Meri Bhabhi 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 28th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu apologizing to Shraddha on her mum’s behalf. Kittu asks her not to worry about people, she asks her to keep smiling. Kittu leaves from there, Kittu says you should have this smile always. Shraddha is worried about people. Anand is leaving for his office. Kittu asks what are you looking for, he says pen, she says I have it and give it to him. She says don’t worry about Shraddha, she is fine. Anand does not talk to her. Kittu thinks it might be because of her mum. She says I told a lot to mum, I will call her and say sorry. He says tells her not to come again in our house. Kittu gets sad.

Papa is thinking about Kamini’s harsh words. Mummy comes to him and says forget what Kamini told, if we think about it, Kittu will be ashamed and feel guilty. Papa says what she told, do the world say like this. Will people question and taunt Shraddha. He says I’m worried about Shraddha, but why the society accept her. What will happen, we should do something. He says we should send Shraddha back to Bobby. Mummy is shocked. Papa says even you wanted this, she says no, I told you to talk to Bobby once. Papa gets angry, saying Kamini has showed me the world’s view. He says Kamini is not wrong, the world and the society is like this. Mummy says you are saying this, you have fought with the world. He says yes, I will fight with the world, but what will happen after me, any one will taunt Shraddha, till when, will we able to see it. No, we have to search Bobby and bring him in front of Shraddha.

Kittu is tensed, Shraddha comes to her and asks for tea. They talk about Mummy. Shraddha asks her did you speak with your mum, Kittu does not answer. Dhruv comes and asks for his color pencils. Shraddha takes Dhruv with her and leaves smiling. Kamini comes home and is very angry. Her husband tells what did you do, she tells what have I done, he says Kittu told me everything, you should have not told Shraddha like that. He says if same thing happened with Kittu then, she tells Kittu did not run away and marry. He says you have insulted them, she tells am I their enemy, I told them about the society.

Kittu’s hand gets burned, Mummy says where is your focus. Kittu cires. Mummy asks what happened, Kittu says nothing. Mummy says we are not annoyed by your mum, did Anand told you anything. Kittu says no. Mummy says I know, Anand is annoyed with you, but its not your mistake. Kittu says its ok, his anger will go, I will manage. Mummy says I know you will manage, but tell me I will scold Anand. Kittu gives coffee for Papa. Mummy gives her some tips to apply on Anand.

Kittu messages Anand, he does not reply her. She waits for his msg. She msgs him again. Kittu gets her mum’s call and cuts it. Everyone are in the hall. Dhruv shows his drawing to Papa. He tells this is me, mumma and papa. Anand looks at Shraddha. Papa and Mummy says its a good drawing. Ishaan says remove papa from this drawing. Anand says do one thing, you sing a poem for Nanu. He says Nanu used to say a poem to mumma, and she used to sleep. Papa recollects it. Dhruv says mumma taught me, and reads it. Everyone clap for Dhruv. Papa hugs Dhruv. Everyone are happy.

Papa says we will see Dhruv’s photo on the website, he asks Ishaan to start the computer. Kittu says Anand that Shraddha loves Papa a lot. He does not reply. Mummy notices that Anand’s mood is off. Ashish and his wife leave form the hall. Kittu asks Anand should I make tea for you, he says no. Mummy asks Kittu, is Anand still annoyed with you, Kittu does not answer her and leaves. Mummy gets worries.

Shraddha is playing with her brother, Papa comes and takes Shradda’s side. He announces that he will go to picnic with his princess. Shradda laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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