Hum Hain Na 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swara trying to steal Sagarika’s dress from her cupboard and Bunty’s mobile. She hears Bunty waking up and runs from there. Sagarika watches her running and goes to her room to check. Swara acts as sleeping. Sagarika wakes her up and asks why did she come to her room, if she needed anything. Swara becomes vocal and starts shouting. Bunty comes there. Swara says bhabhi is calling her thief, earlier in the morning, Rani alleged whole family and now Sagarika. Sagarika says she is just asking why did she come to her room. Swara continues her shouting. Bunty calms her down and takes Sagarika from there. Sagarika says she saw Swara earlier in restaurant and now in room. Bunty says she is his sister and he believes her a lot, so she should stop doubting Swara.

Pappu and Rani perform lakshmi pooja in the morning. Dad jokes with amma that pappu is buttering god today after yesterday’s drama. Amma asks him to stop taunting her son. Pappu says dad that they will get a lot of wealth after this pooja and he has brought lottery. Rani stops him and takes him from there. She asks why did he tell about their lottery secret, takes out lottery and starts dreaming about buying car, etc., after winning prize money. They both walk out.

Swara gets ready for college. Sagarika performs pooja and asks her to take prasad. Swara angrily calls Ratna and asks her to take prasad instead. Ratna asks her to forget yesterday’s incident. Bunty comes down and asks Sagarika if she saw his mobile. Swara shows her mobile and says she did not steal his mobile. Sagarika says she did not tell that. Bunty says they are not doubting her and asks her to leave. Sagarika gets suspicious over Swara’s changed behaviour. He says Ratna that it was 22,000 rs worth phone.

Swara shows Bunty’s phone to her friends and says it is worth 22000 rs. Sagarika comes in an auto and sees her holding Bunty’s phone. She hears Swara telling her friends that she is bunking class and going to buy dress.

Pappu and Rani distribute sweets before lottery results. Lady says result has not come yet. Pappu says he has won for sure. Rani asks him to safeguard their secret. Papu sees people asking lottery vendor to show results and tells them that they have not won it. People weirdly look at him and he laughs.

At a shopping mall, Swara asks saleswoman to show her costly dress for a 7-star party and says it should costly like her phone. Sagarika reaches there. Swara buys 20000 rs worth dress and before she could pay bill, Sagarika catches her red-handed. Swara is shocked to see her. Sagarika takes money from billing counter and takes Swara from there. She asks how did she get this money and her not to tell any cooked up story. Swara says she is not. Sagarika takes Bunty’s phone from her, asks why did she lie in front of Bunty that she did not steal it and asks to tell truth else she will inform it to Amma and Dad.

Precap: Sagarika keeps Bunty’s phone under and pillow. Bunty finds it and gets happy getting it back. Sagarika thinks how to keep back Rani’s necklace next, which Swara had stolen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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