Anamika 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 12th August 2013 Written Update

Nani is trying to tell Pushpa that Chhavi is not what she seems. Just then they see Anamika leaving with her luggage. They ask her why she is leaving at this time of the night. They ask Chhavi to stop her, but she says that Anamika’s house work is finished now and so she is leaving now. Anamika then leaves saying that she will miss everyone and the moments spent with them.
After Anamika leaves, Nani says to Pushpa that she is sure that Chhavi has driven Anamika out of the house and that she is sure that Chhavi is doing some black magic.
Anamika then prays to her powers and her companions of the night to fetch Jeet for her. Patalika says that what happened was not good, but Anamika says that she is sure that Jeet will come to her no matter how much restrictions are put on him.

is all confused about Chhavi and Anamika when Anamika begins her magic and as if in a trance, he leaves the house. Chhavi finds Jeet missing from his room and wonders where he is and by that time Jeet has reached Anamika’s house. Anamika comes and says that noone will be able to seperate them. She moves her hand over his face and Jeet falls asleep on the Sofa.
Chhavi is shown remembering eveything about Jeet and Anamika. She wonders if she is doing right as Jeet might have married her, but he loves Anamika only and just like she needs her love, he also needs his love. She then says that she has decided that she won’t come between Jeet and Anamika and will herself unite them. She decides to go to Anamika’s house where she is doing some rituals with Patalika. Patalika says that now Jeet is totally in their control and after drinking this potion no one will be able to separate them.
Chhavi reaches Anamika’s house and sees Patalika exiting the house and remembers that she is the same woman who had kidnapped Guddi and what is she doing at Anamika’s house. She then sees Anamika taking Jeet with her upstairs and Jeet walking besides her in a trance. She wonders what’s wrong with Jeet and why us walking like this. She follows them to their room. She hears Anamika saying that after drinking this potion made with Black Magic, she and Jeet will become one forever. Chhavi breaks the bowl of the potion. and then a verbal duel ensues between them where Chhavi calls this as a trap and not love and Anamika challenges that she will not let Jeet be taken away.

Precap: Jeet being summoned by Anamika and Chhavi tries to stop him by throwing Ganga Jal on him, which Pushpa sees and gets confused..….

Update Credit to: Bournville

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