Humsafars 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kurti Apa taking Sahir and Alvira to her room, to show the broken mud utensil with rice, chilli and lemon in it. She gets shocked seeing it gone. She tells Sahir that she saw it here only. Alvira says you are very stressed and it happens in stress. Kurti Apa says she saw with her own eyes. Sahir says may be you are stressed. Alvira asks Sahir to go for meeting and she will handle Kurti Apa. Sahir says ok and leaves. Alvira tells Kurti Apa to rest. Once Kurti Apa goes to her room, Alvira eyes her. Nausheen comes to Arzoo and says time has come for us to leave. Now this house is my daughter’s inlaws home. She gets worried for her. Arzoo tells her that she has grown up now and can take care of herself very well. She asks her not to worry. Nausheen tells her that she can’t keep

the house papers given by Sahir. She says we will take rented house. She asks her to take the papers. Kurti Apa comes and calls her Lucknowi Bakri. She taunts her on her clothes and says you splashed inauspicious thing in the house. Nausheen asks what are you saying? She just got married. Arzoo asks Nausheen not to worry about Kurti Apa words and leaves for office. Alvira hears their conversation. Arzoo leaves for office.

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Arzoo comes to the office. She tells her employee that she is taking charge of the office and asks her to get the info about the workers and contractors. She says it is your responsibility if I do anything wrong. Sahir comes. Arzoo asks her to make sure that everyone comes on time. She asks her to bring coffee, then says tea. She says I hate coffee. Sahir reminds her that he is her boss here. Sahir says they have to go for dinner. Arzoo refuses. Sahir says his client invited them. Arzoo says your client invited husband and wife, so I refused as a wife. Then she says she will come, but on a condition. She asks him to convince Nausheen to keep the house which he gifted her. Sahir agrees. Arzoo says better. Sahir gets angry. He gets his client’s call. He says we are coming.

Someone is keeping an eye in the house. He/She takes out Sahir and Arzoo’s wedding pic from the photo frame and tears the pic and puts some red color on it.

Sahir and Arzoo come from office. Alvira says she was waiting for them. Sahir says they are going to party. The servant brings water for him. Arzoo takes the glass before he could take and drinks it. Kurti Apa comes and tries to take off the evil eye. Alvira asks what happened. Kurti Apa says something bad is going to happen. Alvira says she is bearing her because of Sahir else would have send her long back. Kurti Apa thinks she will put hurdles in Arzoo’s way. She says Sahir and Arzoo won’t be able to reach the party. Arzoo and Sahir come to their room. The photo frame is seen alright. Arzoo opens her wardrobe and sees the dress torn. She gets shocked. Sahir asks what happened. Sahir asks her to come. He gets a message so he leaves. Arzoo comes out and enquires with the servant. She says she doesn’t know anything.

Alvira talks to Zaki and says nothing happens as per our wish. She asks him to come back home. Zaki disconnects the call. Arzoo asks the servant tell. The servant smirks. Alvira comes. Arzoo hugs her and takes her to room. Arzoo tells Alvira that someone tear her clothes. Alvira asks who did this? Arzoo says she doesn’t know. Nausheen asks did you close your almira. Arzoo says yes. Kurti Apa and taunts Arzoo. She tells Alvira that inauspicious things are happening because of Arzoo. Alvira asks her to mind her language. Kurti Apa accuses Alvira for the same. Alvira asks the servant. She says nobody came here. Arzoo asks about the other key of the wardrobe. Alvira says it is lost. She asks the servant to clean the room and asks Arzoo not to wear this color again. Kurti Apa gets worried.

Arzoo talks to Nausheen. She says don’t wear this color. Arzoo says I won’t as you are saying. Nausheen asks her to take care of herself. Arzoo says I can take care of myself. I won’t trust on anyone, not even on my reflection. Alvira gets worried about Sahir. Sahir comes. Alvira asks where did you go without informing us? Sahir looks at Arzoo and says Zeenat has come back. I am bringing her home. Kurti Apa smiles while everyone is shocked.

Kurti Apa tells that there are so many secrets which are hidden in the haveli. Sahir asks what do you mean? Who is the killer? You, Ammi, Anam, Zaki ……Kurti Apa says murderer can be anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh sahir wat r u gng to do with arzo . dis is not fair. if u car so much for zeenat then y u made arzo marry u, she could have lived happly with zaki. i dislike u sahir.

  2. thank you h hasan

  3. who is that person trying to separate saaz??? n is that zaki who tore their pic n arzoo’s dresses??n is playing with kurti Apa??anyhow arzoo is going to meet zeenat soon..unrevealed past gonna come out soon… how could Sahir gonna deal with both wives ?? excited…

  4. I think its someone Alvira hired to do all dis things so kurti aap can go away from saaz life…or it could perhaps be Zeenath doing all this as shes out of coma & back .or it could be samaira n her father doing all this. ..we have to just wait n c wen d suspense unveils itself. ..cant wait for it to he revealed who is behind all this drama….WTH is wrong with Sahir y is he making. Life more complicated for him & Arzoo. …

  5. Humsafars
    Plz comment about my comment

    “I can’t understand if it is a show about Muslims then why they wear so small dresses….as I know about Islam they are not allowed gul khan u know it????…u should have got knowledge about Islam before creating the drama

  6. Just look at arzoo back….note guys…her back is nude

  7. And purvi u right….just look at Zara and anam

  8. Arzoo wore sahir kurta without any pant

  9. Yeah purvi Gul khan can’t make fun of any religion….Gul khan we need romance but u should know u are creating making drama on Muslims…make sure….

  10. ahs arzo wore kurta without pants for her feet were burnt. its dffcult to put pants. and its story of fashion house.nd u knw everyone is modern nw a days irrespectve of religious boundaries.but nothing is vulguar.iits ok no,

  11. guys can anyone tell me sahir kisse pyar karti he? arzo ya zeenat.

  12. Hii guys…ofcos..he love arzoo

  13. Guys chill. This is a mordern world drama n not late 50’s or 60’s.

  14. Its best not to debate about any religion regarding any seriels or movies……its best to be neutral……

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