Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Suhnaina is watching Dastaan promo and Sona promotes the show talking about relationships and Sona says lets see how do Meera and Nandhini manage relationships. Suhnaina says look at how is things happening in our house and we shall surely watch this show. Sarala comes saying that she thought Sona was a reporter but how come is she not aware of what is happening? Suhnaina taunts her while Chacha ji signals her not to say anything rudely and Suhnaina talks nicely. Sona serves them tea and Sarala taunts Sona saying if she had a daughter in law like her, she will deal differently and Suhnaina says that Sarala can’t be Suhnaina. Chacha ji asks Sona how is Renu’s condition and as Sona tries to speak, Sarala keeps intefering asking to give Devika something to eat. Sarala says to Suhnaina that these days only lucky people get good daughter in laws taunting Sona and Sarala praises Neelam saying she quietly listens to everything while Sona does what she feels like doing. Suhnaina is getting angry and Chacha ji signals her to cool down. Suhnaina answers Sarala back and reminds Sarala that the grooms are coming over to see Devika today and Sarala leaves. Suhnaina says that she is keeping quiet only for Chacha ji and Chacha ji asks her to only wait till the groom sees Devika and they will leave. Darshana wakes up Chicku, Julie and Dimple. Chicku tries to tell Darshana about Julie and Julie asks him not to day anything. Sarala summons Sona asking how is the preparation for the lunch going on and Sona says that all will be fine. Sarala asks Devika to faster get prepared and Devika asks how will she speak in English and Sarala says that she will make reasons that Devika is not talking much today. Sona leaves downstairs and Kanhaiya asks where did Sona left and Sona says that she just served Pandey ji’s family and they were worried. Suhnaina says that they are the one troubling everyone, what are they worrying about? Sona says that the groom will only marry if Devika can speak english. Everyone laughs and Sona says that they are looking for a teacher to teach Devika english. Kanhaiya says that there is such teacher. Its none other than Chicku.

Part 2

Renu is proud to be the one who taught Chicku english while Pandey ji is worried on who will teach Devika english? Chicku comes saying that he will teach Devika english while Chicku is teaching Devika and Devika speaks broken english. Sarala comes down shouting out for Sona saying that the guests are about to come while Devika is not prepared. Sarala asks Sona to go and prepare Devika’s hairstyle and Sona says that she need to cook and do it in a while. Sarala shouts to her husband saying lets cancel the meeting as this Sona bahu is only answering back and not helping. Sona tries explaining and Sarala starts creating a scene and Suhnaina comes asking what happened and Pandey ji says that your bahu is treating us badly and we don’t wish to stay here anymore. Sona tries to explain to Suhnaina while Sarala don’t allow Sona to talk. Suhnaina says enough Sona, go to the kitchen and Sona gets upset and leaves. Suhnaina asks Sarala not to get worried and they don’t need to leave anywhere. Sarala talks bad about Sona and Suhnaina says that she would speak to Sona and leaves. Sona is in tears at the kicthen and Kanhaiya calls her from the police station and Kanhaiya says i know you are upset because you are missing me. Sona asks how do you know and Kanhaiya says i can feel it and know that you were crying. Sona tries to change the topic and Kanhaiya cheers Sona saying to call him if anyone troubles her. Suhnaina comes to Sona and asks what happened? Just do what they ask and don’t give them a chance to taunt us and Suhnaina says to remain silent as that would avoid problems and leaves.

Precap :
Udham wants to help Neelam in doing Rangoli and Neelam says that an army mejar wants to do rangoli? udham says slowly you will see what else an army mejar can do.

Update Credit to: Visha Dhami

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