Always there for you-episode 3

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Hii all thank u so much for ur lovely comments I was overwhelmed with ur love so now back to the story,…
Abhi remembered his fathers lst words” rakesh patel I will never leave u”
Abhi : so do u mean to say..
Mohan : yes abhi its that now u try to do what u have to bye abhi take care and.. take care of pragya too.

Abhi : what the hell…… thank u sir for gvng this information sure I will try to crack it..
Mohan cut the call. Abhi was stood dumbstruck
Abhi : what is this mystery I have to think about it. First sweetie is my priority. I have to take care of her.
While he was thinking rakesh patel and arvind reached the hospital in a hurry and contacted the receptionist. Abhi who was standing there went forward.
Abhi : MR. patel pragya is fine now u can take her to home
Rakesh and arvind heard him and turned and was shocked to see abhi there. They hid their expression and said to him rudely
Rakesh : and who r u mister?
Abhi : I am Abhishek prem mehra

Rakesh : for pragya?
Abhi : for pragya.. sorry u don’t have that much brain or heart to understand our relation
Arvind : what the hell how can u speak to my father like that?
Abhi : well Mr. Junior patel stay out of limits this is elders talk and don’t you dare to speak in mid of the conversation.
Arvind : you… and tries to punce at him. Abhi stopped him by keeping his hand on his chest and pushed him back
Abhi : stay away from me or you will never be able to see ur father’s so called success.

Arvind backed up and glared at abhi abhi addressed rakesh
Abhi : so Mr. patel pragya is under you I think u r pragya’s guardian as per court and being her well wisher or u can say more than a friend to her if I see anything.. MR.Patel anything or any mark on her body here after don’t know u will be able to make to ur house or not mind it .. ( with an ice cold tone) and (changes his mood instantly to a sarcastic smile) and congratulations for ur upcoming so called success that ur son was so much excited about will surely come to congratulate u the new owner of ARORA INDUSTRIES nd the sole proprietor of MEHRA INDUSTRIES( he stressed the word mehra). Bye Mr. patel and take care Mr. junior patel.

He went without listening to rakesh or arvind to pragya’s room. He kissed her forehead and whispered “ love u sweetie take care I will always be there for u” and went out. Rakesh and arvind stood dumbstruck as abhi’s words hit their mind and they were really worried of his sudden transformation.
Rakesh : arvind I want every deatail of this man who is the new intruder in my success don’t yuou dare to miss any detail
Arvind : yes papa for sure.
After learning about pragya’s pregnancy abhi resigned his job and took an online job. He enrolled himself as a PG student in the same college where pragya studies to look after her. He rented a one room apartment from a old lady nearby his college. He would take tips from the owner now his dadi about pregnancy food and diet. He would take food for pragya as he knew rakesh or his son would never take care of pragya. He still remember that incident when pragya confronted him after 3 years.

It was the time abhi joined the college and he will always follow pragya to make sure she was sound and safe. One day when pragya was crossing library after getting her 5 books from library, she suddenly felt nauseous. Abhi who was following her, didn’t thought of anything went to her pulled all those books she was carrying and took her to the rest room. While she was throwing out abhi held her head protectively and rubbed her back to soothe her. After throwing up her guts out, pragya noticed someone helping her to throw up. That’s when she noticed a six feet tall figure with greek god features seeing her with worried eyes. Even though she wanted to stare at him, she backed with fear. As she felt an unknown calmness inside her when she was with him, she don’t want to grow this feeling inside her. So she backed with fear.
Abhi : hey relax don’t panic,

Pragya : who are you?
Abhi : what?? ( he didn’t really get how pragya forgot his face that faster) didn’t u recognize me?
Pragya : are u president’s grandson or RBI governor or my mausi’s son to remember ? who r u?
Abhi : (thinkin- having the same sarcasm but doesn’t remember me idiot) u can say I am ur senior 1st year.
Pragya : ohh ( with little disappointment) thank u for helping
Abhi : its ok sweetie anything for u
Pragya shouts (without even realizing) : only my buddy calss that… ina chilling voice.
Abhi ( shuts his ears) : whoa chill out woman sorry and who is that buddy who has this much right on you?
Pragya : that’s good but mister u don’t have to know my buddy

Abhi : oh come on sweetie ( earning a glare from pragya he composed) ok pragya u can share with me as I am ur friend roght?
Pragya : when did u become my friend? I didn’t say u anything
Abhi : oh come on sweetie.. oops pragya even seeing for one time friends are always friends I consider u as my friend. So u r my friend
Pragya ; that’s really a horrible theory and what will I get by telling u about my buddy?

Abhi : what will u get? Uhh ( acts like thinking) may be some chocolates.. taking out a dairy milk silk oreo from his pocket.. may be this…
Pragya whose harmones started kicking in grabbed the chocolate from him hurriedly opened ths packet and while gobbling it..
Pragya : hmmm mummy its yummyyy… ok fine I will tell about my buddy but don’t u dare to tell anyone..
Abhi : okiee

Pragya : pinky promise?( by showing her little finger)
Abhi chuckles : (still has this childishness) pinky promise. And interlocked his little finger with hers.
They both came and sat ina bench under a tree
Abhi started the convo..
Abhi : so tell me about ur buddy
Pragya : he is really a nice person no one could ever get a friend like him like u said even though we shared a bonding for only to weeks he was the only one able to touch my heart and soul. He was the only one know my actions not ven me. He knows to handle me really well which makes me feel that I am the only person who has been blessed with such a friend. More than a friendship we share aunique bonding till now I couldn’t even give aname to our realtion..

Abhi in his mind: so u will find aname for ir..
Abhi : ohh seems like really a good guy. So how does he looks?
Pragya with a sad face : don’t know?
Abhi frowns: don’t know means, u didn’t even remember his face.
Pragya nodded ‘no’ . abhi questioned her ‘why?’.
Pragya : after coming from the orphanage to my uncles home. I was put into a dark room. Till now I reside in that room only. When I asked for my buddy they beat me with stick and dint gave e food. I cried for my buddy a lot. He promised me that he will come whenever I feel sad or I cry to soothe me but he didn’t came that time. If he came means that bad guy would have died now. U know my buddy this much big big muscles ( she showed her hands) he will beat them for torturing her sweetie.
Pragya let down her tears which were held by her eyes.

Pragya : whenever I try to remember my buddy;s face all I see is darkness like how my life is now. They say I have a life inside me but what they cant understand is my lif e itself is not with me its is somewhere or someelse is there where I couldn’t find out I feel like a failure that I cant stand up for myself tht only source of inspiration was tanu dii and my buddy after tanu dii left buddy was the only one for me now I really miss him. I want him back in my life to make me laugh, to feedme, to take care me, to make me sleep and to make me feel that I am not alone I badly need him.
Abhi let down his tears, he silently hugged pragya and thought to himself” IAM ALWAYS THER FOR YOU SWEETIE”

Precap :same precap

Sorry couldn’t proof read accept the mistakes…. Will try to reduce in next one…
Sorry for the same precap and thank u all for supporting I know I am not punctual in uploading but u have to excuse me for it I cant help whenever I am lte pls think that I am not able to thinkof further story or as usual I have exams sorry for that and I know it is short update but I couldn’t help it next time I will make it long love u all and
Thanks to
Suhani-thank u so much dear love u too
Akshaya-awww sure abhhi will get his answers and give answers to them till then keep reading love u
Riya- ahh chutun missed u badly da thank u so much for ur comment yaa I also think so that I am affected with sorryphobia but sorry dear couldn’t help with it.. hehe love u
Lopez- well dear first I couldn’t understand ur ques but one thing abhi will not have side effects he is just there to take care of pragya thank u so much for commenting love u too

B-Ani: aww thank u so much ani love u too I know u took a break will miss u a lot
Reshma dii: thank u so much dii
Saranya dii: thanks a lot dii love u too
Minu –thanks for ur compliment dii will upload soon
Prathi dii= sorry dii my crack mind cannot think that much so try to give name urself but thank u so much dii that u consider it worth reading love u
Sugan –thank u bai keep supporting
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Sowji – thank u so much sowji keep supporting
Di – thank udii love u and keep supporting lke this dii
Priyanka _ thank u so much darlu keep supporting
So SAYANORA to all love u all stay blessed…………

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