Shastri Sisters 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty seeing the milk is no delivered today. She finds it strange. She sees Rajata’s bike and thinks about him, getting sad, don’t know did Rajat eat anything there or not, how will he be there. She cries and asks Bajrangi to deliver the milk. She greets the neighbors and everyone leave seeing her. Bajrangi says he did not forget, he did not give it intentionally. She asks what does he mean. He says he will not deliver milk at a traitor’s house. Minty says my son did not do anything and gets angry. Everyone see her with insulting eyes. She gets the newspaper and gets Rajat’s news and his arrest pic. Anu sees the same and cries. Some people throw stones at the house, and asks them to leave the country. They protest against Rajat.

Neil and Minty get inside and shut the door. Devyaani and Anu see this. The people ask Sareen family to leave. Anu says not for us, but we have to bring the truth out for Rajat. Sareen says they all take bribe and is blaming my son. Minty asks them not to go out. Sareen says it will be proved that our son is innocent. She says you won’t go out. Rajat is taken for interrogation. His senior starts questioning him. He asks Rajat to say the truth. Rajat says the truth is I love my country. The senior says then how can you be so careless, you are a criminal. Rajat says I m not lying, I don’t have any proof. The senior gets some news and leaves. He meets Karishma’s dad, the politician and asks what work he has, he has some imp work to do. Her dad says he has come to end his imp work, and calls him pilot.

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He says I m not pilot, I m airforce wing commander. Her dad jokes on his job and asks him not to get angry and have tea. He says he will give an imp paper and asks him to read. It’s a notice from defense ministry. He says its from me, its orders to end your imp work. He says he is Lalit Sharma, transport minister. The senior says I can’t leave him, the enquiry committee with decide it. Lalit says fine, let him go home, let the enquiry happen later, the work ends here. Sareen goes out to talk to people. Minty and Neil come out and see the tea and biscuits. Anu and Devyaani looks on. Minty says who got this here.

She says oh, and throws the tray. Anu and Devyaani are shocked seeing her angry. Minty scolds them for making them homelock and why are they doing this favor now. Sareen asks Minty to be at home, and he will manage everything. The senior tells Rajat that he is leaving him, but remember he sold his duty, not them, he is going out, but till the enquiry ends, they will keep an eye on him, get out of here now. Rajat is shocked. The people humiliate Sareen and call his son a traitor. Sareen defends Rajat. Sareen tells the people how can they call Rajat a traitor and scolds them. He asks them to see themselves first and wipes Rajat’s name from the wall. The men put black color on his face and take his pics.

Karishma and Lalit take Rajat home. Rajat asks how did he get the enquiry call off. Lalit says he did all this as he is minister, ask me how did I become minister. Karishma smiles. Rajat asks but why did he help him. Lalit says as my daughter loves you. Rajat goes on and sees Sareen’s face blackened and media asking him wrong questions. Sareen is shocked in humiliated state. Rajat is shocked seeing Sareen’s blackened face.

Devyaani tells Anu that if Rajat takes your name, it means he does not love him. Anu asks if not. Devyaani says then he loves you. The media asks Rajat who is the girl who trapped him. Minty says I will tell everyone. Rajat stays silent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very slow n boring….. not a single
    thing is fun in it

  2. it was boring.phir bhi wt devyanni say in precap is true.let c what rajat say trm.if he anu name or may clear that rajat love or not.thanks for update.

  3. Woooooo….. Nothing interesting……… Always crying…… Sad moments……

  4. wat r they doing .director sir please make the show intresting . ramal u r right anytime crying anu i want to see her brave as before ……. thanks for update

  5. Boring

  6. I hope karishmas and her sister in law (i forgot her name lol) truth comes out soon!

  7. Please bring out the truth soon…other wise trp falls down because of boring story…serial may go off air easily

  8. sad always when will happy for rajat and anu also their family.
    yesterday episode for me not boring or boring nothing for me.

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