Humsafars 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a masked man standing near the outhouse. Arzoo sees the video and gets shocked to see the video recording changed. She gets a call from a mysterious man asking her to come to outhouse if she wants to get the original video. She proceeds towards outhouse and is scared. Arzoo comes there and looks for the caller. He calls someone and says Arzoo shall not reach the truth. He aims gun at Arzoo. Arzoo still waits for the caller. The masked man continues to aim gun at her. Arzoo sits down. Sahir is in his office room and is restless. He comes out and sees Arzoo sitting outside the out house. He asks what happened. Arzoo says nothing. Sahir sees light on Arzoo and sees the killer. He rushes towards Arzoo and hugs her. The killer shoots at Arzoo and Sahir gets hurt at his back. Arzoo gets shocked to see him bleeding profusely. Sahir falls down and gets unconscious.

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Arzoo panics and shouts his name. She says nothing will happen. I will take you to the hospital. She calls for help. Kurti Apa hears her screams and says I am at peace hearing your shouts. She puts cotton buds in her ears and laughs. She then put perfume on her neck. She says I brought sky blue color for you. She puts sky blue nail polish on her nails. Arzoo shouts and calls for Alvira, Kurti Apa, Anam etc. She calls someone, but the phone comes as busy. Alvira talks to someone and says we have to be careful. It is a matter about my son’s life. Arzoo then calls Zaki, but a lady disconnects the call. She then massages her that he is busy. Arzoo cries for help. Samaira is seen massaging Arzoo from Zaki’s phone. Zaki seems to be unconscious in his car. Alvira comes there and gets shocked seeing Sahir injured. She calls the servants and they take them to hospital.

Kurti Apa comes to room and says lets see what happens now. You won’t be spared. She smirks. Alvira gets tensed and calls Zaki. He didn’t pick her call. Kurti Apa comes to Alvira and asks is everything fine? Did you bahu do any drama? Alvira says she don’t have time for any nonsense and tells about Sahir getting bullet injury. Kurti Apa gets shocked and says my Sahir won’t be saved now. She blames Arzoo. Alvira asks her to stop her drama and pray for Sahir. Kurti Apa accuses Alvira for getting Sahir married to Arzoo. She says your one wrong decision will ruin this entire house. Kurti Apa says Sahir will not be alive. Alvira gets tensed and goes to hospital.

Arzoo brings Sahir to the hospital and requests the doctor to save her husband Sahir. Doctor asks her to stay outside the operation theatre. Alvira and Zaki come there. Arzoo cries and hugs Alvira. Alvira asks her to have strength. Arzoo says I didn’t know who fired the bullet. Doctor comes out and says we have to operate on him as there is a huge blood loss. He asks Zaki to complete the formalities. Zaki goes. Alvira gets a phone call. She gets tensed and goes to attend the call. Doctor gives consent form to Arzoo and asks her to sign on the papers. Arzoo says Alvira and Zaki will sign on them as they are his family. Doctor asks her to sign on the papers and refer to her as immediate family member. Arzoo signs on the papers, asking him to save Sahir. She prays for him. Alvira comes back and asks about the incident. Arzoo tells everything. Alvira says how did the killer know that Sahir would come there. Arzoo says I was at the gun point. Sahir saved me and got injured instead. The doctor takes out the bullet from his chest. Arzoo prays to God. She prays to God, not to snatch her Sahir from her.

Arzoo asks Sahir (after his operation) to open his eyes. She cries. She urges him to wake up and fight with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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