Jhansi Ki Rani 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar and Manu meet Kaka’s family

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The Episode starts with Manu serving Puran Poli to Gangadhar. Gangadhar tries to tear it, but couldn’t. He asks her to get hammer for breaking it. Manu is shocked. Gangadhar asks her to try to touch it. Manu cries and says she was unsuccessful to make puran poli for her. Janki, laccho and Saku bai smiles. Gangadhar tells Manu that he is happy that she tried to make Puran Poli and wipes her tears. Janki says he is showering love on her. Saku says the more we try to separate them, the more closer they come to each other. Gangadhar is playing polo. She asks him to teach her. Gangadhar explains the game. Manu hits the hall with her strength. Gangadhar says game shall be patience and not arrogance. He says you will get defeat if you play with anger. He says Patience show us right path. He asks her to hold the mud tightly. Manu holds it, but it slips from her hand. Gangadhar says you shall know how to hold it rightly and use the right amount of strength.. He tells story of Arjun’s son. He says Abhimanya entered Chakravuy angrily and died. He asks her to play again and holds the polo stick. Manu couldn’t hit the ball rightly. Gangadhar says you will take time to learn.

Ross is sleeping and gets dream of burning on the pyre, and Manu as the goddess. He wakes up shockingly and thinks why did he get such dream. Janki meets Ross and tells that Gangadhar doesn’t see Manu’s mistakes and making her sit on his head. Ross says you came to tell this at night. Janki says I came here to share my problems. Ross asks her to come with solutions sometimes and says I thought to take your help, but I also only you. he says I will take help from Saku Bai or stupid Laccho Bai, but not you. Ross says because you are responsible to call the trouble Manikarnika. He asks her to go and let him rest.

Gangadhar comes to Manu and asks her to get ready. He says we are going out. Manu says I will wear some other saree. Gangadhar gives her old saree and asks her to wear it. Manu asks where are we going, and asks about the saree. Gangadhar reminds her of her father’s teaching and asks her to get ready. Moropant tells Tatya Dikshit that he needs his help. Tatya Dikshit asks him to tell without any hesitation. Moropant says I want to meet your friend Ghouse Khan. Tatya Dikshit asks why? Moropant says I need explosives from him. Tatya Dikshit says I can’t help you and doubts on his intentions in any illegal activities. Moropant leaves. Tatya Dikshit thinks I really can’t believe.

Gangadhar comes to Manu’s room indisguise. She is surprised and says Maharaj..you. He asks her to stop and covers veil on her head. He asks her to come. They leave. Moropant comes to Tatya Dikshit wearing his Krantikari Bharat’s clothes. Tatya Dikshit is surprised and says Krantikari Bharat. He asks you are Krantikari Bharat. Moropant says yes, I am Krantikari bharat and needs explosives. He says if you ask Ghouse khan then he will tell you. Tatya Dikshit feels proud of him and tells that he will do his work. Moropant says you didn’t agree to your friend Moropant, but agreed to krantikari bharat sayings. Tatya dikshit says I have to keep the respect of Krantikari bharat for coming infront of me.

Manu and Gangadhar are going somewhere when she sees tamarind and thinks she used to eat a lot. Gangadhar asks her to come and is about to collide with Tatya Dikshit. Tatya Dikshit says he is Raj Guru. Gangadhar apologizes to him. Manu thinks he didn’t recognize us and sees her going to karagaar of Jhansi. The britisher jailer is doing puja. Tatya guru tells that his bad time is going on as he is separated from his newly wedded wife. He tells that he came to free the place from the soul. British jailer asks him to do something.

Manu thinks Gangadhar is walking fast. She collides with him and asks him to hit his head again with hers. Gangadhar smiles. Tatya Dikshit comes inside the jail and asks the Jailer to open the lock and gets inside, as he is sensing soul presence here. Jailer says him to go inside and says I don’t want to die so soon. Tatya Guru meets Ghouse Khan, ex senapati of Jhansi. Ghouse Khan hugs him and asks how come you are here in this karagaar. Tatya Dikshit says I am your old friend Tatya. Gangadhar asks someone to tell about Kaka’s house who died recently. The man shows him way. Tatya Dikshit tells Ghouse Khan that he needs explosives and asks him to tell where did he hide it. Ghouse khan asks about the reason. Tatya Dikshit says I can’t tell you. Ghouse khan says british will win eventually. Tatya Dikshit asks him to tell where did he hide the explosives. Ghouse Khan whispers something. Tatya Dikshit says where anyone hide such thing at such place. Ghouse Khan takes his name and says british can’t think of it. Gangadhar and Manu reach Kaka’s house. He talks to Kaka’s wife and tells that he had helped him to handle his business. He gives her some money without revealing his identity. Manu smiles. Kaka’s wife blesses their Jodi. Manu thinks today you have surprised me and thinks she has to learn so much from him.

Precap: Laccho and Janki see the tunnel and hear Manu telling about blasting the rail ways. Ross comes to the place. Gangadhar asks the soldiers to close the tunnel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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