Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona stands at the room door and is in tears seeing Kanhaiya sleeping alone. Sona walks closer towards Kanhaiya and looks at the broken photo frame on the floor and cries. Sona walks to the photo frame and looks at Kanhaiya and starts picking up all the broken glasses. Kanhaiya turns and Sona gets scared and slowly remove the broken glasses and places the photo on a table and leaves the room in tears. Kanhaiya feels someone’s presence and looks at the floor clean and the photo on the table. Kanhaiya says mummy ji must have cleaned it and goes to sleep again. Sona stands by the door and cries. The next day, Chitrasi is watching the TV where Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se show promo is being shown. Kanhaiya comes looking for something where Chitrasi off the TV and Chitrasi asks what is Kanhaiya looking for? Kanhaiya says he is looking for his phone diary and wonders where he kept it. Chitrasi asks don’t you have the number you are looking for in your phone? Kanhaiya says he had not saved the number in his new phone yet. Chitrasi asks whose number are you looking for? Kanhaiya says Sona’s dadi’s number. Chitrasi asks but why? Kanhaiya says he wants to check how is Sona. I want to check with Dadi and see how is she. Let me go and look in my room and Kanhaiya leaves. Chitrasi says to Siddeshwar that Kanhaiya is very worried about Sona and he was looking for Sona’s dadi’s number. Siddeshwar asks why is Kanhaiya looking for her dadi’s number? Chitrasi says he is worried for Sona and wants to know how is she. I am scared that if he keeps thinking of her, he will keep getting hurt. Siddeshwar says you are right, let me speak to him. Kanhaiya brings the number and reaches to the landline to make the call and Siddeshwar asks what is this? Kanhaiya says he wants to speak once to Sona. Siddeshwar asks why? She means nothing to you know, so why are you worried for her? After she left, did she even call and say where and how is she? So many things happened and you are still worried for Sona. Suhnaina watches all this while Siddeshwar continues that Sona was the one who brought the lawyer and asked for divorce. And without saying anything, she left the house. We can see how responsible is she and did she care how worried would you be? She don’t care for you and its best if you realize this soon. Forget Sona. Even time wants you to accept Chitrasi as your wife and Kanhaiya looks at Siddeshwar. Chitrasi says babuji, don’t feel bad but why this now? Siddeshwar says i know what to say. Kanhaiya, please understand that your life does not ends when Sona left. She left you herself and please think of Chitrasi who waited all these years for you. Suhnaina is staring while Siddeshwar says that now when Sona have left, i will not allow Chitrasi’s life to get ruined. Suhnaina ji, you ownself make him understand. If i am wrong, please say it. Suhnaina says you are right and Kanhaiya says please give me sometime to think about it and Siddeshwar says take all the time you want but make sure its a yes. You could at least do this for me and Kanhaiya leave. Siddeshwar informs Chitrasi that he, Deva, Kamal and Bheema are going out for a work and will be back in the evening and leaves.

Part 2

Chitrasi thinks to herself that Kanhaiya will surely accept to marry me now and Suhnaina stares at Chitrasi and smiles to herself. Chitrasi enters her room saying that she can’t believe that everything is happening so easy for her to Shakuntala. Chitrasi sees a spade with blood stain in her room and starts shouting while Suhnaina enters asking what happened? Your voice could be heard till outside. Chitrasi points to the spade and Shakuntala says this is just a spade, why are you getting scared seeing this? Suhnaina says i will bring the spade outside. There is nothing in this. Chitrasi says look at this stain maa ji. Its blood stain. She is back. Sona is back and Suhnaina says what are you saying? You are so brave and how could you be scared like this and Suhnaina leaves with the spade. Shakuntala asks Chitrasi what is happening between both of you. What have you been hiding from me? Suhnaina stands near the door and listens to the conversation where Chitrasi reveals everything that happened. Shakuntala says so much of things happened and you hide this from me while you told this to Suhnaina? This is not a small thing. Chitrasi says i am scared and what will happen now. A while later, Shakuntala says that she knows a tantrik baba and we need to do this prayers before Siddeshwar and everyone else return home. Chitrasi nods and Shakuntala says i am sure that the tantrik will get rid of Sona’s soul forever. Someone rings the bell and Shakuntala says this must be the tantrik baba and greets the tantrik to enter. Chitrasi gets scared seeing the tantrik and Shakunatal says that a soul is disturbing Chitrasi. The tantrik looks around and says that this house has a very powerful spirit but don’t worry, i will catch the spirit. But i need to do something before that. Lock all the doors in this room and off the light. The tantrik performs the prayers in the dark while someone keeps knocking on the room door and Chitrasi is scared. The door opens and Sona is standing at the door and enters the room looking angry. Sona shouts why did you called me? Sona starts laughing while both Shakuntala and Chitrasi is getting scared.

Sona points towards Chitrasi saying what did you think? You could catch me? The tantrik says yes i will and Sona says you will never be able to do this. And i will never leave this women alone! I will kill her and whoever who comes in between of us will also die. Chitrasi gets scared and Sona controls the tantrik where the tantrik asks Sona to leave him. Sona says this is the first and last warning, leave from here before i kill you and the tantrik runs out while Chitrasi and Shakuntala cries and falls on Sona’s feet asking to forgive them.

Sona quietly leaves the room and when Chitrasi opens her eyes, she says that Sona have left and keeps praying in fear.

Precap : Sona enters Kanhaiya’s room to place something and Sona hears Kanhaiya walking towards the room and hides in the cupboard. Kanhaiya is shown walking and open the cupboard while Sona closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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