Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha asking LD not to dream about her as she will not stay there for long. She turns and sees Shyamali there. Sadhna asks Radha to go to market and buy vegetables as they have to make lunch. She asks LD to take Radha. Dada ji checks the rice bags and grains brought by the vendor. Sadhna tells Dadi Bua that they are going to the temple and will buy the vegetables while family. Radha sees the rice, grains bag etc and asks about it. LD tells her that Dada ji used to send these food stuff to our relatives once in a year. Radha says every year, they will be dependent on your family feeds them. She says make them independent. LD asks is helping wrong? Radha asks him to help them to make independent. I think this is wrong. Everyone looks shocked. Radha asks him not to make them helpless and dependent. She says anyways this is your family.

Dada ji comes and asks what did you say about my relatives. Radha says I don’t have anything to do with your relatives. They give just tension and nothing else. Jayshree gets happy to hear her. Dada ji says you didn’t see joint family till now. People are happy in a joint family. Radha says I don’t think so. Suhasini asks her to stop. Dada ji asks her to tell the reason. Radha says in Mumbai, nuclear family is good. LD says it doesn’t mean that joint family is bad. Radha says have to do so many compromises in a joint family. She says one do hardwork and other takes the credit and there is no privacy in joint family. LD talks about the advantages of the joint family. Radha says I don’t agree with you. She says it is a compromise. LD says it is love between them. Radha says they can’t be happy in a joint family.

Jayshree thinks she couldn’t say this since 10 years and Radha told in just 10 mins. She applauds for her. Radha says she is saying according to her perception. Dada ji asks her not to say anything if she doesn’t know. He goes angrily. Suhasini asks Radha to stay quiet. Sadhna says your perception about joint family will change if you lives with us for some time. Dada ji gets worried and thinks her thinking is not wrong and can influence his family members. LD comes to Govind’s workplace and gives the cheque book. Murari asks him to see the new designs of pendant. LD says no as he is going to temple. Govind gets angry when Murari insists to go. Govind calls LD bogus. Murli asks him to be calm.

Suhasini tells Sadhna that she wanted to come to Mathura since long and now she got the chance. Sadhna says it is God’s will that you came here. Suhasini praises the city. LD tries to talk to Radha. LD stops on the way to talk to someone. The shop vendors on the temple calls Radha Rani, Radhe etc to Radha. Radha wonders how did they know my name and opines LD told them. She decides to teach him a lesson. LD asks Sadhna and Suhasini about Radha. They say she was walking behind us. Suhasini gets worried. LD goes in her search. Jayshree sees an old man coming and calling Dada ji. Jayshree gets irked. Dadaji calls him Bhole Nath and hugs him. Bhole Nath tells him that you are like my breath and I couldn’t forget you. Dada ji takes him to his room and asks the servant to bring kesar milk for him.

LD searches for Radha in the lanes of Mathura. Bhole Nath tells his problem to Dada ji. Dada ji says we have to find a way. Bhole Nath says I lived in that home and my son are thinking to sell that home. Dada ji gets worried about his home. Bhole Nath says my son wants to go to Delhi and stays in his inlaws’ house. Dada ji says you did a mistake by thinking him clever than you. He says I already warned you not to send your son to city, but you sent him and he got a bahu for you. Bhole Nath says even you sent LD, but he didn’t bring wife from there. Dada ji thinks about Radha and her thinking about joint family. Dada ji asks Bhole Nath to explain to his kids about the importance of the house and asks him not to bend infront of them.

Radha talks to Isha, says everyone here make fun of her name and saying Radhe Radhe…..LD comes there and asks why she went without informing him. Radha says she is intelligent enough. LD says you are my responsibility. Radha makes it clear that she can manage alone. LD asks if he did any mistake. Radha says, listen to me…..Everyone turn and looks at them. LD says Mathura people are not advanced. Radha asks did you tell my name to everyone here. LD laughs. Radha says you might have told everyone about your doings in Mumbai, how you trap a girl and then married her. She says you are a fraud. Radha sees someone saying Radhe Radhe and gets angry. LD holds her hand to stop her. They look at each other while the music plays………….LD tells her that people used to greet good morning like this here. Radha says she didn’t know. She leaves. LD smiles.

Radha says I wanted to give you these papers since many days. LD asks what is it? Radha says it is divorce affidavit papers. LD gets shocked.

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