Shot 15
The Episode starts with Kunj in his room thinking about twinkle he sees her call coming and declined again ..

I am not mood to just talk to you yaar if I talk now I’ll burst my anger on you and say something which I never wanted to so better I don’t pick it up he murmured and laid on the bed closing his eyes …

While Twinkle was still trying after sometime she stops ..

Huhuh sadu sarna why aren’t you picking up my call twinkle murmured while her cousins called her ..

Chalo na di let’s go for an long drive bubbly said while twinkle nodded ..

I’ll see Myra first she said while bubbly agrees and twinkle saw her baby Myra who was asleep in Leela arms ..

Twinkle you go with them I’ll take care of Myra Leela said while twinkle smiled ..
But maaa she will cry for me after sometime twinkle said ..

Are don’t worry puttar I’ll take care of her just like I used to take care of you my doll Leela said while twinkle smiled ..

You are the best maa she said and pecked Leela cheeks and of Myra as well
Soon everyone changed into some casuals and decided to go out while twinkle was still worried because of Kunj Yuvi notices her and walks with her …

What happen ? Twinkle Yuvi asked ..
Nothing she said making a grimace ..

Hehe ?then why your face is like chilli flake ??? Yuvi asked teasingly ..
Because of your brother twinkle said .

Are I toh forgot ??? Where is he Yuvi asked looking here and there ..

Are don’t know he went back don’t know what happen to him I called him many times as well but he didn’t lifted my call even once twinkle said while Yuvi smirked ?? ..

That’s means sadu sarna is really very angry with you Yuvi added ..
But what I did ?twinkle asked..

That you only ask yourself ? he was really angry since morning and I don’t know why Yuvi said ..

What happen ??? Twinkie ? Karan too joined them while they looked on ..and twinkle narrated him everything ..

Hehe twinkle your husband is so cute i wish mein ladki hota Karan added while Yuvi giggled ..
Shut up Karan twinkle said ..

Acha we will go for a long drive you go to your sadu sarna Darling Karan added ..soon twinkle gets a message..

Shit she said ..while Yuvi and Karan looked on …
What happen ? They asked ..

See this she showed them while they smiled ohooooo
you ruined it Siyappa queen Yuvi and Karan said together ..

Now go to him and pacify Yuvi added while Karan too nodded ..

But he will be really angry on me I need to make up twinkle said thinking and soon an idea popped up in her mind .

They all left for long drive enjoying the journey ..
Kunj was sleeping in his room when he heard his phone ringing again he woke up and rubbed his eyes ..

Are yaar twinkle he said taking his phone but it was Yuvi call ..
Bhai ? Why he is calling me Kunj said ..

He declined it but again Yuvi called him so he picked up worriedly ..
Hello ..Kunj said ..

Kunjjj where are you ?????? Yuvi asked ..
That’s not important Kunj what important is twinkle right now Yuvi said in a low worried tone ..

What happen to twinkle Kunj asked ..
We all went for long drive but then twinkle car broke down and we are far away from city …we couldn’t find her Yuvi said ..

Whattttttttttt Kunj asked ..
Yeah even bubbly and others are crying Yuvi said as he put it on speaker ..

Jiju you please come here bubbly said crying while Kunj got up and went downstairs …asking Yuvi to send their location …

Thanks I’ll be there soon Kunj said ..
Sure Yuvi replied they ended the call while the others smiled ..

Aww why they are so cute man ? gussa apni jagah and pyaar apni bubbly said while all agreed and they decided to have their own fun ..
Kunj soon reached the location Yuvi send him and he was walking worriedly seeing the darkness around there…

Twinkle is scared of darkness hope she is fine but why they all came here he said looking at here and there ..

He directed towards the path his navigator shown and started calling twinkle name …

He was taking further steps when the lights neon bulbs started lightening there which was decorated beautifully…he was amazed seeing the scenario and started calling twinkle name….

Are yaar Siyappa queen don’t tease me yaar I am already worried Kunj said again when he felt her back hugging ..

Huhuh you can’t bear my absence for 5 minutes and what about that rejecting my calls Haan twinkle asked ..

While he turned and looked at her with teary eyes and pecked her forehead ..

You have no idea how much panicked I was Kunj said koi karta hai kya Aisa ?? he was in very low voice …

Yes ?your Siyappa queen does that stretching the word siyappaaaaaaa while Kunj looks at her…

Huhuh Siyappa queen Kahi ki he said while she hugged him tightly and he hugged her back more tightly forgetting his anger …

I am sorry na Kunj twinklee said breaking the hug while he looked at her….

Huhuh let me stay angry with you Kunj said with a pout while she smiled ..

Okay sadu Kahi ke you stay with your anger better I’ll call them back to take me for a long drive rather than wasting my time with this sadu twinkle said ..

Ohhhh rajdhani express break Laga ? it’s my time to get angry not yours ..Kunj said ..

You are just stealing attention that’s it sadu …twinkle added showing him tongue ..
Whatever it is when you planned this ??? Kunj asked ..

When you dropped it ? twinkle replied she showed him the message where he cancel their date plan ..

They messaged me to re confirm as you were not taking anyone’s calls twinkle said ..
Ohooo I was so worried I didn’t even noticed the place properly ..

Huhuh twinkle Taneja ke peeche sab aise hi pagal hote hai twinkle said raising her imaginary collar ..
Sarna ….Kunj gritted his teeths ..

Yeah yeah sarna hi kaha meine ? twinkle added..
Huhuh liar Kunj said ? while both of them burst out laughing ..soon they hugged again

Don’t ever do this yaar ?I’ll die if anything happens to you Kunj said ..

Acha Nothing is going to happen with me as long as MY HUMSAFAR is there for me twinkle replied while Kunj smiled ..
Hayeeeeee I just wanted to spend sometime with you Kunj added …

I am always ready Darling twinkle replied smiling soon they went towards dinning table which was arranged there ..

You haven’t ate anything properly right my swollen potato …(uble hue aalu) she teased Kunj by pulling his cheeks …while Kunj makes faces …

Whatever but twinkle i just booked front side but we are here ??? Kunj asked as they were in back side ..

Are they gave that to someone else so I had to take these waise bhi it’s much more pretty place than the front ..fully giving us privacy ..twinkle winked at him while he smirked ..

Haw haw but then also how they did they your booking ? Kunj asked ..
Wo here manager is Karan’s frnd so twinkle said while Kunj looked on ..

Again Karan ??? Kunj said ..
Hehe Kunj ab toh sudhar jao ? story is going to end but your jealousy will goes on twinkle said …

Whatever he added both had their food enjoying the place there smiling all the while and twinkle was successful in changing the mood of her SADU SARNA and once again Kunj fell in love with his SIYAPPA QUEEN more n more …

They both had their dinner their compete dinner now with each other after feeding each other filling their stomach and hearts which always craves for more ..they got up while maintaining their eye locks … suddenly music started saying in background making their date more memorable ..

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

(Wow it’s my favourite song twinkle said and we won’t dance on it that will not happen she said ..
Ohh you wanted to dance as well Kunj asked ..

Yes dance is incomplete in our date twinkle replied while Kunj smiled ..
Date Haan he teased her while both smiled …and Kunj held her by waist slowly swaying through the beats ..)

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye

(Remember the time twinkle when we met Kunj said while she smiled …
How can I forget my crush brother and my bestest frnd …twinkle winked at him
Huhh crush left you and ran away Kunj teased him while she hits him slightly he twirls her around back hugging her …

I was really happy when you agreed to marry me Kunj said ..

And I was happy that you gave me my happiness you fulfilled my each and everything every desire ..every dream of having an ideal life partner twinkle said while both smiled he turned her again ..

While she pecked on his lips BLESSED WITH THE BEST twinkle winked at Kunj and Kunj pecked her cheek and bite it ..

Mutual feeling darling even I was blessed with the best ? he pecked her forehead still swaying through the beats …)

Jitni haseen ye mulakatein hain
Unse bhi pyari teri baatein hain
Baaton mein teri jo kho jaate hain
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye

(Remember our first vacation ??? Twinkle asked ..
That was honeymoon babe Kunj replied while she blushed ..

Yeah that only ? twinkle replied how much we roam there and had a lot of fun na it was amazing twinkle said ..

And I fell in more for you seeing the way you handles everything in my family Kunj replied while she smiled ..

Our family she corrected him ..
Yeah our Kunj replied both of them smiling throughout …)

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
(Remember twinkle how we confessed our love Kunj said while twinkle giggled smiling ..

Yeah I do remember when Myra was going to born and you were on your business trip..that feeling I can never forget Kunj I was feeling like everything is shattering and I was scared to see you again so confessed in anxiety twinkle replied ..

Hehe yeah ?? chalo kisi ne toh initiate kiya warna hum aaj bhi waise hi hote Kunj said while twinkle smiled ..
Agreed mr sarna she said ..

But I am more blessed than you twinkle agree to it Kunj said …
How ? Twinkle asked dancing along with him …

Because you brought Myra in my life and completed our little family with our little bundle of joy by taking so much pain …

Yeah it was indeed painful but at the same time blissful as well twinkle smiled at him the song ended while both leaned towards each other ..and sealed their lips into a passionate kiss …

I love you twinkle murmured while Kunj smiled and replied her back I love you more ?…

They both were enjoying their moment they sat on the lake shore dipping their legs in the chilled water holding each other hands smiling recalling their every single moment they shared from getting married to till this date from Myra birth to pihu birth each and everything was going through their mind …both of them enjoying their moment ..

Soon they sees the time … shitt twinkle Myra Kunj said ..
She is with maa twinkle replied ..

But you know na she needs anyone of us Kunj replied ..
Ho ho mr patidev who wanted alone time Haan twinkle replied ..

Still yaar I can’t stay without her now I am habitual to her Kunj replied while twinkle smiled …

To chale Mr sarna ? Twinkle asked ..
Yes Mrs sarna Kunj replied ..they holds hands and leave for TM …

Soon they reached Leela and rt slept along with babies while bubbly Yuvi Avni Karan and some of twinkle cousins were present in hall gossping ..

So love birds here bubbly said while twinj blushed ..
You all scared me till death Kunj said ..

But we never knew you love our di so much bubble said while Kunj hides his face in taking twinkle hairs ..all smiled and teased him till death ..

Yuvi and Kunj left back for sm leaving their wife’s their while the rest had fun ..
One week later
Twinkle and Myra was back home thy stayed for more upon rt insistence as Leela was I’ll while Avni and pihu had to come back due to bebe health anyone would have to be here …while Kunj also gave her permission … everything going on smooth ..

The kids Myra and pihu was asusual fighting Myra was mimicking twinkle as how she teaches her a b c d while pihu was looking at her blankly not getting anything and just concentrating on her toys …

Areeyyyy myraaaaa look at me myra said to pihu mimicking twinkle while Yuvi and Kunj was enjoying seeing her ..

Bhai teri choti Siyappa queen ??Yuvi said while Kunj also laughed ..

Yeah don’t know what will happen when she will join to her play school abhi se she is patakha ???Kunj said ..both giggled …

Soon twinkle sees Myra and Avni too teased her Kunj draped Myra in twinkle stole ..

Myraaaaa twinkle gritted her teeths seeing her repeating her dialogues ..while Myra looked at her ..

Mumma I was teaching pihu a.   b     c  d hai na pihu baby Myra said while twinkle smiled ..

Acha bachu she said while all of them giggled seeing her pouting face …they all went in hall ..

Papa wo I had to go for business trip Kunj told while twinkle looked at him angrily ..she started going from there ..
Haan Kunj go Manohar said ..

I am taking twinkle and Myra with me as well Kunj told loudly while twinkle turned and looked at him ..

Acha hai Kunj bebe added while all smiled ..Kunj smirked at twinkle who went in their room ..soon he went behind her and cuddles her from back ..

Kya hua mrs sarna tote uddd Gaye thay na Kunj said giggling ..
Huhuh you are so bad twinkle said…

I know darling Kunj replied pecking her cheeks ..and they started their packing happily …as it was long since they went anywhere together ..

They met others and left for airport soon the trio was settled ..Myra was fast asleep while Kunj was teasing twinkle ..
showing her the airhostess who was flirting with him fully ..

Hehe twinkle ?? she seems to be more interested in me that you Kunj said ..

Hooo then go to her only na why are you here with me twinkle replied while Kunj smiled soon Myra woke up and cutely rubbed her eyes ..

Aleee baby woke up Kunj said ..
Yes papa she replied while Kunj called the airhostess back to order something for Myra ..

Can you bring any milkshake Kunj said while she nodded Myra hugged Kunj ..

Acha na Siyappa queen sorry Kunj murmured while Myra looked at twinkle ..
Siyappa queen ??she reverted as Kunj while twinj looked on shocked ..

Myraaaaa twinkle said while Kunj giggled ..they land off in Shimla where Kunj meeting was there …

Kunj lifted Myra and held his lady love hands and they came out ..and followed by going into the cab it was long journey till they reach their hotel …

While the hotel view was amazing from where the icy mountains was clearly visible and twinkle was excited at the same time worried for Myra …Kunj backhugs her and asked her about it ..

Kunj it will be so cold outside na twinkle said while Kunj smiled ..

Don’t worry i made arrangements Myra will be fine Kunj said while twinkle smiled ..they went out and roam there while Myra was sent with Kunj friend kids to play in the kids room where Kunj and others were going for skating they all dressed up beautifully ..

Myra you will stay here ? Or you wanna come with us ?? Kunj asked her again ..

I’ll stay here she said while Kunj smiled ..
We will be back soon darling Kunj pecked her cheeks while twinkle too smiled ..

Soon they went and twinj was having a lott of fun while skating they decided to have a race ..

Sochlo Siyappa queen you will loose ..Kunj smirked
No I’ll not twinkle replied determined..

They started skating while giggling and enjoying the weather there while Kunj was smiling seeing her happy their were in hurry to win the race but their legs entangled leading them to fall in snow with twinkle on top of Kunj …

Hot Banda dekha nahi chance marna shuru Kunj said giggling ..

Ab what I can do if you are so hot twinkle sensously moves her fingers around his face while Kunj was shocked ..both smiled ..Kunj twirled her around and kissed her they were out of breathe and looks at each other twinkle face turns red as they were many people …

Kunj friend and his wife too came and called their name ..
Kunj what happen ? His friend Samar asked ..

Nothing we just fell Kunj said and got up as if nothing happen ..and forwarded his hand to twinkle who immediately got up as well ..
Twinkle your face turned so red Rhea his wife added …

Haan it’s so cold na Kunj said winking at twinkle while all smiled and again started their Masti soon the kids were called here ..

While Kunj and twinkle along with myraaaaa made igloo …while Myra sat at the entrance and

Kunj clicked her pics while the sarna family had many of their pics in different poses and then Myra sneezed ..

Margaye Kunj and twinkle looked at each other saying it together and they went back to hotel …while Myra was continuously sneezing ..

Twinkle order some herbs soups while Kunj wrapped her in blanket ..

Achuuuuu achuuuuu myra again sneezed while Kunj giggled seeing her red nose and was teasing her ..soon the soup was delivered and twinkle started making her drink ..

Mumma it’s so bitter Myra said .. listening rhymes

Drink Myra twinkle said cutely making her convince too while Kunj clicked their pics secretly …

Then they enjoyed 2-3 days making many of the memories and Kunj handled his work as well he was talking with Manohar while twinkle was giving Myra bath ..

Haan papa meetings done we are coming tomorrow Kunj said ..
Ohooo then come straight to Goa as we all are going there Manohar said…

Why ? Kunj asked ..
Just everyone wanted to have a small vacation Manohar replied ..

Okay papa Kunj said ..
Twinkle came out with Myra and dressed her up while twinj was going on dinner with Samar Rhea and their babies ..all had fun while twinj was feeding each other and Myra was having good time making new friends ..

They returned back to hotel and Myra was fast asleep while twinj looked at the clock …soon it stuck 12 ..

Twinkle was standing in balcony enjoying the breeze while Kunj backhugs her ..
Happy anniversary Mrs sarna Kunj said while twinkle smiled ..

Same to you me sarna she pecked on his cheek while both smiled joining their forehead recalling their wedding and gifted each other many gifts happily ….they both went and sees Myra and slept hugging each other tightly ..

Next morning
They leave for Goa as Manohar told and they reached though they were hell tired they send them location of beach while they went with Myra it was evening time
They started searching for them while the colour bombs started Litting …and everyone came out shouting ..

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to twinj while they smiled and thanked everyone ..
Ohooo suprise party ?Kunj said while all smiled ..

Hope you both stay like this forever Kunj and twinkle Leela said while all nodded ..

Myra was looking confused while Usha told her to wish twinj happy anniversary .
Happy annn budday Myra clapped while Kunj and twinkle giggled and kissed on either of her cheeks ..

They all started enjoying the party while Karan met twinkle and wished her wanted to meet my fiance right Karan said ..

Yeah twinkle replied ..Kunj too joined them ..
Are she is here Karan said and there comes Anjali while twinj was shocked and looked at each other ..

Meet my fiance Anjali Karan introduced while twinj and Anjali giggled ..
We knew each other they said to him ..

I was twinkle gynac Anjali cleared while Karan smiled ..
You both go we will just come twinkle said …while Karan and Anjali went to yuvni …

Hehe your Charan got so cute fiance Kunj added ..

Should I call Anjali as Patanjali too twinkle teased him as well while both laughed …

O… muskurana bhi tujhi se seekha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi, haaye!

(They both looks at each other smiling feeling lucky feeling different emotions in them seeing everyone enjoying seeing others happy they smiled and entwined their hands together ..)

Hai nahi tha pata
Ke tujhe maan lunga Khuda
Ki teri galiyon mein iss qadar
Aaunga ab har pehar…

(I never knew that you are gonna be so special for me Kunj said cutely ..
Even I ? thanks for always being their with me as my support twinkle said while he smiled at her …and they all had many sessions stands near the shore seeing the water flow they reacalled how they also went with the flow and everything was perfect till the END ?????


Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saansein chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahin umrr bhar, haaye


Tada ?? another end to another story
Though it was meant to be 3 shots but again went with the flow …
I hope you enjoyed the story ???
Thanks to all for their comments and likes on the last …thanks for your support …
I had to end it as I didn’t planned anything else in this story ??as it was a short story too …
Ignore errors no proof read ?
And one more thing I am discontinuing pehla Nasha ❌as of now
Thanks to all for their support till this time during all the ups and downs …?
Bye Allahafiz ?
Sayonara ???

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