Suryaputra Karn 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Samb writhes in stomach pain and tells his friend that sadhu’s curse came true and he may give birth to a wooden plank. He then laughs and says he was just joking, Sadhu was just an imposter and nothing happened to him. He gets real pain and he falls down on floor shouting. His friend looks at him in a shock.

Vaidya gives wooden plank to Krishna and says Samb delivered it and says this will destroy his yadav clan. Krishna goes to Samb’s room with Balram and Balram scolds Samb that becauise of his inebriation and arrogance,his clan will be destroyed. Krishna says damange is already done. They come out and Krishna says Balram that it is because of a curse, reminiscing Gandhari’s curse that that his whole clan will die. He says even some sins brought them this destroyal. He goes near river bank and looks at grass. Green grass turns yellow.

At Hastinapur, Dhritarastra, Kunti, and Gandhari come to meet Pandavs. Dhritarastra says if women learn to fight and be strong, nobody can harm them and cheer haran will not happen again. Pandavs say he is right. Dhritarastra says now he, Kunti, and Gandhari will go and spend life in jungle. Yudistra requests to let them serve them for some time. Dhritarastra says they have to go. Nakul says they should celebrate once before going. Gandhari says as they wish.

Krishna gets Draupadi’s invitation and smilingly says he has to accept his friend’s invitation. He reaches Hastinapur palace. Pandavs greet him. Gandhari apologizes him for her curse and thanks him for coming forgiving her. He says he had to come for a reason. Servant comes and congratulates that Vrishali gave birth to a baby boy. Everyone get happy. Kunti takes child in her hand and says he has glow like his father and asks Krishna to name this child. Krishna says Krishna’s first son’s name was Vrishasen, so this boy’s name is Vrishaketu. Everyone get more happy.

Precap: Krishna introduces Hastinapur’s young yuvrajs Abhimanyu’s son Parishit and Karn’s son Vrishaketu. Krishna tells Arjun that he has to go back now.

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