Shot 7….
The Episode starts with everyone having their dinner while Myra was not letting twinkle have anything she was continuously crying …

Are Myra baby what happen twinkle said she got up from the dinning table taking her in her arms and roaming here and there ..

Are why is she crying so much today she doesn’t cries na Kunj said worried seeing her Continous crying ..

Usha take off her evil eye may be she is worried because of that bebe told her suspicion ..
Haan this can be possibility Leela added ..

Rubbish Kunj and Yuvi murmured 😹
Huh they all heard and glared at them while kuvi kept quite …

Are may be today there were so many people in the ceremony and everyone was taking her in their arms so her body must me Aching Leela said ..

Haan this could be right babies had a very sensitive body ..let me massage her body she will be relived Usha said ..

Noooooo you bring baby oil I’ll give massage to my granddaughter bebe said while Usha and Leela agreed ..

First you all have dinner Kunj said ..
But twinkle ? Rt asked ..
I’ll make her have something Kunj said he got up from there and went taking food tray ..

Twinkle was in lawn Myra was still crying she started having hiccups ohhhh mela baby twinkle said and hugged her she also had tears in her eyes this all was new for twinkle as well as she didn’t had siblings whom she pampered she was still a kid for her parents ..

Kunj smiled and kept the tray aside ..
Twinkle have something Kunj said..
No Kunj I’ll have it later see her na she is crying twinkle said ..

Are don’t worry may be she got suffocated with all the guests Kunj said..
You give her to me and have something he replied while twinkle nodded in no…

As expected Kunj murmured and smiled he went and brought juice for twinkle and made her drink a little bit ….

Myra was calming by the cool breeze while twinj was admiring her Kunj took her in his arms from twinkle and was rubbing her back …

Awwww so many people came to see you na baby 😹 my baby got disturbed Haan they didn’t let you play na don’t worry we won’t call them next time Kunj said…while Myra stopped crying listening her father words ….

Twinj started blabbering different different things while Avni came and called them ..

Maa is calling you inside she said while twinj nodded and went inside with Myra
Ahhh give me my bacha bebe said Kunj slowly put Myra in her arms who looked at bebe with her big big eyes ..

Bebe took off her clothes and started massaging her body while still talking with her in baby language …Myra was making sounds replying to her …

She will surely be a chatterbox in future Yuvi joked while twinj looks at him and the rest family too ..

Even Yuvi you were like this too always wanting anyone’s attention bebe said while everyone giggled ..

Ohoo in this case Kunj must have been silent ? Because he was silent na Yuvi asked ..

Huh Kunj was more than you 😓 he needed whole night anyone to talk to him about random things Usha said recalling their time ..

And his daughter went on him only hai na Myra 😹bebe asked while Myra giggled ..
Sadu sarna chatter box twinkle teassed him ..

Ohoo not to forgot even twinkle was like this too 😓 rt used to be behind her whole day leaving everything Leela said ..
Perfect parents of a perfect daughter Avni said while Everyone laughed ..

Twinkle now give her bath then she will sleep peacefully bebe said ending her massaging session ..
But bebe it’s too late Kunj said ..

And yeah it’s too cold Yuvi replied ..the possesive father and Chachu while bebe slaps her forehead giving a look “Inka kuch nahi hosakta” …

Acha at least give her a sponge bath tomorrow you can give her water bath Usha said while twinkle nodded ..

She went inside and was giving Myra a sponge bath while Kunj was standing at the door and was admiring the mother daughter duo ..

Side he heard a stern voice and found Avni and Yuvi there ..
Huh 😒you can’t talk politely na Kunj asked..

Are what I said Avni asked back ..
Ja meri maa kuch nahi Kunj replied while Yuvi giggled seeing them..

Kunj gave the side to Avni while she went and joined twinkle in giving Myra sponge bath while Yuvi looked at Kunj ..

Don’t worry baby brothers this is your room only why are you standing like a watchman he asked…
Huh 😒you are a watchman not me Kunj said ..

Hehe I got it now this is twinkles and Myra the girls room that’s why you are here Yuvi said and giggled ..
Hehe very funny let you baby comes then I’ll take revenge of each and everything remember this ..

Hayeee tere muh me gheee shakkar mere bhai 😘even I want it Yuvi said while Kunj makes faces ..
Nothing can happen of you bhai Kunj said .

Same to you baby bro Yuvi replied while they both smirk and laughed ..they too entered inside and saw twinkle and Avni making Myra wear her night dress she was looking like a cute rabbit ..

She was fast asleep due to the naming ceremony as well as crying since long hours she was really very much tired and slept ..

While twinkle put her in middle of bed and covered her with her small quilt and kept pillow on the other side ..

Finally twinkle said and wiped her sweat while Yuvni and Kunj giggled seeing her ..
Let’s go downstairs if she wakes up then I am gone twinkle said .

No we will sit here only 😹 Avni replied ..
Acha bachu 😒then I’ll send her to sleep  chacha chachi

You didn’t let her go away from you for seconds you will let her stay away for whole night Haan Yuvi asked…
True Kunj added ..

Huhuh mera baby twinkle said…
Hamara bhi Yuvni and Kunj replied sternly ..

They arranged pillows around Myra and turned off the lights and went to Yuvni room which was beside their room ..
You know Kunj what your cousin bua was saying twinkle said …

What ? Kunj asked ..
She will come next in Yuvni baby naming ceremony twinkle initiated the conversation ..

Ja your baby will awake 😒 Avni said while twinj laughed ..
Haan nahi nahi she will sleep peacefully now.for atleast an hour twinkle gulped in while Kunj looked at her ..

Huhuh I handle her daily Siyappa queen Kunj said ..
Huh 😒I too handle her twinkle replied …
They again started fighting while Yuvni looks at them ..

Acha hua we came from twinj room Yuvi murmured ..
Haan or else toh ab tak myra would have woked up Avni too murmured back and they giggled…

Stop now Yuvi said ..twinj smiled sheepishly ..Yuvi twinkle was teasing Avni about handling Myra and having experience before while Kunj brought their dinner back to Yuvni room ..

Are I toh forgot about it twinkle said .
Yeah Kunj replied …
Where is maa papa ? Twinkle asked about Leela and rt ..

They are talking with bebe Kunj replied ..twinj started feeding each other still talking to Avni ..
Think about it yaar Avni it will be hell amazing Yuvi said ..

Are Yuvi Avni replied 😐
Haan you will be trained too with Myra twinkle said …
True this thing you won’t be crying on seeing your baby crying Kunj replied taunting twinkle..

Are so 😒 when my baby in pain I’ll be in pain too twinkle said …
Now don’t start fighting again you both just needs a reason to fight Yuvi said .
Haan true 😹Avni replied .
That’s the base of our love Kunj said sidehugging twinkle while all of them smiled ..

Twinj had their dinner and kept back the plates in kitchen they went to their room with yuvni all smiled seeing Myra sleeping peacefully they went in twinj room balcony and started talking about to and fro thing soon they heard crying voice again and went back room ..Kunj and Yuvi went to bring ice cream for all of them the mean time twinkle fed Myra and took her downstairs …

Are she is awake bebe said ..
Haan sleep finish now playing time and teasing Mumma hai na Myra twinkle asked while the rest giggled…

Kunj and Yuvi served ice cream to everyone and they sat too ..while Kunj having Myra in his arms who is looking at his ice cream ..

What happen baby ? You want Ice cream ? Kunj asked …
Are you grow up some more we will spoil you Yuvi said while both the brothers smirked ..

Kunj took some amount in his spoon and was giving it towards Myra lips when twinkle throws cushion beside him which hits Yuvi 😹 ..
Are what I did Yuvi asked ..

It was just to gain you brothers attention twinkle said while Avni laughed at Yuvi ..
Don’t you even dare to think of making her have that twinkle replied ..

Are i am just letting her taste hai na Myra Kunj said ..
I’ll not leave you to taste anything after that she is really very small for all these things twinkle said ..

Haan don’t know when these Kunj and Yuvi will grow up bebe said ..
A thought always pops up in my mind ? Maa am I adopted ? Kunj asked ..

Me too Yuvi added too ..
Why ? Usha asked ..
Bebe is roasting us since the time her daughter in law’s came in this house both the brothers speaks ..

Nah nah she went to that traditional trip know may be her look like came in our house back our bebe used to love US very much they said ..

Hehe bebe and the rest laughed at them ..
Are Yuvi Kunj you are our kids only if we had a chance to adopt why we would have been choosen you we would have brought girls Manohar said fueling it more ..

Our house is transforming to MAHILA MUKTI MORCHA Yuvi said both the brothers made a crying face while all of them again laughed having their ice cream enjoying their family time …

Twinkle didn’t not let Kunj made Myra lick the Ice cream 😹while Kunj was angry on her …
Achaaa it’s too late we will leave now rt said ..

Are why you both are always in hurry Kunj asked …
Means ? Leela asked ..

Maa what I am to you ? Kunj asked back ..
My son leela replied .

That’s it you both are staying here today Kunj said ..
Are but rt asked ..

No buts and ifs rt uncle Yuvi too added while they added …
Whole night passed with everyone playing with Myra and then going to sleep ..

Next day ::::
Everyone woke up while the breakfast was already prepared by the chef’s twinkle was handling Myra Avni was looking for breakfast Usha bebe Leela rt and Manohar enjoying the morning tea while kunj and Yuvi sleeping ..

Are twinkle puttar wake up Kunj he had to go for meeting Manohar said .. twinklee nodded and gave myra in rt arms and went in her room ..

Kunj Kunj wake up papa is calling you twinkle said ..while he didn’t even strirred a bit …Kunj was sleeping backfacing the ceiling while twinkle lies upon him and started teasing him ..

Twinkle don’t do this it won’t be good for you Kunj said his half sleep was broken ..
Acha papa ji calling you twinkle
said ..kissing his cheek from back ..Kunj turned and cuddled her ..

Who papa ji he asked ..
Acha 😝I’ll go and tell him the same who papa ji twinkle said …

You know you are such a cruel wifey Kunj said ..
Are what I did ? Twinkle asked..

You stayed away from me for so many months still not spending time with me Kunj said still his eyes closed…
Acha 😯as if your daughter is letting us stay twinkle said .

Don’t put blame on my doll Kunj said .
Acha wake up now twinkle replied while they got up and looked at each other ..

Good morning twinkle said and kissed on his nose tip while Kunj held her face and smelled her hairs ..
You look freshhhh he said ..

Yes I am not lazy like you she replied ..
Acha Kunj asked hugging her ..soon she get rid of his grip and went downstairs while Kunj went to freshen up ..

He and Yuvi both joined everyone for breakfast …
Acha Kunj you had to go for that meeting Manohar said ..
But papa how can I Kunj said .
Means ? Manohar asked..
I want to stay with Myra Kunj said ..

Are she is here only and will stay here only Kunj we also had kids did we leave office Manohar said while everyone was smiling ..

Kunj was working from home since many days and going today back to office was like a hell to him ..

But papa please you can send anyone else na Kunj said ..send bhai he added..
Oye Yuvi stated ..I will stay at home with Myra he added. .

Are you know everyone single detail about this project beta and Yuvi is handling different project he also had meeting today Manohar asked ..
No papa I didn’t had Yuvi replied…

Did you checked your phone Yuvi the meeting was preponed Manohar said while both the brothers makes faces while the rest giggled seeing them ..they had their breakfast and went in their rooms to check everything ..

Twinkle entered in twinj room with Myra and looked at Kunj who was working ..
Done Kunj said he kept everything ..while twinkle went towards him ..

What happen sadu ? She asked ..
Don’t irritate me twinkle Kunj said frustrated taking his bag ..

Are atleast say bye to your baby twinkle stated ..
Kunj anger melted seeing Myra puppy face he looked at her and smiled ..and pecked her cheeks ..while twinkle too smiled Kunj moved ahead and pecked twinkle on lips .

Love you he said..
What’s this I asked you to say bye to your baby twinkle said ..

You are my baby too Kunj replied winking
Love you too Kunj too pecked his lips ..
Hawwwww see baby your Mumma Kunj joked while they went downstairs kunj and Yuvi left while the rest got busy ..
Few days later ..
The days are passing very quickly Myra was growing up fastly Kunj and Yuvi was busy with their projects while twinkle was handling the house chores as avni was ill ..they sarna ladies were sitting while the men’s too joined them …lert too comes there ..

Are mama papa aap ? Twinkle said hugging..while.the blessed her ..
We came to take our daughter Leela said while Kunj looked on .

Hehe don’t worry Kunj we came to take the another one rt said pointing at Avni ..
Haan rt bhai Saab it’s good Avni is not listening here atleast she will listen to Leela ji like twinkle Usha said ..

Are but why Yuvi asked ..
You are toh busy let Leela ji and rt ji take care of Avni Usha said ..

Hoo see Myra nanu Nani came to take Chachi twinkle said .
Haan kya kare Myra your papa is not leaving you for a second or else we would have taken you too Leela said ..

Hehe Kunj fakes a laughed ..
Jao Avni pack your bag bebe said while she nodded ..Yuvi went behind her while they all sat talking ..

Are Avni don’t go na Yuvi said ..
Huhuh they came.for me I can’t say no Avni said…waize bhi you are staying always busy …

Are sorry na baby Yuvi said .. he checked her forehead..
You still had fever he said ..

Huhuh Avni said and hugged him ..they talked for sometime and came back…
Acha we will leave now Leela said while all nodded ..

Huh maa 😒twinkle said ..
Haha jealous baby Kunj asked ..Yuvi was crying making faces ..

Lert with Avni left while Kunj was singing sing for both twinkle and Yuvi
Babul ki duwayein lete ja …he sang while twinkle and Yuvi both beats him …
Next day ::::
Avni was taken care by Leela and rt whole was not letting her do anything in their home ..she was happy seeing their care towards …while at sarna mansion bebe planned to donate food and clothes among the Poor’s ..

Twinkle was seeing the things to be donate while Kunj and Yuvi was at leave due to Continous working from so many days ..

Kunj you handle Myra I can’t take her to gurdwara it’s too cold outside twinkle said while he agreed bebe twinkle and Usha left ..

Yuvi was simply sitting missing Avni while Kunj was playing with Myra who was scattering her toys ..

He looked at Yuvi and held Myra near his face covering his face while Myra looks at Yuvi …

What happen chachu missing Chachi ??? Kunj asked in babyish voice while Yuvi looked at Myra and smiled seeing Kunj .
Yeah myru I am missing her alottt Yuvi said ..

Then you bring her back na even I am missing Chachi Kunj told while Yuvi smiled ..

Acha your nanu nani will beat me Yuvi said ..
No no my nanu and Nani is very good they loves everyone Kunj said .

Haan I agree baby Yuvi said …
But no one loves me he said …
No no chachu your doll.loves you Kunj said while Yuvi smiled .

Even I love my doll and my baby brother so much Yuvi said Kunj smiled and made Myra sit in his lap …while both the brothers spend their time with Myra and kissed her on her either cheeks ..
To be continued …
Thanks to all who commented on the last 😘😘😘😘😘😘
So how was the episode ????
Hope you all like it …
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz 💕💕💕💕

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