Humko Pyaar Hua – SS By AngelAshu (Part-1)

Hello friends..

Am really very very very very very much happy to see ur response on prologue..

Am really busy but I cant control my self to type Part-1..

I read each and every comment on prologue.. thank u soooooooooooooo much for this response..

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Finely I decided to continue this SS..

I didnt decide Parts of this SS now..

I will tell u ahead..

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Its not dairy type.. and no triangle love story..

Okk.. !! the clue is.. u will know your self after reading part-1..

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So, lets starts Part-1 of #Humko_Pyaar_Hua

This is beautiful evening..

Cool breeze going on..

A lady wore green coloured Saree and Talking in phone..

Lady: I want all things at sharp time

Person: (in call) sure madam..

Lady: thank u..

She cuts call..

She is none other She is our Swara Sanskar Maheshwari..

Swara: (monologue.. with a bright smile on her face) hope all things will happen at time..

She taking long breath.. with a bright smile.. like she planning something.. I mean something special..

After 30 minuets..

Calling bell rang..

Swara went to door and opens..

Some delivery boy stood there..

Swara took parcels from him and pays money..

Swara: thank u..

Boy leaves..

Swara rushed to her room and hides all parcels at down of bed..

Swara: yeah.. Its a right place to hide these all..

She felt relaxed and goes to kitchen..

Some time passed..

Its 9.00Pm..

Again ranged calling bell..

She adjusted her self and goes to door..

She opens door..

Her husband.. I mean Our Sanskar Maheshwari stood there with a cute smile on face..

He came inside..

She closed door..

Swara: (taking bag from his hands) go and fresh up.. dinner is ready..

Sanskar: okk Madam.. jaisa aap kahe.. (laughs)

She hits him playfully..

Sanskar going to Swasan bed room..

Swara: Sanskar.. hamare room me tab karab hogayi..

Sanskar: ohh.. okk.. I will contact plumber tomorrow..

Swara: hmm.. u go to guestroom..

Sanskar: okk.. u bring my clothes there..

Swara nodes as yes..

He went..

She goes to their room..

She took his clothes from cupboard..

Swara: its perfect for today…

She smiles and went to guestroom.. and places his clothes on bed..

After some time..

He came from wash room..

He checked his clothes..

Sanskar: I said swara to bring my night wear na.. But ye.. Shayad wash k hogi sab ek saath.. Chalo pehan lete h..

He wore white jeans with white shirt..

He looking much hot in white..

He came downstairs..

Swara: u came..

Sanskar smiles..

Swara: baito..

He seated..

Sanskar: what u prepared today..

Swara: rajma chaval..

Sanskar: aww my fav..

Swara smiles and serves him..

She also seated to eat…

Sanskar: u feed me today..

Swara: y.. What happen to ur hand.. Is everything fine.. (Checking his hands)

Sanskar: am fine am fine swara..

Swara: then..?

Sanskar: mera fav dish meri pyaari wife k haton se khane se aur tastey banjata hai..

She blushed and feeds him

He also feeds her and giving romantic gaze.. Which makes her blush..

They completed their dinner..

Sanskar: swara am going to sleep..

Swara: are Sanskar wait na..

Sanskar: haa.. What happen..

Swara: woooo….

Sanskar comes close to her..

Sanskar: tell na..

Swara: I missed u soooo much today..

Sanskar: really..?

Swara: hmm.. So, I want to spend some time with u..

Sanskar: acha (smiles)

Swara: but it’s okk.. U r going to sleep na.. Go..

Sanskar: aree my dear patniji.. My wife asked me something.. Its my responsibility to fulfill na..

Swara smiles..

Both seated at sofa and talking..

Some time passed..

Swara noticed time in her mobile..

Which is un noticed by Sanskar..

Swara: Sanskar.. I just come..

Sanskar: where r u going…

Swara: I.. I forget to bring milk for u..

Sanskar: okk..

She leaves to kitchen..

Suddenly all lights offed by if self..

Sanskar: what’s the hell.. Ye lights ko kya hua..

Sanskar: swarraaaaaaa…

Swara: haa Sanskar… Coming…

After 10 min his phone ranged.. By msg

Sanskar opens msg..

My dear husband ji…
Come to our room..

Sanskar surprised..

Sanskar: she went to kitchen na.. Any way.. Let’s see..

He on his mobile torch and went upstairs to Swasan room..

Suddenly Sanskar’s torch gets off by low battery..

Sanskar: huhhh.. Ye battery..

He just entering into their room while calling her name..

Sanskar: sswwwaaaraaa…

Suddenly lights gets on..

Sanskar surprised to see their room..

He just watching all soon decoration with bigger eyes..

Swasan room fully decorated with curtains.. Lights.. Hanging design threads… Flowers..

His eyes fallen on his wife.. Who stood in front of her in far to him..

She wore red coloured saree which is little diamond worked.. With simple jewellery.. Her long straight hairs keeps loose..

Sanskar: swara.. Yeeee..saaaabbb..?

She about to open her mouth to say something…

Clock bells.. Both eyes fallen on clock..

Its 12:00am..

Swara smiles..

She took bouquet and goes to him..

Swara: (forwards bouquet to him) Happy Birthday Sanskar..

He just shock..

She waves her palm in front of his eyes..

She jerks him.. He came into scene..

Swara: Sanskar.. R u okk..

Sanskar: aaj mera bdy..ohh god.. My bhul gaya.. Thank u sooooooo much swara..

She smiles…

His eyes fallen on table.. Which is fully decorated.. One cake placed on that..

Sanskar: swara.. Ye sab tum mere liye..?

Swara nodes as yes..

He doesn’t waste one second..

He hugs her and got emotional..

She smiles to see him..

She hugs back..

Sanskar: I love u swara… I love u.. Thank u sooooooooooooo much for these all..

Swara: I love u too Sanskar..

Swara: u like this na..?

Sanskar: very much..

Swara: chalo.. I want to eat cake.. Haha .

He smiles and start stepping towards decorated table..

He offs candle which is lit by swara..

She start clapping while singing Happy Birthday Song..

He cuts cake and feeds her..

She too feeds him..

She placed a soft kiss on his cheek and wish’s again..

Sanskar: swara.. When u prepared these all..?

Swara: jha mann hai.. Waha marg (way) bhi h Mr.Maheshwari..

Sanskar: are tell na..

Swara: u went Washroom na.. Tab decorated k ti ye sab..

Sanskar: mtlp tap..?

Swara nodes as no..

Sanskar: so, that’s y u didn’t allow me to sleep.. Haan..?

Swara nodes as yes with a bright smile..

He took her hands and kissed her palms..

Sanskar: I love swara… U always makes me special.. And u did itna mehnat for me.. I really mean it..

Swara: I love u too Sanskar.. If love is there.. Not need to think about mehnat..

He hugs her tightly.. She hugs back..

Cool breeze touching their bodies..

Both lost in each other…

After 10min..

He askes her to dance with him..

She agreed..

He holds her waist with one hand and one hand holds her palm..

she placed her another hand on his shoulder…

Both start dancing..

BG plays..

Zindagi ki nenndon ki shubh ishq hai..
Badi koobsoorat si saza ishq hai..
Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..
Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..

(She frees her hands from his hands..

She cubing his face lovingly..)

Zindagi ki neendon ki shubh ishq hai..
Badi koobsoorat si saza ishq hai..
Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..
Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..

(Sanskar makes her turn..

He holds her from back and romantically..)

Chal chale kahi..
Udke hum chale kahi..
Aasmaan.. Ishq hai..
Quahishon sa kula hai…

(He makes her hairs one side and kissed her nape..

She closed her eyes to feel his touch)

Mujh ko chu gayaa..
Ek ehsaas un chuaa..
Jaisa koi nasha..
Aasman me gula hai..
Pyaar hua.. Humko pyaar hua..
Poori hue Dua..
Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..
(He moving his lips on her shoulder)

Kahi mujhe mera ye rassta hai..
Kyu na jara satho batakta hai..
Abb to hai.. Laya tu ye safar..

(She moves away from him)

Jara kahu tu meri manzil se..
Dikha mujhe bura hi sahil se..
Tu hi to ye quab ye safar..

(He holds her hands and drag her back..

And took her into his warm embrace.. )

Kari dil ne todi si.. Bemaaniyaan..
Di hai koobsoorat si… Pareshaniyaan

(Both hug each other tightly)

Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..
Humko Pyaar Hua..
Poori hue Dua..

Swara: abhi ek aur surprise bhaki h pati dev..

Sanskar broke hug..

Sanskar: acha.. (Smiling cutely)

Swara: aao..

She drags him to bed and askes for sit..

He seated..

She went to cupboard and took a big flatted gift pack..

She came to him and forwards gift to him..

Swara: ye lo tumhara.. Bdy gift..

Sanskar takes gift exactingly..

She seated beside him and helps him to unpack gift..

He opens gift box..

A big Album present there..

He noticed its Handmade one..

He took album out..

“Humko Pyaar Hua” tittle wrote on album cover..

He turns his face to her..

She smiles and signalled to open..

He smiles and took album properly in his hands..

And opens first page..

One picture is there.. In that picture swasan in fighting position..

Some lines wrote there..

Sanskar smiled to see that pic..

Sanskar: swara ye sab..

Swara: haa Sanskar.. Ye sab hamare life k special moments hai.. Which we never forgets in our life..

Sanskar: haa swara.. thank u sooooo much.. for this.. (pointing album)

He peaked her fore head..

Sanskar: so, today we again recalling our memories..

Swara: hmm..

Both seeing that swasan fighting picture..

*** Flash Back Starts ***

One boy (19 years) and girl (18 years) coming from in front of each others..

Both are checking their mobiles..

Suddenly both dashed each other and.. Both fallen down..

Both gets irritated and start shouting on each other..

They are none other.. They are Our Swara Gadodia and Sanskar Maheshwari…

Swara: hyyy Mr… Dekkar nhi jaa sakte..?

Sanskar: Tu kya eyes close karke chal rhi..?

Swara: be in ur limits.. (Full temper)

Sanskar: first u.. (Equal temper)

Swara: chee.. Waise mujhe aur kaam nhi h kya.. Shubh shubh is banda se ladne ki.. Huhhhh… (Moving from there)

Sanskar: Badi aagayi Sanskar Maheshwari se ladne.. Huhhhh..

Both moves in opposite way..

After 2 dayz..

She went her college..

She turning pages of her note book.. While walking..

Like she searching something..

She didn’t notice water (on floor) is there..

She placed her foot on water and about to fall.. Some boy saves her by holding her waist..

The boy is none other..

He is our Sanskar Maheshwari..

She closed her eyes due to fear..

He mesmerized to see her innocent face beauty..

She slowly opens her eyes..

Both have a sweet eye lock..

BG Plays..

Tere naam.. La la La la..
Tere naam.. La la la la la..
Tere naam.. Hum ne kia hai..
Jeevan apna saara sanan..
Jeevan apna saara sanam..

Pyaar bahut.. Karte hai tumse..
Ishq hai tu hamara sanam..

Ishq hai tu hamara sanam..

Both came in scence..

Swara stood properly.

Swara: tum.. Tum yha kya kar rha ho.. Kahi tu meri piche.. (Interpreted)

Sanskar: my… Tumhari.. Huhhh.

Swara: tum ladke bhi na.. Mouka milte hi tries to touch girls..

Sanskar: excuse me.. I just save u from fall.. I don’t have any interest on u.. Samji..!!

Swara: huhh..

She stepped ahead.. He too.. suddenly she stops him..

Swara: sunoo..

He turns back..

Sanskar: u called me..?

Swara: yeah.. Thank u..

He shock….

She left from there..

Sanskar: (Monologue) yeh ladkia bhi na.. Kabhi samjme nhi aate hai..

He goes to class..

Swasan both are in same college..

But they never noticed each other till now..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Both swasan laughing..

Swara: OMG.. Sanskar..hahaha..

Sanskar: at that time we donno na.. Ki hum ek dusre ki kismat hai..

Swara: hmm..

He turns page..

Swasan holds trophy picture present there… With some lines..

Sanskar: wahi picture h na.. When we both performed together in our college function..

Swara: haan Sanskar.. From that performance.. We started our friendship life na..

Sanskar: hmm.. (Cubing her face)

*** Flash Back Starts ***

Lecturer: guyzz u all know about college annual day function na..

we kept all boys name in this jar.. And girls names in this jar (pointing to jars.. Which is filled with chits)

I will take one from this.. One from this.. That boy and girl will be partners in performances..

All students nodes in yes..

Lecturer announced Sanskar Maheshwari name..

He stood…swara noticed him..

Swara: yeh ladka.. Meri clg me.. ??

Suddenly swara shocked to listen her name by lecturer..

Lecturer announced Swara Gadodia name..

Swara stood..

Sanskar shock and surprised to see her..

Lecturer: so, u both are partners..

Both looking each other.. like a big Nooooooooooo..

But they are helpless na.. Accepted and seated..

The next day..

Both swasan want to meet each other coz of performance..

They started practice..

But little fights going on..

Finely sanskar and swara coming close day by day..

Start liking each other companies..

Sanskar asked swara for friendship..

Swara: if we win this computation with our performance.. samjalo its my acceptance..

Sanskar: if not..?

Swara: then.. we will start enemy ship..

Sanskar: haha..

Both laughs..

Sanskar: I want ur friendship.. samjalo.. hum is computation win hogayi..

Swara: over confidence ha..??

Sanskar: no self confidence..

Swara: very nice.. (with attitude look..)

They are practicing with full confidence..

Finely Annual day came..

All students doing awsme performances..

Its swasan turn..

Anchor announced swara and Sanskar names..

Swasan came on stage..

Both prying inside to win this performance..

Coz they want each other friendship..

Sanskar ne kah dia.. swara nahi kahi.. thats it

Sanskar wore black suit
(gents wali.. hahah) and swara wore long frock..

Song played

Swasan takes positions..

Chaaannnndddd Chuuupppaaaa

Baaaadaaalllll mmeeee.

Chaand chupaa badal me

Sharmaake.. jane jaanaann..

Seene se lag jaa tu..

Balka ke mere jaana..

Gum sum sa hai.. gup chup sa hai..

Madkosh hai.. kaamosh hai..

Ye sama.. ha.. ye sama.. kuch orr hai

O.. oo.. ooo..

Chaand chupaa baadal me

Sharma ke mere jaanaa

They nicely completed..

All clapped..

And finely principal sir announced..

Principal: the winners are.. Swara Gadodia and Sanskar Maheshwari..
Swasan are in 7th cloud.. they felt much happy..

Both went to stage and took trophy..

Swara said to Sanskar..

Swara: (murming in his ear) from today.. we are friends..

Sanskar smiles..

*** Flash Back Ends ***

Both swasan looking each other with cute smile..

The episode ends with Smile faces of Swasan..

Precap: Swasan Flashback moments..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

Hope u all like this..

And.. I told in prologue about clue na..

That clue is Album..

Thats not dairy.. okk..

Any way.. thanks for ur guessings..
Finely.. Swasan turning pages of album and remembers all moments..

which happened in their life..

in each and every step (while reading).. u will get more excitement..

so, dont miss it..

keep reading.. keep liking.. keep commenting..


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