Humsafars 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo seeing Sahir’s room lights off and wonders why. She then recalls Sahir’s words asking her to stay away from him and goes. Sahir recalls Arzoo talking to Zaki and saying her new look and beauty is because of him. He then recalls nurse saying pregnancy report will come in sometime and asking her to sit. Sahir thinks how can I do such a big mistake of trusting her. He thinks to talk to Zaki.

Arzoo sees Nausheen, Dadi and Zara packing bags and asks where are you going? They says we are going back to Lucknow. Zara says we think that you don’t have time for us. Arzoo says it is not like that. Nausheen laughs seeing Arzoo panicking. Nausheen tells her that they are going to Ajmer Shareef Dargah. Dadi says they are going to fulfill the mannat as she got a job now. Arzoo asks her to take care of herself. Nausheen says you are alone here. Arzoo says Ashrafi is with me naa.

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Samaira tells Zaki that her pregnancy is confirmed. Zaki starts coughing. Samaira gives him water and talks about baby names. She starts planning their future. She says I will be in another room as I needs 9 hour sleep and plans to keep the baby in Zaki’s room. She says I wants to give this good news to Ammi. Zaki stops her and asks her not to say anything to Ammi now. Samaira says I love you. She asks him to decide when to inform the family. She says she can’t hide the truth for long. She goes.

Zaki calls Arzoo and says he wants to meet her right away. Arzoo says I left my family at the railway station and will reach there in 30 mins. Zaki says ok. He thinks how to deal with Samaira. Sahir comes and says he wants to ask something. Arzoo comes there. Sahir looks at them. He looks at Arzoo’s photos kept there and says he got the answer. He leaves. Zaki keeps Arzoo’s hand on his chest and says his heart was shaking. Arzoo says why did you call me. Zaki shows Samaira’s pregnancy report. She insists him to inform Sahir about it. He will help you. Zaki says Bhai have a lot of hopes from me. I can’t tell anyone about it and asks her to hide it too. He takes a promise.

Arzoo holds his hand and makes a promise. She asks why do you want to hide it. Zaki says Sahir and Samaira’s father Rahman are business partners. He says he spent a night with Samaira and don’t know if Samaira is saying right or no. He thinks to do a DNA test. He says he thinks Samaira is trapping him and he wants to get to the root of truth. Arzoo promises not to say anything to anyone. Kurti overhears them and thinks she ruined Zaki. Arzoo gets Sahir’s visiting card and wonders did he hear us. Kurti thinks this girl is very clever and trapped two sons of this house.

Sahir is in his room and recalls Arzoo with Zaki. Arzoo comes to return his visiting card. He recalls nurse asking arzoo to wait and breaks the glass in his hand. Arzoo rushes to him and gets worried. Sahir pushes her and realizes that she is pregnant. He asks are you……..He then gets angry again and says you told that you don’t care about me. He asks her to leave saying her face is two sided. Arzoo comes out and sees Anam and Kurti Apa. Kurti Apa taunts her saying she is coming out from Sahir’s room. Alvira asks her to stop it. Kurti Apa says I told you that She goes to Zaki’s room always. She asks Alvira to get sweets and distribute to relatives. She tells that she is pregnant with Zaki’s child. Arzoo gets shocked. Anam says shameful. She asks is this true?

Anam says you are small towm girl, but flies high. Is this true. Kurti Apa says in old times girls used to get afraid going near their husbands, but this girl have sell her shame. Zaki is a man and slipped. She asks Alvira to bring her mother here. Anam says they went to Ajmer Shareef today. Kurti Apa says she did a sin and her family went to apologize. Sahir comes. Kurti asks him to say something in Arzoo’s favour. Zaki tries to come, but Arzoo nods him to stop. Sahir sees that. Anam asks her to say else she will think that she is pregnant with Zaki’s child.

Sahir thinks who is real Arzoo. The one who stood in front of bulldozer to protect the factory or the other who stood silent after hearing the accusations. How can I judge her wrongly. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanq h hasan

  2. they will cear this misunderstanding within this week itself… Not streching like other serials…

  3. I dont think they will extend…. And they shouldn’t

  4. oh ho sahir how can u think that of arzoo.i hope it clear soon.but one think is right that sahir is getting more jealous.becoz of itna jealous sahir may confess and realise his love for arzoo.waiting for trm.thanks for update.

  5. Oh no..I just hope zaki clear the misunderstanding..
    I hate arzoo & sahir seprated…I love the couple so much I cant stand yo see either one in pain because of misunderstanding of each other
    ..and as for khutiya aap she must first get the facts rite before pointing fingers at a inocent..blo*dy B****..

    1. She’s a b*t*h

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