from bad teachers like u! Cheapster! Ur name is Yuvraaj but your actions are like those of beggars!)

Y-aur tumhara kya? Naam Twinkle aur harketein sunny Leone ki!
Hot…and s*xy…
(N what about u? Ur name is Twinkle but ur actions are that of sunny Leone! Hot…and s*xy…)

He smirked at her.

T-chi! Ganda dimaag! Gandi soch! Hawas ka poojari kahika!!! Tum na! Khali dimaag pe ganga jal chidko…varna aise bure khayal hi aayenge mann mein! Students ko aadar ki nazron se dekhna chahiye…apne dimaag ke chabi ghoomao aur track par laao…varna bure phasoge!

(Chi! Dirty mind! Dirty thoughts! Pervert! U should sprinkle holy water on ur head…otherwise it will keep accumulating wrong thoughts like these! You should view ur students with respect…get ur mind on track otherwise u’ll get badly stuck!)

She said childishly…and putting her hand on her nose, acting as if she had smelled something bad.

Y-tum chidkao to behtar hai na baby doll! Kam se kam mujhe chuogi…
(If u sprinkle it…it will be better baby doll! Atleast u will touch me…)

He looked at her from top to bottom.

He struggled to open his eyes and managed to remove a key ? from his pocket and opened a room.

He faked concern.

Hearing Kunj’s name Twinkle hurriedly got up, after a first attempt of doing so and rushed into the room. Hardly had he closed the door that he heard a voice:
‘Twinki!!! Twinkle!’

He peeped and found kunj there.

Shit man! Ab kya? Ye haddi yahan beech mein kaise aa gyi??! ye donnon ek dusre se mil gye to mere plan ki dhajiya ud jaayegi…
Agar mein Twinkle ko nahin paa sakta hun to vo uss Kunj ki bhi nahin hogi! Mein unke beech mein ab aisi chingari jalaaounga jo ek jhatke mein aisa aag ban jaayega jo unki pure pyaar ka rang uda le jaayega.

(Shit man! What now? What is this interference doing here??! If they happen to meet each other then my plan will get spoiled…
If Twinkle cannot be mine, she’ll not be Kunj’s either! I will light such a splint which will prove to be a deadly fire for their relationship.)

He smirked to himself and closed the door.

T(crying)-kunj!!! Kahan ho tum?? Mr India ban gye kya?? Please mujhe batao naaa! Achcha yahan aao phir mein kisi ko nahin bataoungi ki tum gay ho…bahar aao please!
(Kunj!!! Where are you?? Did u become Mr India?? Please tell me! Ok come here then i will not tell anyone that you are gay…please come out!)

She started searching the room…peeping under the bed, behind the curtains, in the drawers,.. but to no avail.

T-ghatiya UV! Phir se jhoot bola mujhse! Haath lage zara…uska saara nasha utaaroungi!
Kunj! Tum kahan ho jaan?? Tum sach mein Karan ke saath…

(Disgusting UV! He has lied to me yet again! Let my hands fall upon him…he’ll regret it..
Kunj! Where r u? R u really…?)

She faked crying.

Suddenly someone caught her from behind and put chloroform on her nose and she passed out.
The person smudged her makeup, messed her hairs and lowered the straps of her dress ? so that her cleavage is visible. He removed her shoes and threw them haggardly on the floor and kept her on the side of the bed.

He slightly opened the door and escaped from the window.

❤️On the other side❤️

He stumbled over something on the floor and while taking support from a door, fell straight into the room. He got up and looked up to find Twinkle on the bed. He closed the door and went to her. He took her in his arms and tapped her face as he found her not responding to him.

K-Twinkiiiiii!!!!! Finally mil gyi! Kahan chali gyi thi??? Tumhein dhoondne ke chakkar mein ek couple ka honeymoon gate crash kr diya maine…Uthooooo!!! Phir se silent mode par kyu chali gyi??? Tumhari tuning khatre ka meter hai! Jab tum aisi chup chaap hoti ho to bhut darr lagta hai!!! Twinkiiiiiiiiii!

(Twinkiiiii!!! Finally i found u! Where did u go??? Do u even know how much trouble i went through to search for u? I even gate crashed the honeymoon of a couple…wake up! Did u go back to silent mode? U know ur silence evokes trouble…i am scared! Please wake up! Twinkiiiiiiii!!)

He took some water and sprinkled it on her face.

She got up with a jerk.
T-pls niiiii!!! Mujhe paani mein mat pheko!!!! Ahhh!!! Tsunami!!!! Bachaaoooo!!!!
(Plsss no!!!!! Dont throw me into the water!!! Ahhh!!! Tsunami!!!)

She struggled in kunj’s arms. She slightly opened her eyes and found Kunj there.

T-tum..tumne mujhpe paani pheka!!!!
(U…u threw water on me!!!!)

She screamed and cried.

K-siyappa queen ni…maine…

She cried harder.
T-sadu bandar sarna!!!!!
She tapped his chest and screamed.

Kunj tried to make her mum but she doubled up her forces. He forcefully grabbed her hands and kissed her. It Was a passionate liplock. Finally they parted and looked at each other lovingly.

Suddenly Twinkle pushed him out of the bed. Kunj fell with a thud and started rubbing his butt and shouted:

T-kiss 1&2 ka sequel maine maanga tha kya?? Mujhe kiss kyu kiya??? Jaao na apne uss Karan ki kissie lo!
(Did i ask for a sequel of kiss 1&2?? Why did u kiss me??? Go kiss ur dear Karan!)

She rubbed her lips.

Kunj got up and sat by the bed.

K-kuch jal rha hai…siyappa queen ek baat bta…matches tune jalaye…aag tune lagayi aur jal bhi tumhi gyi.
(Something is burning…siyappa queen tell me something…u created all the mess yourself and finally became the victim.)

He laughed.

Twinkle gave him a death glare.
T-kya matlab??

She made a pout.

K-matlab ki tumne hypothesis banayi…khud hi usse test kiya aur khud hi conclusion pe jump maar liya…itni bewakoof ladki maine life mein ni dekhi! Babaji! Agar iski awaaz ke badle iske dimaag ka fuse udana tha to ye goongi hi theek thi…
(Means u made the hypothesis urself…u tested it urself and jumped to the conclusion urself…i have never seen such a stupid girl in my entire life! Babaji! If she had to be this stupid normally then she was better off dumb…)

He laughed.

T(crying)-hawww!!! Tum kitne gande ho! Tumse naa…tumse achcha vo UV…
(Hawww!!! Ur so bad! UV was bett…)

Kunj, irked, cut her off.

K-haan haan! Jaanta hun! Vo mujhse achcha hai! Usne ice cream khilayi…bouquet diya aur vo kya tha??? Haan dress!!! Mann karta hai isi dress ka phanda banaoun aur usse latka doon! Vo na gale mein atakne wali wo haddi hai jo nikaalne se bhi ni nikalti! Cheapra kahika!

(Yes yes! I know! He is better than me! He treated u with ice cream…he gave u a bouquet n what was that??? Yes the dress!!! I wish that i could make a noose out of this dress and hang him! He never seems to let go of us! Cheapster!)

Twinkle took a glass of water and threw it on him.

Kunj stood up with a jerk and screamed on her.
K-what the hell?!

T-jab kuch jal rha hota hai tab uspe paani phek kar bujhate hai…maine vahi kiya
(When something burns we normally extinguish it with water…so i did the same thing)

She said childishly with a pout.

K-urghhhh! Tumhara dimaag jal gya hai! Aise koi kisi pe paani phekta hai kya???
(Urghhhh! Ur mind has got burnt! Does anyone throw water like this?)


K(shouting)-vo tumhe uthane ke liye tha! Babaji! Maine sochaa bhi ni tha aap mere palle itni sarphiri ladki baandhoge!!! Kapde sadak chaap phir bhi attitude vahi ka vahin!
(That was to wake u up! Babaji! I had no idea that u would hook me up with such an immature girl!!! She has worn down market clothes yet her attitude remains unscathed!)

T-oye hello! Party mein kutton ki tarah zubaan tumne kholi thi! Meri khoobsurati ke phool band rhe the! Abhi asli aukaat pe aa gye naaa! Tumhein asal mein jalan ho rhi hai!!!! Seedhe seedhe kaho na ki UV ki baat sunke teri jali! Mere pe kyun aa gye?!
(Oye hello! U were the one who was admiring my beauty like a dog in the party! U were praising me! U came to ur real self now right?! Get to the point! U r jealous hearing UV’s name! Why are u blaming me?!)

They had both stood up and were fighting with each other….as in…in a ‘face-off’.

K-haan! Jali! Meri jali bhi aur phati bhi! Tumhein pta hai na mujhe uske naam se bhi khunnas hai!
(Yes! I am jealous! U know that i hate his name!)

N it went on for a while….

Precap:face-off part 2

❤️_______to be continued_______❤️

Hey guys! Hope u’ll enjoy this part. I am sorry for not replying to ur comments…no time at the moment…hopefully my life will take its normal course this week end. Thank u to all those who commented on my prev…

And NAUSHEEN! Are u a silent reader? Do let me know! I had immense pleasure hearing from u!

Last thing…i’ll not be able to comment for few days…really tight schedule…pls bear with me?

Love u all guys!❤️

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    love u lods sis♥♥♥

    1. Ayu

      Awww baby! U made me smile soooo wide with ur comment! N UV ka jo hona hai…ho jaayega…prateeksha kro baalike!
      N…n…n the next one has already been posted???
      Even i am stunned at my own spontaneity ??
      Kuch zyada ho gya naaa???
      Glad u liked the epi!!!
      Love u toooo❤️

      1. Baby

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    2. Ayu

      ???tu aise hi rha kar! Bindass! Love u❤️

  2. Sohi

    Yaar the dialogues were awesome typical hindi language ?soo good do continue

    1. Ayu

      Thank u soo much for the appreciation sohi! Means a lot! The next one has already been posted!

    2. Sohi

      But where it’s not in the tei page

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi

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      Thank u Purnima!

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    1. Ayu

      Meri gf! Kaun bhaga jaa rha hai???
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      N thank u! Pta hai? I know that i am awesome????
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    1. Ayu

      Wowww! Thank u sooo much for ur appreciation dear!!! Of course ur my friend! Isme koi poochne ki baat hai kya?? U made me blush with all of those praises! Itni tareef mat kiya karo meri…udne lagungi!!???
      I am so happy to know that u like the ff…it all comes from the heart and to be honest the credit goes to all of u guys who encourage me to bring out these pieces of writings!!! Love u❤️
      N mujhe title bhut bhut bhut pasand aaya!!! Thank u soo much dear?
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