Qubool Hai 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer gives him the property papers to sign, while ahil and sanam are baffled as they look at each other, reminisceing their evening earlier. He tells her that the pen isnt working. She asks him to take another pen and sign. Ahil says that he would get the pen and then sign. He leaves, and sanam follows, while tanveer is tensed. In his room, sanam asks ahil why did he lie to tanveer, when the pen was working. Ahil is tensed. sanam eyes him and asks for an answer. Ahil says that if he signs those papers, it means their relation ends, when it has just started. Sanam is tensed. Ahil is frustrated. He holds sanam, and says that for tanveer this relation is just a contract, and once he signs, tanveer would want to end this relation. Sanam composes ahil that maybe for tanveer this relation is a contract, but it isnt necessary that what she wants has to happen, and that she feels that only they should decide how this relation should feel and be, and if they want to be with each other, then noone can separate them. ahil takes her hand and cups her face, while she smiles at him. He hugs her overwhelmingly, getting emotional. He says that sanam is right. sanam hesitatingly asks ahil to complete what he had started when he was showing her the plot. He pretends not to know, while she mischievously asks him to finish his sentence. He smiles at her and says that he does remember, and then continues, I, and cupping her face, adds LOVE, and then retreats from her, saying that for the final word, she would have to wait for a minute for the final surprise. she is baffled. He leaves excitedly to get it for her.

Outside, tanveer wonders whats wrong with ahil. He comes out excitedly and seeing tanveer, he is about to step inside, when she calls out to him, and says that she knows that he is here and also knows that the pen was okay and he lied. she says that she isnt complaining, but is baffled that he ls lying to his mother. She says that she always knows about ahil’s whereabouts and his wrongs and rights, and his biggest crime, murdering his own father. ahil is tensed. she says that he always lived life his own way, drinking, gambling and girls, but she never questioned him, as she wanted him to live life to the fullest, and hence sacrificed her own life for him, so that he could live each second, but now she feels that her ahil isnt the same and that he is becoming weak, and all of this is due to sanam. He is shocked. she says that she knows that he finds sanam a good girl, but shouldnt he think that she should get a normal guy, and not the most eligible bachelor in Bhopal, and hence he doesnt want her to change as he would lose his own identity then. Tanveer tells ahil that he shouldnt try being something that he isnt, as he would end up hurting sanam, and that he would never make a good husband. Ahil is tensed. She tells him that he has never compromised, and maybe he liked something, but when something better comes along, he left the earlier one, and relates it to sanam. Ahil is extremely tensed. she tells him that is ruining sanam and his life too, and asks if he would want to do this. he is speechless, while she asks him to remember that she isnt dying for property and that he can sign them whenever he wants to, but has one request that he should never again lie to his mother. He gets emotional and agrees and then leaves. Tanveer smiles evilly, thinking that she changed ahil’s mind.

As Razia comes inside wondering about the second wish of the lady that she has to fulfill. She eyes latif in her room, and understands that latif is the solution to her problem. Razia thinks that she would cut her hair in her sleep. laytif notices her and asks whats it.Razia is tensed, and then says that there’s nothing. Latif keeps ranting about her beauty yet again and asks razia to get lost. razia leaves. latif wonders what was she upto, and thinks that she would close the door, just to be safe and sure. Razia is surprised as she hears the door slam shut. later in the night, razia comes through the window and finds latif fast asleep, and tells that she is determined to get this done and hence so shall she. She finds that latif is fast asleep, and then progresses to her braid, and is about to cut it, when latif turns. razia goes to the other side to have access to her hair, and then manages to finally cut it. but not before latif wakes up, who is furious at razia for having done it, and she runs after razia, to get her revenge. razia runs out from the window, while latif keeps lamenting on her cut hair.

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Scene 2:
Location: In the garden
razia gives the mysterious lady, latif’s hair, and she inspects them happily, and tells razia that she would find seher’s address. The lady takes the hair and puts it in the fire, shocking razia. The lady then adds the third wish, that she has to arrange Bade Baapa’s Bundi ke laddoo Ka Prashad, for her, and then she shall have the answer to all her queries. Razia is tensed.

Scene 3:
Faiz is relieved as rahat comes out, and on faiz’s insistence, he tells that haya got married. Faiz asks rahat if he told haya everything as to how is faiz guilty and how and under what conditions are they getting married. before rahat

rahat wonders what should he do now, as if Faiz knows the truth, he might do anything, and if haya knows, she would be completely shattered and would never be able to come out of the trauma, and thinks that one side is faiz, who he loves more than life, and on the othjer hand, is haya, for whom he can even give his life. He thinks resignedly that anyways its his loss. He is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As ahil comes tensed, remembering tanveer’s words, sanam tries to take him romantic and saying that she too arranged a surprise for him. Sanam shows ahil the romantic decor, with the lit candles, and he tells her resignedly to blow them off, as he is feeling sleepy, He shakes away her hand and goes to the bed, leaving sanam boggled and shocked. He lies down on the bed, while she stands tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Tanveer asks sanam if she feels that ahil loves her, as his love is only for one night. She shamelessly mentions that sahil’s love is only till it reaches the bed. sanam is hurt. Tanveer forcefully tells sanam to sign the papers, and when she doesnt, asking her to let go of her hand as its paining, tanveer wrenches her fists, and leaves sanam, that causes her to land against the pillar and hurting her head. In the temple, as razia poants while climbing the stairs, she is oblivious that seher too has come in that temple.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Wtf wen will tanveer truth be out..,…
    Cum on I was anxiously waiting for that I love u moment 🙁

  2. hold on to aahil sanam never let him go away from you

  3. me too baby why can’t ahil just say those 3 golden words to sanam

    1. I know girl I was smiling to myself wen he was saying I love haha as if its me he was saying it to lol

  4. Tanveer is very irritating. SaHil please confess your love 🙁

  5. Tanveer is been favoured too much. It’s high time she gets on track. A sinner like her is not suppose to live this long.

  6. marygloria kiwango

    sahil hold into each other!!

  7. marygloria kiwango

    i wonder what razia want after getting seher….can someone tell me

    1. i thimk she will tell wrong things about dilshaad or she will kidnap sanam and make seher sanam or she will help to expose tanveer

  8. Hey anyone online

  9. Beautiful storyline. forgetting the fact about tanveer is blind and evil. Tanveer acts like a true jealous mother in law too.

  10. sal-south africa

    Tanveer is just pure evil….. that’s it. but lets face it, there’s no storyline without her…
    but a bit of happiness will do, maybe one episode of just love….. in all 3 couples will be amazing

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