Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona cries saying she doesn’t wants a divorce and Suhnaina is in tears. Chitrasi thinks to herself that she had warned Sona not to come in between but Sona didn’t listen. Everything that happened was because of me. *Flashback* Chitrasi enters Sona’s room and notice Sona’s phone on the table and Chitrasi searches for the Lawyer’s number and calls the lawyer speaking as Sona *End of Flashback*. In the night, Chitrasi brings drinks for Suhnaina where Suhnaina is sitting upset in the room and Chitrasi thinks to herself that Suhnaina must be sad thinking of Kanhaiya. Chitrasi asks Suhnaina not to worry about Kanhaiya as he will be fine soon. He have gone with the whole family for the wedding and i am sure he would be

feeling good after it. Suhnaina remains silent and stares as Chitrasi leaves. Chitrasi goes to the living room and sees Sona and says this document is still here? When will you sign it? Chitrasi hands over the document to Sona and Sona throws it away saying she will not sign it. Chitrasi says its better if you sign the document. Sona says there is no need for it but my life has no meaning without him. That is why its better if i end my life. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Chitrasi says that is good. Sona says don’t be happy Chitrasi as what i could not do by being alive, i shall do after i die. And you are responsible for my death and you will not be able to live peacefully. Chitrasi says what sort of joke is this? Sona says this is not joke but truth. I’ve written a letter for mummy ji and posted it. In the letter, i’ve clerly written that you are responsible for my death. You will not be able to do anything now and Sona opens the poison bottle and consumes the poison in front of Chitrasi. Sona gets chocked while Chitrasi is shocked. Sona falls down unconcious in front of Chitrasi with bubbles from her mouth. Chitrasi says Sona! Chitrasi checks Sona’s pulse and asks Sona to wake up. What would i do now? Suhnaina calls out for Chitrasi and Chitrasi wonders what to do. Chitrasi drags Sona and hides behind the sofa set and takes a blanket and covers the chair. Suhnaina keeps calling out for Chitrasi and comes down to check on what is happening. Suhnaina comes and asks what are you doing? Why is the sofa covered like this? Chitrasi says since no one is at home today, i thought of cleaning the house. Suhnaina says but why do you need to all this alone? Go and call that Sona to help you. Since she is at home, let her do some work. I shall call her and Suhnaina calls Sona and Chitrasi says its alright, i shall do it. Suhnaina says i am having headache, can you bring me some medicine and Chitrasi asks Suhnaina to return to the room and she would bring the medicine and Suhnaina leaves. Chitrasi says to herself that before everyone returns, she needs to do something with Sona’s body. Suhnaina is fast asleep in her room and Chitrasu brings Suhnaina some medicines. Suhnaina notices Chitrasi’s hands shivering and Suhnaina asks why are you shivering? Chitrasi says she is tired and once she takes rest, she will feel better. Suhnaina says alright and takes the medicine.

Part 2

Suhnaina sleeps and Chitrasi locks the room from outside and leaves. Chitrasi rushes to Sona’s body and wonder how will she bring Sona’s body outside. Chitrasi brings a sack and looks at the front door. Chitrasi shuts the main door and puts Sona inside the sack and ties the sack. Chitrasi drags the sack and brings the sack outside of the house. Chitrasi goes looking for a spade and returns with a spade and continues dragging the sack. Chitrasi keeps dragging the sack till she reaches the car and struggles to carry the sack and place it at the back of the car with the spade. Chitrasi starts driving the car and says thank god i’ve learned how to drive from Deva bhaiya or i would not know what to do today. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Chitrasi continues driving till she reaches a secluded place. Chitrasi takes out the sack from the car and stats digging a hole with a spade. Chitrasi finally completes digging the hole and buries the sack and says poor Sona! Look at what you did to your self. What i told you? Leave the house and leave Kanhaiya to me. But no! See where have you reached today. Your death has no meaning and the letter that you have written to mummy ji will never reach her. Good bye forever and may god bless your soul and Chitrasi leaves back to the care and starts driving back home. Chitrasi reaches the house and says that she needs to find any letter written by Sona so that she can copy Sona’s handwritting and write a letter where everyone would believe that it was written by Sona herself. Chitrasi starts searching in the room and sees Sona’s diary in the cupboard. Finally i found Sona’s diary and Chitrasi smiles.

Precap :

Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya what happened? Who wrote the letter and Kanhaiya says Sona ji have left the house forever. I will always remember that the person who i loved and married have left forever. Sona ji now brings no meaning to us.


Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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