Hum Hain Na 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty requesting Sagarika to act as Sita in ramleela. She hesitantly agrees. Madhav says now he can see perfect Ram and Sita.

Lakshmi and Ratna are in kitchen preparing food. Lakshmi asks Ratna where did Bunty take her. She says Bunty took her where she wanted and he understand her mind. Lakshmi says she is telling right. Satya comes there and says she wants to help Bunty by becoming Sita. Lakshmi does not agree to her idea. Satya says she has byhearted all the dialogues and just cannot Bunty in trouble. Lakshmi gets impressed seeing Satya’s concern for Bunty. Sagarika on the other side says she will go home now. Bunty gives her script and she leaves. Laksmi comes with Satya and says Bunty that she has found Sita for him. Bunty gets sad seeing Satya. Madhav asks why did she select chudail/ghost. Lakshmi asks him to stop joking and asks Satya to prepare for her Sita role.

Rani is irked about Pappu acting as Ravan in ramleela. Pappu comes wearing Ravan’s crown. Rani starts emotional blackmail and asks him to become Ram. He says it needs a lot of dialogues. She is adamant in her decision. He says he will become ram but next year. She is still adamant. He says he will take her out on Sunday for chat and cinema. She gets excited hearing that and agrees.

Bunty’s dad speaks to someone about Ratna’s alliance and gets tensed. Sagarika’s dad sees him tensed and asks his problem. He tells about his problem in finding Ratna’s alliance. Sagarika’s dad says they can talk while having lunch and takes out fish curry. Bunty’s dad gets angry seeing it. Sagarika’s dad tells him that he has a daughter who is bought up by his sister after his wife’s death and he has found a boy for her, but she wants some time. Bunty’s dad asks him to check if Mamuni loves someone else. Sagarika’s dad says he did not think about it and will asks Mamuni when he goes home today.

Saagarika’s dad reaches home and asks Sagarika if she loves someone else. Sagarika asks she is not and asks if he does not believe her. He says he has to think all this as he is girl’s father. Sagarika says there is nobody in her life. Aunt says mamuni does not hide anything. Dad asks why is she hesitant to marry Arindam then. Sagarika says she needs time to understand him and get compatible. Dad says he did not see her mom before marriage, but they were compatible with each other. Sagarika says she does not know how to explain. Arindam comes there and asks if he had to knock door and come in. She says they were just talking about ramleela. He asks when they have to watch it. She says she got a sita role in ramleela. Dad is surprised to hear that. Arindam asks her to try her acting stint. Sagarika asks dad if she can accept the role. Dad says as she wishes. She happily hugs him.

Bunty is tensed about his mom’s decision to make Satya as Sita. He gets an idea and smiles. Sagarika on the other side rehearsals as Sita with Arindam as Ram. She says he cannot give him bhiskha. Mamuni laughs. Dad sees her rehearsal and gets happy.

Satya on the other side is busy rehearsing Sita’s role and imagines marrying Bunty. Swara hears her dialogues and asks whom she is marrying without telling her. Bunty gets an idea and says Satya that whoever did Sita’s role are in trouble now, some could not marry at all and some are having other problems. Sita gets tensed hearing that. Bunty asks her to take a decision and he is with her.

Precap: Bunty asks Sagarika to get ready as Sita. Lakshmi brings Satya who is dressed as Sita as well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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