Hum Hain Na 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani bringing Pappu and Swara out and telling that they should lock door from outside so that cat will go out via windows. Pappu says they will freeze in cold if they stay outside and says they should get in and close lights. He asks Swara to search her book in the morning and asks to go and sleep. Swara gets tensed. Bunty comes there and asks what is she doing here and if she saw Sagarika. Swara says she and Sagarika found Rani’s necklace on floor and since Rani would create an issue, Sagarika thought of keep it silently in her room and got stuck in cupboard. Bunty thinks of going and bringing her out.

Sagarika sees Pappu and Rani sleeping and silently comes out of cupboard. Bunty comes there and goes near cupboard. He mimics cat and Sagarika also mimics cat. Rani gets afraid hearing cat sounds. Amma hears cat voice and wakes up dad to go and check. Rani switches on light and sees Sagarika inside her room. She shouts and calls amma. Amma and dad come up and see Swara guarding outside. Amma says she likes cats, so must be here. They both get in and Rani alleges Sagarika for stealing her necklace. Bunty says she found it on floor, so she came to return it. Rani says why did she come at midnight. Dad says she must be trying to save someone. Swara gets tensed. Sagarika thinks she cannot tell truth and says she stole necklace and they can punish her. Amma asks when she has designer necklaces, why did she steal. Rani says if she had asked, she would have given it to her. Dad says Sagarika’s dad would be very ashamed if he hears that. Sagarika says she has kleptomania. Amma asks what is it. Pappu says it meanings clapping.

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Sagarika says she cannot control herself from stealing since childhood as she has kleptomania disease. Amma asks why did not she get herself treated and scolds dad for getting her son married to a thief. Aunt asks if she gets fever. Sagarika says no. She asks if hands go subconsciously towards pockets. She says she does not know. Dad asks if she getting treated. She says no. Pappu says dad she is the one who stole his money. Bunty asks him to stop rubbishing. Rani says Bunty she stole even his mobile and just like she stole her necklace and returned it back, she must have returned his mobile back. Amma asks Sagarika to list out her favourite items, so that she can keep them in locker. Once everyone get into their room, Sagarika relaxes and starts laughing thinking about kleptomania. Amma sees her laughing and gets afraid.

Bunty asks Sagarika why did she hide about her illness from her. She says she could not tell it. He insists. She asks him to forget it. He says she is his wife and he cannot tolerate anyone calling her thief. He asks if she really has kleptomania and says he will find out from her aunt or papa. Sagarika says she lied and does not have kleptomania. He says that means she did not steal and asks who stole it then. She tells Swara stole it. He is shocked to hear that. She tells him the whole incident happened and how she caught her red-handed.

Precap: Bunty says he will inform amma and dad about Swara’s mistake. Sagarika says she has promised her that she will not steal and will not meet her friends. He says if she does it again, he will be forced to inform amma/dad. Sagarika hears Swara speaking to her friend on phone and agreeing to fund for their outing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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