Anamika 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 7th August 2013 Written Update

Anamika makes the doll lie in air over Monty and talk to him about Pizza repeating the same words as Chhavi had used. Monty gets scared and tries to escape from his room, which is locked. Monty tries to hide but the doll follows it. Finally Monty runs out of the room scared.

Chhavi sees the main door open and goes to the servant quarters to fetch the key. Monty comes out of his room all scared and sees Patalika at the doorstep. He follows her recognizing her as the watchman’s murderer and sees her entering the servant quarters and Patalika makes herself invisible every now and then so Monty sees Patalika and Chhavi alternately wearing same clothes. He screams and Bebe, Nani, Jasleen all come out. He tells them that he saw the woman who murdered the watchman going into the servant quarters,

they go there and see Chhavi coming out. Nani scolds her for scaring Monty.and Bebe asks what Chhavi was doing at servant quarters, and Chhavi replies that she went there to fetch the key, but Nani does not trust her though Bebe tries to defend Chhavi. Nani accuses Chhavi for deliberately scaring Monty. Jasleen takes Monty inside while Anamika tries to make Chhavi feel better. Bebe suggests Chhavi to make Chocolate milk for Monty, while Nani herself also goes to fetch milk for Monty. Anamika comes and tells Nani not to suspect Chhavi so much and that she is nice and has even gone to fetch Chocolate milk for Monty. Nani gets worried hearing that and rushes to the kitchen to check if everything is ok and Anamika makes some black object appear in the empty pan. Nani sees this and gets scared. She rushes and stops Monty from drinking that milk. Jasleen says that she trusts Chhavi and tries to take that glass from Nani’s hands and Monty takes the glass and drinks it. Anamika again does some hocus pocus and Monty starts vomiting.

Bebe comes with Chhavi scolding Nani for suspecting Chhavi and Nani shows that Monty has fallen ill right after drinking the milk. Monty has even developed fever. Nani takes Bebe to kitchen to show the red milk, but the milk was now white only. Bebe says that must have been Nani’s hallucination, but Nani says that Chhavi must have replaced the milk. There is a fight between Bebe and Nani over Chhavi and Bebe announces that tomorrow Chhavi would keep Karva Chauth fast and Nani says that nothing will happen to Chhavi, but she will harm others in the family. Nani then takes Jasleen to her room and asks her to take care of her child.

There is an argument between Nani and Pratap over Chhavi and Nani asks Pratap to throw Chhavi out of the house, but Pratap says no and scolds Nani. He only asks Nani to think good, only then good will happen. Bebe and Pratap leave from there and Nani asks Chhavi what has Chhavi fed Bebe that she trusts him so much.

Precap: Anamika giving ultimatum to Jeet to choose whose fast will he open.

Update Credit to: ..Bournville..

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