Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 28th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Chitrasi is crying that all the clothes is dirty and she will have to wash all of them again and Ridheswar says you will not have to do it alone as we all will help you and all three Kamal, Deva and Bheema comes saying we will help you by working together. Chitrasi is still crying and Ridheshwar wipes Chitrasi’s tears and sings a song while Kanhaiya watches and smiles. Chitrasi hugs Ridheshwar and all of them go around Chitrasi while Chitrasi smiles and she is taken away. Kanhaiya says i must praise your family that all of you love each another so much. Ridheshwar says you are right Kanhaiya, Chitrasi is very dear to all of us and we can’t see tears from her eyes. She is such a nice girl and i had never seen such a nice girl like her before and i’m proud of her. Lets go and Kanhaiya says you go first and i will after this. Kanhaiya is outside seems to be looking around and he hears a small boy calling ‘Father’ and Kanhaiya sees a small boy walking with a man. Kanhaiya thinks how come this is only happening to him and he keeps seeing the same scene which is not happening in real. What could this be? Kanhaiya hears the voice again and sees the boy walking with a man and Kanhaiya walks approaching the man and the boy asking them to stop and a car comes on the way and Sona gets down the car asking where is he going? Kanhaiya says they got away from me Sona ji? Sona asks who is Kanhaiya chasing and Kanhaiya says the same man and boy he keeps seeing and Sona says let them go and you follow me right now! Sona makes Kanhaiya sit in the car and leaves. Sona and Kanhaiya are at their guest house and says luckily i came in time or what would have happened. I’m not going to leave you alone in Srirampur again. Kanhaiya says even i don’t want to be alone but your work in Allahmebad was important. Sona thinks to herself that yes, that was really important and Kanhaiya sleeps on Sona’s lap asking Sona to promise to him that she would never leave him alone again. Sona says i will never leave you alone again but you will need to listen to me. Kanhaiya says how can i not listen to you and Sona says lets leave Srirampur and go back to Allahmebad regardless of the Minister coming or not. You need to listen to me and Kanhaiya says what would the people in Shakti Dham think about us if we leave without informing them? Sona saks Shakti Dham? Kanhaiya says yes, they are close to us and we need to inform them before leaving. Sona asks Kanhaiya to just call and inform and they would surely understand. Kanhaiya says that is not right Sona ji. I feel like at home whenever i am at their house and they took good care at me and Sona looks worried. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forum. Kanhaiya says lets just go and say good bye to them and Sona nods her head looking worried. In the night at Shakti Dham, everyone is waiting for Kanhaiya and Ridheshwar asks why is Kanhaiya not back yet? Chitrasi says let me call him and both Kanhaiya and Sona walks in. Bheema says that whenever we speak of someone and they come before us, they have long life span. Bheema asks when did Sona came back? Ridheswar asks when did Kanhaiya went as they were all waiting for you.

Part 2

Ridheswar asks Sona, when you came? Kanhaiya says actually we have an important work in Allahmebad and we need to return soon. So we thought of meeting all of you before leaving. Ridheshwar says alright Kanhaiya, if its really important, i will not ask you for the reason but since you are leaving tomorrow morning, i want you to stay here tonight. Kanhaiya says you all are so good but we need to leave and Ridheshwar says alright Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya takes blessings from Ridheshwar. Ridheswar says within a short span of time, i feel that you are our family member and Kanhaiya hugs Kamal, Bheema and Deva while Sona looks worried. Kanhaiya meets Chitrasi and Gulaboo bites Kanhaiya’s pants and Kanhaiya pats Gulaboo and leaves. Sona looks at Kanhaiya and says i want to tell you something and Sona recalls her promise to Suhnaina that she will not tell Kanhaiya anything. Sona says let me go and say goodbye to everyone too and Sona meets everyone. The next morning, Kanhaiya and Sona reaches the mandir and Sona is worried that she don’t know what to do as she is in the middle of her promise to Suhnaina and revealing the truth to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says he don’t feel good to leave back like this but they can’t stay in this village already. Kanhaiya gets down from the jeep and asks will he see the man and the child again? Sona asks Kanhaiya not to worry as she is with him. Both Kanhaiya and Sona enters the mandir and informs the constables that he has to leave the village and they have to make sure that the security is tight and it was good working with them. One of the constable asks Kanhaiya if were he in Shakti Dham last night? Kanhaiya says yes and the constable asks if Kanhaiya knows that Ridheshwar is not feeling well? Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums.Kanhaiya says but when we left, he was alright. Lets go and visit him and both Kanhaiya and Sona enters Shakti Dham and sees everyone wearing white clothes. Kanhaiya gets worried and asks if is everything alright and Deva says that Ridheshwar is resting in his room as his blood preassure went up. Kanhaiya asks why is everyone wearing white? Bheema says that today is Magh Purnima. Kanhaiya so what if its Magh Purnima? Kanhaiya and Sona sees Ridheshwar walking hugging a potrait and Sona gets worried recalling Ridheswar holding Kanhaiya’s photo. Ridheswar sees Kanhaiya and asks if he had not gone back yet? Kanhaiya says he came to visit since he learned that Ridheshwar is not feeling well. Ridheswar says that every year on this day, he falls ill and Ridheswar walks towards the wall. Kanhaiya asks Deva whose’s photo is Ridheshwar holding and Deva says that its their brother and they lost him on Magh Purnima. Every year on this day, they do barsi for him and think of him and Sona is shocked. Kanhaiya asks Sona to enter inside and follow them while Sona is worried. Sona panics and looks at Kanhaiya as Ridheshwar hangs the photo on the wall. Kanhaiya looks at the photo and is shocked and looks at Sona. Kanhaiya asks how is this photo in your house and everyone is shocked.

Precap :
Who is it in this photo? Kanhaiya shouts that this photo is it and it was taken in his childhood and Ridheshwar Singh is shocked.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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