Hum Hain Na 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty and Sagarika hancuffed and whole family trying to remove handcuff. Satya comes and says she did not find key on the whole road. Amma tries different keys but in vain.

Rani stuffs Pappu’s mouth with jalebi. Pappu says he cannot eat more. She looks at jalebi kadai and remembers baba’s words to look at jalebi. She says Pappu that she says lottery ticket’s last number should be 0. They both happily buy lottery ticket.

Dad comes home and asks for tea. Sagarika and Bunty give him tea. He asks if their handcuff is still not removed. Satya comes with keys and says she cannot see Pappu in pain. Amma asks how come she found it now. She says she searched it again thoroughly. Amma unlocks handcuffs.

Pappu and Rani get happy seeing their lottery and dream about lavish life after winning prize money. Pappu suggests they should gift something for Amma and dad and express happiness. They gift Amma a sari. Dad asks Pappu where did he get money from when he was begging 500 rs in the morning. Rani says he worked hard and earned it. Pappu says he wants to see Amma and dad’s marriage and asks not to snatch his happiness. Amma sees 2 saris and asks why did he buy 2 saris. He says there was 1+1 sale, so he got 1 free sari for Sagarika. Everyone laughs.

Dad gets ready in sherwani and gets mesmerized seeing Amma in a red bridal sari. He gets romantic, and she asks him to look at his age. He says he is still young and sing Aye meri zohra jabeen……song. He says romance increases with again like an old wine. She gets shy. He says he could not enjoy their earlier marriage, but wants to enjoy each moment now. She asks what will people say when they will see them in bridal dress. He says let them get jealous seeing them.

Bunty and Sagarika gets ready sherwani and beautiful red sari. Bunty gets romantic and says she is looking very beautiful. She says she does not like him in this state. He asks how. She shows that he has not worn pajama. He gets shy and says if he goes out, she will be ashamed instead. Daadi comes there and asks if they are ready. Bunty runs into bathroom. Sagarika says he is so nervous to remarry her that he forgot wearing pajama. Daadi jokes that even amma and dad are very nervous. They both laugh.

Daadi performs aarti on Amma/Dad and Bunty/Sagarika and says she could not enjoy her son’s marriage earlier and he eloped and married amma, now she will enjoy all the rituals. Swara tries to rush from home saying she has special class. Ratna asks why is she carrying clothes. She says she is taking it for her friend. Pappu says he will come to registrar’s office and see his parent’s marriage. Amma says nobody from home will attend as her supporters may see them. Ratna jokes that Amma/babuji’s marriage should happen first, else if Bunty/Sagarika’s marriage happens first, amma cannot give blessings to them. Dad jokes he will introduce amma as her would be saas. Everyone laugh.

Amma/dad and Sagarika/Bunty reach registrar’s office. Amma’s supporters identify here. Amma sees them and runs to hide from them.

Precap: Amma wears veil and sits among brides in registrar’s office to escape from her supporters. Dad comes there and thinks how to find out his laxmi among all this brides now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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