Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 18th March 2013 Written Update

Detailed Update:
Jeevika enters virika’s room. She looks out for viren. She can’t find him and is about to leave when viren comes out of the washroom. He says so finally radha came to meet her krishna kanaiya. Jeevika is about to leave when viren holds her hand and try to stop her. Seeing him trying to romance with dhannù jeevika gives disgusted looks. She tries to leave from there. But viren closes the door. Jeevika gets tense. Viren tries to get closer to jeevika and she moves back. Finally jeevika can’t move back because of the furniture on which she’s leaning. On seeing viren getting closer, she takes the flower pot kept on the table and tries to hit viren. Viren shouts ‘jeevika’. Jeevika lifts her veil and says so you knew it was me. Viren replies. Ofcourse i knew. Otherwise will i behave with some other lady like this. Jeevika says what a dangerous acting. Viren asks what were you doing. Jeevika replies i was just trying to help manvi. Viren says i was also just trying to romance with my wife. Jeevika says but i got really tense. Viren says. How could you think i’ll do something like this with some other women. I swear upon you, nothing like that ‘ll ever happen. Duo hug. Jeevika says sorry for not telling anything before. Viren replies i had no problems in you helping manvi. But i was just worried about virat. Jeevika assures him that virat ‘ll never come to know about this. Viren says you look pretty hot in this rajasthani attire. Jeevika asks him to stay away from hot stuffs as it’s summer. Viren replies he can’t handle it. Duo hug again.

Shopkeeper uncle challenges manvi to sell flowers in 2 hours. Manvi accepts the challenge.

On the othe side, virat reaches home and calls out for manvi. But she can be seen nowhere. He wonders where she had gone.

Manvi is doing a good job in the flower shop. Many customers come and buy flowers. Uncle goes to manvi and says you did a really good job. You sold more flowers than what i do in one month. I want a smart girl like you here. I’ll pay you 12k per month. But manvi says she can’t work there. Uncle says you can keep 6k in advance. And gives her money. She asks how can you trust someone and give money, what If i don’t come tomorrow. Uncle says i’m not that foolish. ‘M sure that you’ll come at 10 am tomorrow. Manvi smiles and says you are not that strict as you seem to be. Just keep smiling always. Uncle says ok and smiles.

On the other side, at virat’s home, the lady from the home where he worked comes there with police. She says, this is the tutor who took 5k from me and left work. Now he’s hiding at his place. Virat says i told you i’ll repay the money within 1 week. Why do you ‘ve to bring the police here. Police says. You can give all your explanation at the station. Virat tries to protest. But the police goes to take him. Manvi reaches there in time and asks them to stop. Manvi asks police whether he has arrest warrant to arrest virat. The police looks down. Without the warrant you can arrest noone. Now i’ll file case against you in your own police station. Police inspector says we can solve this matter by talking. Manvi tells the lady what did you think. You can insult my husband to this extent. You gave him 5k rupees and kept him for job. But that doesn’t mean you bought my husband. Now take this money. It’s more than 5k anyways. It’s a tip from me. And get lost. Lady says what a bartameez women. Whose husband is useless, what can i expect out of her. Manvi shuts her up and says not to speak anything about my husband and leave from here. Lady leave with the policemen. Virat asks this much anger. Manvi says she couldn’t stand them talking against her. He asks where did she Go and she replies she went to meet her friend who came from hrishikesh. He asks about the money and she says it’s from her savings. He asks whether she’s hiding something. She says you are the one who were hiding stuffs from me. Why did you ‘ve to do such low grade jobs. He says he has to complete his responsibilities. Manvi replies we both are responsible in running the house. And we’ll do it together. Duo hug. You don’t ‘ve to do such low level jobs. Because your level is really high. Virat once more asks whether she’s hiding something and she assures him there’s nothing like that. Virat leaves.

Precap: dadaji asks manvi to come back home. Virat is out of his senses. But they can’t stand their bahu’s insult. Swamini Bua also insists on manvi’s return to vadhera mansion. Virat and inder chachù are watching. Manvi is confused on what to tell them.

Update Credit to: Aadi

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