Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anokhi abt to talk to Tushar but he Isi ores n leaves again, Anokhi says god it’s difficult than this task to talk to Tushar sir, luv comes to Anokhi n says masi dadi has acidity give me dosa, Anokhi says its soda n not dosa n gives him soda bottle n gets an idea. Priyanka tells Gautam that she is pregnant, Gautam says this isn’t right time,Priyanka says I know I mean u have no job n even I haven’t started tuitions what now, Gautam says see Priyanka u don’t be tensed I’m here n will manage everything, Priyanka says ok but we will tell mummy later abt it, Gautam says ok, Vrinda comes n asks what will u tell me later.

Anokhi irons papads n cook them, Anokhi with help of few men makes some arrangements, Kalpana asks what is this for, Anokhi says just wait n watch. Vrinda says tell me what, Priyanka says mummy abt anokhis special Mehndi design, Vrinda says anyways tushars dadi called n she said Mehndi ceremony will be held in their house n I’m tensed abt this new challenge.

Jassi shouts is food ready or shd I come later n sees donning table all arranged with proper food, dadi comes n says wow this all smells good, Dadu comes too, all join for lunch, Jassi asks Where’s common Item, Anokhi says here it is n enters with Kalpana holding a long banana leaf n food inside it, dadi asks what is this,Jassi asks Anu what have u done what is this, Anokhi says everyone be seated it’s something that will go with all food items here bcoz it’s a king size dosa.

All are shocked to see the huge king sized Dosa, Dadu shouts god she wasted so many ingredients, dadi says keep quite. Kunal says wow Anokhi good choice, n such big dosa, Anokhi looks at Tushar but he ignores, Anokhi says Dadu here’s Raita for u, n Dadu everything is for u. Dadi asks n jeera aloo for whom u cooked, Anokhi says Tushar sir, Kunal says oh Tushar sir likes jeera aloo, dadi asks how did u know he likes it, Anokhi says oh I didn’t actually I like jeera aloo so I cooked, nikita says u all have lunch I’m unwell so will go n rest.

Jassi tastes food n says oh no it’s so bad how can anyone eat it, dadi says it’s good, Jassi says no dadi , Kunal says bhabhi plz it’s so yummy, Tushar slowly says my jeera aloo is quite yummy, Jassi says u will like it after all, dadi says wait no one talks now, luv come here taste this n tell me did u like it, Jassi says luv u don’t like it right don’t eat it, luv says now mummy it’s very yummy, Jassi says liar, dadi says no he isn’t lying, he is a lid n he loved it, u know everyday u n Pulkit rush behind him to have food but see today he is here with us n having food bcoz he liked it.

Dadu says everyone has different taste buds, I didn’t like it, dadi says oh plz everything is very properly cooked,n see how well these salad are cut, Tushar looks at Dadi, dadi says I mean see this food is cooked so well bcoz along with Anokhi hard work tushars love is in it n slowly wispers in tushars ears u cut those salad right, n says common everyone have food.

Kunal says Bhai when I asked u to help get u didn’t why so, anokhis ays Tushar sir sorry I need to talk to u, Tushar gets up n leaves, Anokhi gets beaten by Scorpio n she faints, Tushar sees her n rushes to her n picks his arms, Tushar says Anokhi look at me. Vrinda says god knows what Anokhi must be doing n asks Priyanka to apply nailpaint to her legs, Priyanka feels nauseating due to nailpaint smell, Vrinda asks what’s wrong with u, Priyanka says nothing I’m fine.

Jassi points at Scorpio n says look and Pulkit pick luv, Dadu says god did she get beaten, dadi says Kalpana go get doctor, Tushar says says Anokhi don’t close ur eyes look at me,open ur eyes Anokhi. Anokhi doesn’t so Tushar starts sucking the blood from anokhis neck where the Scorpio bit, everyone tries to stop him but he doesn’t, Tushar sucks n spits the blood.

Dadi says Tushar drink water first, Tushar says Anokhi look at me plz don’t close ur eyes, just keep ur eyes open nothing will happen.anokhi opens eyes n says Tushar sir I’m sorry, Tushar says sshhh quite just calm down nothing will happen just look at me. Anokhi says sorry, Tushar says Anokhi plz just be quite all is fine.

Precap : Tushar picks Anokhi in his arms n takes her along with him. Dadu makes a call n says Arora all is going as per the plan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Eager to see Anokhi falling in true love with Tushar…

    1. Yes. Tushar’s love is confirmed. Let us see what Anokhi does in her anokha style.

  2. This show is irritating and so are the characters

    1. Cool baby! Enjoy the good moments or change channel.

    2. Stop watching then

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