Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti possessed by TT Upadhyay.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori calls amaji, amaji asks whu called so late, Angoori says we did the solution you suggested but it didnt work,vibhu is possessed and he attacked Tiwari, amaji says dont worry give them gajar halwa now, Angoori says okay i will do as you say.Boys arrive at Mishra house,they see door open and house in dark, chair floating, boys in confusion, tilu says it feels like we are in train boggie, vibhu says life is like a train and we are passenger’s in it, vibhu walks to them, teeka asks why wearing TT uniform, Malkan asks whats wrong with your eyes, Vibhu says im unwell, tilu says i dont feel good,lets go.vibhu says no one leaves, you are in Upadhyas train,no one gets down.

Boys scared, and request Vibhu to let them go, vibhu says quite and be seated and its your last train journey

and now enact your train journey,boys scared begin chatting as instructed by Vibhu.Malkan asks where we going,tilu says jahanumpur express so jahanumpur,vibhu asks for ticket, and says you are the boys who fools TT and travel through train, boys request him to forgive them, Vibhu says you will be punished and whacks them wuth belt.

Tiwari scared gets out of house, he walks to mishra house, saxena walks out from the garden, Tiwari gets scared, Saxena asks whats wrong, Tiwari tells him the episode, Saxena says he attacked me too,he turned my head full 180 degrees,and with great difficulty i managed to get it back, Tiwari asks but what all is this or is this his new act, Saxena says look at this device it activates as soon as i point at mishra house.

Gulfamkali and Hapu having chat, Tiwari walka to them and says let’s go to my place and says lets have gajar halwa at my place, both deny because of insult, Tiwari says i apologies on behalf of ama, Gulfamkali says my self respect Denies me, Tiwari says i beg you, hapu says enough enough and convinces Gulfamkali to go.
Angoori in kitchen singing in kitchen,vibhu walks to her, Angoori says im very upset with you, Vibhu asks what did i do, Angoori says you attacked Tiwari, Angoori says yes inside you,and stops herself, and says im mad please leave, Vibhu says please dont be upset, Angoori gets upset and leaves.

Tiwari asks Angoori to get halwa, Angoori serves them halwa, Angoori gets call from ama and she says yes im serving cheap dancer and corrupt officer gajar halwa dont worry and cuts the call, angoori tells about ama and her solutions, Tiwari scolds her.

Boys tea stall tensed about not arranging funds to pay landlord, commissioner comes abusing someone on call, boys greet him, teeka asks was anyone troubling you, commissioner says yes he called me from Singapore to release his brother,threaten calls you see, boys whisper something in his ears, commissioner gets angry,tilu says you deserve what the person said, commissioner says how dare you arrest them.

pre cap: Tiwari and Angoori spending quality time,vibhu arrives, Tiwari scolds him,he says shut up im not vibhu im TT Upadhyay.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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