Tu Mera Hero 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind telling Panchi that any modern girl won’t be ready to become a lover of someone, I can see it in your eyes and want to hear it. Panchi says yes uncle, I love Titu. She gets tensed and says but uncle ji, Titu does not love me, he loves someone else, he does not love that I love him. She cries. Govind is shocked. She says that night when I came home, if I told the truth, you would have kicked him out, and I did not wish his heart to break again. Govind thinks and leaves. Rekha talks to someone on phone and asks Pinky to go, and talks to Surekha. She says she has a news, her friend Ragini called.

She says she was telling about Panchi, she is very clever and got high on her sister’s inlaws and did not allow the manglik marriage. Surekha says its good to be away from her. Titu says what wrong she did, she did right, and defends her. He jokes and explains her. Surekha says they don’t deserve this, that we fight for them. She waits for Govind. Titu asks her to go and sleep. Govind comes. They see him and get tensed. Mukund says now it will be good scene.

Govind does not say anything and goes to his room. Everyone is surprised. Kamlesh talks to Pratibha and asks why is she worried. She says it did not happen right. He says Chetan stood with Rachna as an ideal husband. She says but Rachna has to stay with her inlaws. He says Panchi was right, she fought for her sister, it was great. She says I m worried thinking about Rachna’s mum in law, this can go against her. He asks her not to worry. Titu talks to Golu and jokes on mind freezing in cold like wax. Golu says yes right. Titu says I don’t know why did dad not say anything, he went without scolding me. Golu says maybe something happened.

Titu says I will talk to Panchi. Govind thinks whats happening, Panchi lied and I did not scold her, and could not tell her anything, she has lied to save Titu. He says I have seen her avatar and recalls her words to defend women. He says it makes me think again and again, and recalls Panchi could not hear things against Titu. He says he has seen love in her eyes, and why am I not thinking about Titu’s mistake, but on Panchi’s honesty. He says is it that Titu’s future is hidden in that girl’s love, I hhave many questions in my mind, how will I get answers, from where.

He says the selfless person helps others without any motive, why that girl has got over my heart and mind, is this the sign that I should choose this girl for Titu. Mukund talks to Rekha and is angry that Govind did not tell anything to Titu, and Surekha is after Vaishaili now. Rekha says Surekha will get all property. Mukund says go to Govind and talk about my proposal. Rekha asks how, when one love story is going in drain, they won’t agree. He says repair my love story.

Surekha comes to Govind and sees him thinking. She asks him to drink the kada. She gives an explanation and asks her to see the goodness, she does not want Panchi for Titu. He thinks it was her goodness, she was standing against bad beliefs. Surekha says against her and he thinks in Panchi’s favor, it was her love for Titu. She says I chose Vaishaili for Titu. Rekha comes and knocks the door. She says even Rekha likes the girl. Rekha says yes. Surekha says Govind should talk to Vaishaili’s parents. She says good night and leaves.

Rachna asks Panchi why did she tell everything to Titu’s dad. Panchi says I could not lie. Rachna says what if Titu knows this. Panchi says I don’t care. Rachna thanks her for today, and she was happy. Rachna and Panchi smile. Govind comes to Surekha and Titu, and a pravachan goes on on tv about women. Govind hears the positive things and recalls Panchi’s words. The man says a wife can change her husband into a better person. He imagines Panchi there and sees Panchi making Titu realize her presence, and pulls his ears. Govind smiles seeing this, and comes out of his imagination. He thinks Lord has cleared his doubt, and why he has seen very good right in all wrong things. He says Titu is lazy and Panchi will make him work, she can complete Titu’s life, and support him. He thanks the Lord.

Govind meets Kamlesh at his home, and tells him that he wants Panchi’s hand for his son Titu. Kamlesh and Pratibha are shocked. Rachna smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It’s an awesome serial . This is what we need in today’s world – laughter .

  2. yes i agree. cannot understand whether they are laughing or crying

  3. What a stupid serial so much overacting

  4. will tito love panchi in the nearest future???iam impatient

  5. Wow thats great panchi u told truth to titus dad thats great todays episode is also good buy titu should realize his love for panchi waiting for tommorows episode

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