RECAP: twinkle was not agreeing for the honeymoon ….. manohar gave warning to kunj related twinkle life …. seeing kunj miss behaving with manohar she assume kunj be the culprit …. twinkle blame herself for all the problems between kunj n manohar …. twinj had a fight over this …. it was late night n kunj was still not at home ….
Twinkle found her phone ringing n assuming it of being kunj she quickly grab the phone
T : hello kunj !

Caller : ,…………….. (muted)
T : what kunj !!?
Twinkle without wasting a single second she quickly made her way to the car n entered a lonely place …… then only someone pat on her shoulder … twinkle turned around in fear
T : karan ! ( guys its karan waahi… ? ) Kunj kahaan hai ( where is kunj)
Karan breathing heavily showing as if he is very tiered
Karan : bhabhi ! Kunj! Voh ( pointing a side of the road )
twinkle looked at the direction n was shocked to see kunj lying on the road in the pool of hard drinks …… she quickly ran towards him n bent there in order to lift him up but kunj then only with innocent eyes looked at her
kunj : array twinkle ! tu aa gayi

t : kunj just get up from here n karan how diid he come here …..
k : karan nahi … tu kuchh ni batayega …. Aur twinkle main tujhse baat ni kar raha …
t : mujhse baat ! urrgghhh karan mujhe koi batayega yeh kya ho raha hai …
kunj was in half conscious state n was faaling again n again on twinkles shoulder n in her lap ….
Karan : actually bhabhi the thing happened ….. I mean …. I don’t know why but since morning his mood was off I tried asking him but asual he didn’t …..
Kunj : karan just stop this … there is no need .. who cares for me … everyone just want to go away from me … coz im very bad very very bad
Twinkle with moist eyes cupped his face making him to look into her eyes
Twinkle : kunj stope saying this ….. who said that …. N karan I asked how did this all happen n u know that he cant handle these things at all
Karan : actually as his mood was off so he was going to pub only but as I know about his habit I too went with him ….. but when he became oiut of control I thught of calling u coz he was continuously talking about u

Listening this twinkle looked at kunj who again fall on her ….. clearing her moist eyes
Twinkle : kunj enough of this all … now gwt up n ome with me …
Kunj: no I wont …… u will sit with me on this road ..
Twinkle aggressively but still controlling her anger n sadness she said
T : kunj stop all this ….. do u even know in which state r u …. N what will bebe think about u n us ….. u only told me na that I mut not do something wrong so bebe could think wrong about our relation
Kunj : what about our relation …. There is no relation … so why to worry
Twinkle controlling her tears
T : kunj ….
Karan : bhabhi I think I should leave
T : why …. Pehle toh mere pati ko is haalat mein daalte ho n then phir situation se bhaagte ho
Karan : nahi bhab…
T : stop this n come n help me taking him to the car
Karan n twinkle lift kunj n supports him with shoulder ……. They made him sit in the front seat n twinkle beside him on the driver seat .. karan left from there n twinj were in the car …

Twinkle in a low tone : its all my fault … im responsible for his state then only she felt some force on her hand n yes it was of kunj who jerks her which made her close to his face
Kaunj (softly n pain in his voice ) : twinkle teri koi galti ni hai … galti meri hai jo main sochta thaa ki main tujhe ek better zindagi de raha tha but….
Twinkle slightly shake her head in no n a tear a escaped from her eyes n fell on kunj hands …. Kunj wipe that tear with his thumb
K : aur inhi harkaton se tu mujhe roz guilty feel karaati hai
Twinkle wiped her face n saw a kunj sleeping on her shoulder …. She slightly made his head on the other side but kunj held her hand …….. she slightly removed it too …. N started driving ….

Twinkle was driving the car n looking at him ….. again n again n suddenly a big truck came infront of then n hit the car ….. twinkle screams badly
Kunj : twinkle !
Kunj saw twinkle driving the car who looked at him n a big truck came infront oh them … kunj quickly saw that n made the car on the other direction with great jerk n twinkle got hurt on her hand …
Yes the first accident was of kunj dreams
Kunj : twinkle tu theek toh haina ….
Twinkle hid her wound n nodded … n drove the car to the home …..
Kunj was awake both were feeling a bit awkward but for kunj it was a hangover whch he is nt gonna know after tomorrow ….
The car stops at the house twinkle came out of the car n opened kunj side … made him out of the car … she was about to give him support but kunj back out ….. hestep but was about to fall when twinkle held him ….. n without wasting a single minute took him to the room n made him sit on the bed ..
Kunj felt some liquid on his hand n it was blood he quickly grabbed twinkles hand n saw the wound … twinkle was just eyeing him …. Without any eye contact he made her sit n dressed her wounds ..
Kunj : twinkle phir tune aisa kiya … mujhse apnaa dard bhi chhupaaati hai ….
Twinkle could say something but kunj slept on couch … guilty twinkle went to the bed n slept with blood red eyes …..

It was morning ….. twinj were sleeping peacefully on the bed …. Kunj arm was on twinkle waist … making a barrier for her to move …. N head dugged in her neck ……. Then only the sun rays fall on them n both opened there eyes …
Twinj : tum ! …………………………………………………………………………………….. yahaaan kaise

Precap : twinj are in the plain n twinkle is feeling unwell … some blurred flashbacks are coming infront of her … kunj sees this n holds her hand in order to make her comfortable … with worried eyes

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