Hum Aapke Hai Koun – Chapter 3

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Raizada Mansion was beautifully decorated for Ishra engagement. Guests had arrived ( only close ones were invited as this event was kept private ) Ishu was looking stunning in AR designer lehenga while Raman too was fabulous. Kushi, aman & rajeev were busy in attending guests & looking after preparations. All 5 had eye on door itself waiting for Arnav..

Aman : jijaji what time you told him..

Rajeev : I said 6

Kushi : but its already 7:20..

Aman : did he get to know about our plan

Rajeev : I don’t think so.. I expected him at 7 but this boy..

he call him but Arnav doesn’t pick the call but send a message.. ” Really sorry jijaji I got struck in some work.. I’m on way & will be before you in 10 mins ”

Raman was tensed on how Arnav would react but ishu was confident he would be happy

Ishu : you’re taking tension unnecessarily

Raman : I just don’t want to add to his miseries

Ishu : trust him he will be more happy than you..

Raman : hope so..

Arnav’s car enter Raizada mansion & he’s confused at the decoration..

Are they planning my birthday.. No way they’ve not been doing that since 3 years.. Then what the hell is all this decoration & guests doing here..

Before he could step into the house he’s blocked by his jijaji & aman..

Rajeev : very bad Chote I thought you’re punctual..

Arnav : what’s going on here.. You know I hate to celebrate my b’day then..

Aman : Naa.. ( No) why would we celebrate devil’s arrival on this earth.. We are welcoming a angel into our family today

Arnav : what ( confused)

Rajeev : get in first.. ( they pull him in)

First he’s confused at all arrangements & guests then his eyes fall on his brother.. What was he doing in AR outfit Arnav thought.. That’s when he heard guest asking him..

Guest : Where’s your fiancé man..

Arnav : fiancé..

Aman : he’s getting engaged today

Raman search her in crowd & call ‘Ishitha’

Arnav follow his gaze & is surprised to see ishu..

Arnav : ishu di..!? ( ishra look at him)

Kushi come & stand beside him..

Kushi : how’s the surprise..

Arnav start moving towards his room but ishu hold his hand..

Ishu : you called me di arnav.. Won’t you be with me in this special occasion please.. ( her innocent face reminded him of anjali & in last few months he had developed good rapport with her in just 3-4 meets through kushi so he couldn’t deny )

Ishu drag him by her side & kushi stand beside raman. Ishra exchange their rings.. Arnav was happy though he never expected this surprise he loved the thought that ishitha would be here in Raizada mansion all the time.. He loved her company somewhere it provided him solace..

Guest started congratulating the couple Arnav was standing with some guests that’s when kushi came to him..

Arnav : cheater..

Kushi : aww.. That was a surprise

Arnav : you fooled me very bad..

Kushi : it’s a news isn’t it.. ASR got fooled by a girl

Arnav : I’ll take my revenge btw when is the wedding..

Kushi : 15 days later.. In Lucknow

Kushi leave as aman drag her to stage..

Aman : so here we are presenting special performance for my bhabhi ( ishitha)

Kushi : and my jijaji.. ( banayee

Lights go off & spot light fall on Kushi & Aman

Aman :

Waha waha ramjee
jodi kya banayee

Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko
badhayee ho badhayee

Sab rasmo se badee hai jag me
dil se dil kee sagayee

Kushi :

Aapkee kripa se yeh
shubh ghadee aai

Jiji aur jija ko
badhayee ho badhayee

Sab rasmo se badee hai jag me
dil se dil kee sagayee

Aman : ( goes to ishra )

Mere bhaiya jo, chup baithe hain
Dekho bhabhi yeh, kaise ainthe hain
Aise bade hee bhale hain
mana thode manchale hain
Par aap ke siva, kahee bhee naa phisle hain

Arnav smile hearing it

Kushi :

Dekho dekho khud pe, jiji itrayee

Both :

Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko, badhayee ho badhayee
Sab rasmo se badee hai jag me, dil se dil kee sagayee

Kushi : ( standing beside Raman)

Suno jijaji, ajee aapke liye
Meree jiji ne, bade tap hain kiye
Mandiro me kiye phere, puja sanjh sawere
Tin lok taintis, devo ko yeh rahee ghere

Ishu blush

Aman :

Jaisee maine mangee thee, waisee bhabhi pai

Both :

Jiji aur jija ko, badhayee ho badhayee
Sab rasmo se badee hai jag me, dil se dil kee sagayee

They dance around ishra pulling them too

Rajeev : why don’t you join them Chote..

Arnav : me & dance no way

Rajeev : you’re not angry na..

Arnav : you thought I won’t attend if you would’ve informed me earlier?

Rajeev : no I didn’t mean it.. Its..

Arnav : definitely I wouldn’t attend nice trick

Dinner is served & guests starts retreating..

Arnav : HP bring dinner to my room..

Kushi come to him..

Kushi : arre wait.. We’ve another surprise for you

Arnav : all guests have left what more now..

Kushi : come with me ( she drag him..)


Ishra Rajeev, Aman, Mr & Mrs Gupta are present there with a cute chocolate cake on table

As soon as he enter all scream “Happy Birthday”

Instead of smile anger makes through his way.. He turn back to go but

Ishu : Chote.. ( this is the first time she’s calling him Chote & he couldn’t stop from turning to her with amused look )

Ishu : won’t you listen to your bhabhi please.. ( that’s it.. He couldn’t deny that innocent face)

Ishu drag him to the table & give knife to him..

Ishu : your favourite chocolate cake.. Sugar free one & I’ve made it myself come on now cut it..

Raman & Rajeev are still expecting a outburst from him but surprised when Arnav agrees to ishu.. Cake is cut & he feed ishu & when she feed him back.. He remembered this taste.. It was same as his Anjali di prepared

Ishu take arnav bit away..

Ishu : are you happy with this.. I mean..

Arnav : didn’t you get anyone better than him

Ishu : ( pout) I love him Chote.. Ah.. I can call you Chote na..

Arnav : you can di

Ishu : (pulling his cheeks ) thank you but not di I’m your bhabhi..

Ishu leave as garima call her & Kushi come to arnav..

Kushi : see Its not just my jijaji but your bhaiyya is having bad taste in clothes..

Arnav : he have bad taste in everything

Kushi : do you mean to say my di is not beautiful ah..?

Arnav : when did I say that now

Kushi : you said jiju have bad taste in everything my di is his choice right..

Arnav : sometimes miracles happen you know..

14 days later..

In these days Arnav grew more closer to ishu but nothing changed between him & raman

Arnav : ( on call) Good morning bhabhi..

Ishu ; Very good morning.. Had your breakfast

Arnav : yep..

Ishu : Mera kaam kiya.. ( you did my work..)

Arnav : haan par sirf aap ke liye.. ( yes.. But only for you..)

Arnav see Raman coming to the hall

Arnav : I’ll call later.. ( he cut the call & sit on couch.. )

Ishu hear kushi & her friends giggling planning something against arnav

Ishitha : kushi don’t do this..?

Kushi : di you go out.. We’ve lot to plan.. Especially for that laad governor

Ishitha : Arnav ke saath koyi mazaak Nahi kushi.. I’m strictly warning you ( no pranks with arnav)

Kushi : ( dramatic voice) dekho maa shaadi huyi nahi abhi se behen ko paraya kar diya.. ( see mom before marriage only she’s supporting him)

Mrs Gupta : stop your drama.. Ishu is right no pranks on him.. Tumne dekha nahi unka gussa ( haven’t you seen his anger)

Kushi : arre unka gussa jaaye baad mein yeh Lucknow hai unki dilli nahi ek baar aane toh do une phir batayenge yeh kushi Gupta kya cheez hai ( do the hell with his anger.. This Lucknow not his delhi.. Let him come here.. I’ll show him what it costs for messing with kushi Gupta )


Raman : Hariprakash.. Hariprakash..

HP come running to him..

Raman : This is not my wedding attire..

HP : bhaiyya but sir asked to give you this one only .

Raman : you’ve misplaced I think this is AR designer attire mine must be in his room go & get it..

HP stand confused.. Aman enter & arnav gesture him to talk..

Aman : ( taking attire from HP) Get me a coffee

HP leave..

Aman : bhai what makes you think this isn’t your wedding attire..

Raman : you think I’ll wear AR designer clothes ah..?

Arnav grit his teeth..

Aman : oh come on its a gift..

Raman : By whom ( intentionally he ask )

HP give coffee to aman

Aman : by me of course.. Why only your chote can gift AR designer clothes.. If you remember I’m also his partner..

Raman : arre yaar kyun apne akadu dost ko bachane ke liye jhoot bol rahe ho itna bekaar design usika ho sakta hai.. ( oh come on why are you lying to save your friend.. Such bad designs can only be his.. )

Arnav shut his laptop in anger & stare him angrily..

Aman : what’s the need of criticising gift

Raman : gift dena hi tha toh Seedha seedha deta.. Iss tarah ghuma ke dene ki kya zarrorat thi.. Kahi aisa toh sahi ki aaj bhi dar lagta hai apne bade bhai se.. ( if he wanted to gift then he should have given directly not like this.. Is it because he’s still afraid of his big brother)

Now this statement takes his anger to peak

He get up angrily & come to them..

Arnav : aman tell him I gifted this only because bhabhi said & he’s no one to me.. Forget being afraid..

Raman : bhabhi.. ! ( brother’s wife) Ask him from where he got bhabhi without this bhai.. ( brother)

Arnav : Aman.. Tell.. ( interruptted)

Rajeev come there..

Rajeev : phir shuru hogaye.. Ghar mein shaadi hai kal Lucknow jaana hai.. Yaad hai Kuch.. ( again you two started.. There’s wedding & we’ve to leave for Lucknow tomorrow.. Do you two remember anything)

Aman : in dono ki jagade mein meri coffee tandi hogayi.. ( in between their fights my coffee became cold)

Raman : toh uske sar pe glass rakh do apne aap garam hojayega.. Dekho gussa mein kitna laal ho raha hai.. ( then keep the cup on his head it will get heated.. See how he’s boiling in anger)

Rajeev : Raman..

Raman : mein kya kiya.. Aap humesha ussika side lete ho ( what did I do.. You always take his side only )

Rajeev : stop provoking him.. ( to Arnav) finish your work by today.. Tomorrow no excuses.. We’re leaving early morning

Precap : ishra wedding arshi masti Raman’s shoes go missing..

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