MY HOT BOSS! OS 5 is the last part .enjoy it.

HOW DARE YOU !!” As the shout of Swara made Sanskar stumbled back stunned.
Swara grabbed his collar and screamed- How dare you Sanskar Maheshwari !!! When you thought you can leave me or use me or hurt me!!!that blo*dy ego of your !!!oh how could i forget that you are great SANSKAR whose ego is everything for you !!!very much important then your love right !!!how much i tried to apologized or begged even made myself what you wanted but you just hurt me or behave like sadist !!!What are you Sanskar ?? I fallen for the guy who was once my friend,my life,my mentor that without him i can’t breathe but you …i don’t even know you !! I am tired of you ,and myself for proving myself !! And now you have enough of hurting me ! What are you saying that i should be with my dad !please pardon me but DONT PITY ON ME!!!..and in all this Sanskar SIR did ever for once loved me ..?or i was fooled to believed that sometimes your gestures show me your…!!!
Sanskar lone tear fallen seeing his love miserably falling he stepped forward to hug her but she pished him hard .

Swara shouted -NO !!! Don’t touch me!! You should be happy that seeing me in this much pain Mr Maheshwari ! This is what you wanted …you should know what i am feeling …that i wanted to die because whatever i do i can’t live without you and this blo*dy feeling hurting me NOW!!! That in every second i fear you will throw me out of your life …but right now i have taken decision to do it once for all! I will just wait for dead but never disturbed you Sanskar. If i die today i believe i will live tomorrow…from far away to be separated from this feeling in heart.!!

Aa Swara fallen on her knees and her tears ,her sobbed made Sanskar to stepped back .
No he can’t tolerate her cries it is hurting him never before..
No he can’t tolerate her broken it is hurting him never before.
No he can’t hear her wanting to die it is finishing him..
No he can’t …see her leaving..he will die..but..
Sanskar clench his fist and shouted back- GET LOST NOW FROM MY LIFE SWARA BOSE ….please..
And then he saw her standing wiping her tears gathering herself ,but her tears were not stopped , she glaced at him but there was nothing even not hint of hate for him just anger on herself and deepest love for him with madness..
Sanskar wanted to say something but as she glance back ,he tried to voice out..he tried…but failed his heart was too broken for it..
“I’ll be okay is that what you want to ask?”her voice was nothing but his soul voice which made him to shattered deep inside of his heart.

Swara chuckle dryly her pain and hurt given by this man made her numb and somehow to deal with it and here she was dealing losing the biggest madness of her life…her breathe.. And still standing she saw his eyes are closing to stopped his own tears like rock she chuckle ,his expression asking for being fine to her made her chuckle and his need to see her alive made her chuckle…but she didn’t understand why he wanted to pushed her from him being so much in love with her or …maybe not?
Now she is tired and not wanting to understand if separation from her is making his ego to satisfy. Then she will do this for him because she can’t see him in pain..never..
Sanskar saw Swara walking out leaving him ..alone….forever…
After three month Paris..
Swara sat in her balcony after coming back from office.she left New york two months before leaving all his memory and her broken love story in that city and came far away from that place.
“Hey you again lost Miss bose!” Swara smiled hearding him as she turned to find Sanskar sitting on bed with laptop.
She smiled and sat beside him -” Always lost in you !”
Sanskar laugh- Swara please i am here only with you like this always..then baby why this lost face ?
Swara kissed his cheek whispering- nothing ..did you not ask how was my day?
Sanskar hugged her and made her sit on his lap – tell me baby what happened today in your office?
Swara inhaled his scent lost herself in him saying slowly- Board meeting was totally exhausted me and not coming you office made me more worked up tomorrow i have to fly back New york because of some legal paper have to signed by me and Arjun is totally pissing me off!!you know right how much he get hyper on me for not calling him once and …i missed you.”she stopped finding herself alone again like every night ,he didn’t came nor he is here with her its just her illusion like everytime as she touched her cheek as always it is wet from her tears.

She walk to her closet and open envelope which she have gotten leaving him after two weeks .it stated her all the property of his would be now her .she is CEO of Maheshwari industry.
And then their was a letter… For her
(“I didn’t know what the meaning of abondened child or bad omen when someone called me on my few days in orphan as child of seven years in a new orphanage.
I didn’t know why the orphan manager Sister Marry ordered me to come to her room and touched me all the way and beat me with bealt as child of thirteen year old .
I didn’t know what the meaning of theaft when i was called because stealing of one hundered note from Sister Marry to get the medicine for my scars as a teenager of sixteen years old.
I don’t know the meaning of mad boy when i was sent to mental asylum just because i denied Sister Marry and throw the flower vase on her head as a boy of eighteen years old.
I don’t know the intense hurt and pain meaning when i got shocked from the doctors being acting wild to get freed as a boy of nineteen year .
I don’t know the meaning of family when my father’s brother took me out from asylum and made me study to take over his business as he died after three years and my father died in accident as man of twenty three years old.

I don’t know the meaning of friend until i came across a beautiful girl who made me laugh and share her sadness with me .i became her friend wanting to be with her always ,looking forward to go to the office just to see her smiling because of me.and living a normal life because of me as a twenty six years old.
I don’t know the meaning of Womanizer whe she shouted at me and telling me again and again making to again to see the flashes and drive me to the death ,getting anxiety of asthma attack and broking my trust as a man of twenty seven year old.
I don’t know the meaning of madness ,possession when i saw her eyes screaming those things to me making me fear like hell as i shouted at her to be my mistress and she said yes…as a man of twenty seven year old.
I don’t know the meaning of death when my doctor called me at the same night when i decided to forget everything and start new life with her that’s when my blood reports result declare me as bladder cancer because of the drugs i taken past few years and now i will be see the death in some times. As a man of twenty seven years old.

I don’t know the meaning of feeling devastated seeing her in cries and hurt but she was more stubborn to leave me and for her i tried to expand my life more ..some more.and stilled tried when that tries came to end i asked her to go ….as a man of few days.
But i know the meaning of love which she given me in those three years in her smile,laughs, jealousy, fights,shouts, concern ,madness, possessiveness and cries..more important her understanding of my unknown gestures and desperation that she will not ruin herself. She give hidden promised in her last words as a man of death .
You smile think you are loving me ,you laugh think you are loving me,you embrace your happiness think you are loving me ,you …just be you not mine think you are loving me …..I LOVE YOU …YOUR sadist.
“Mind if i say I love you my lady ?”
Good bye
Miss bose…Swara”)
Swara sat again crying shattered ..why she never understand his hidden fears or love …why she never ask about his appointment for doctor… Why she was ignorant when he gaze her sleeping like no tomorrow… Why….w.h.y…
And he left her f.o.r.e.v.e.r
Arjun finally hugged her when they finally got biggest deal of Maheshwari industry which Swara got with her capability as she signed the papers .
He saw Swara happy tears after all she have done what Sanskar wanted to be done from years taking over on Happiness orphanage under his wings which was on his rival company named and now swara is taking that orphanage with other few more orphanage under her and make them into a big villa with the schools ,medical health and best facilities of the world.
Arjun – Lioness now the time of enjoyment !!
Swara nodded smiling – but not now tommorow and you have to go otherwise Aarohi will eat your head.
Arjun chuckle- don’t tell me after getting her pregnant i am surfing like hell and she have called me ten times i have to go soon!!
Swara laugh and bit bye to him.
As she walk inside the club the same club where everything started and here she is again.
She sat and ordered her drink ,she got call of the ACP..
On phone..
Swara hopelessly – yes ACP sir any news of Sanskar.
ACP sadly – no mam and we have to close this case now because of upper pressure as he was the patient of cancer then there is little chance of his surviving according to his doctor .
Swara shouted angrily- shut up !!! If you can’t find out famous billionaire Sanskar Maheshwari then what the f**k your police force is for !!! I will myself find my Sanskar!!!
ACP – sorry mam.
Swara throw her mobile and band the table in frustration and desperation !!!
” Someone is in so much anger .Mind if i sit here my lady? I can hear your sad story !”Swara went still as she slowly raised her head to find SANSKAR MAHESWARI standing infront of her smiling his eyes are moist and hands are trembling .she want to be real .
Swara in disbelief whisper- please pinch me..please
Sanskar chuckle happily to find his Swara still insane and mad as he bent and said – i like to taste the drink and he kissed her making her jump in arms as they both kiss after all the happening they were gone not finding words to say each other anything just kissing the hell out of was kiss of love and assurance that they will not separate from each other.
As they broke still breathing hard Swara anger took over and she slapped him hard while he just laugh as she didn’t stopped him slapping, punching or smacking but he didn’t stopped her ,he missed her like hell.
Finally like hour Swara stopped and sobbed- where were you !!!you idiot !! You just left me like garbage !!how dare you to hide the cancer matter.. And..
She stopped remembering his disease as he smile and kissed her which she kiss him back immediately .
Sanskar lovingly- your love won my lady because i have gone to india where i got treatment of famous doctor khan and i tried every possible way by the time my cancer suppressed making me live how much i wanted..and when i came back i just wishing like hell to see you ! I knew you would be here from my heart so here i am with my lady and this time forever!
Swara hugged him tightly crying getting him back as he too didn’t stopped his tears back he too broke down in her arms .
As Sanskar stepped back making Swara groan in frustration but he chuckle.
Sanskar went on his knees making Swara eyes went wide as whole clup people look at him stunned.
Sanskar held out diamond ring – i don’t know meaning of marriage but knew you will be with me forever and we will walk with each other as lover ,friends and companion .so Miss Swara bose if you don’t will you give me the happiness by calling your husband?
Swara couldn’t find words as she jump into sanskar arms making him fall on floor with her on top .she kissed him and he know he got his answer .people whistle and clapped for them.
” what lovely couple! ” Ragini commented smiling seeing the couple .
” well Miss Gadodia … if you mind then i would like us to be that !”Ragini heard her boss as she turned to find Laksh Khurana with his handsome and hot gaze asking her .
Ragini hesitant- Boss ..i ..
Laksh said lovingly- we can start being friend any problem.
And Ragini happily shook her hand asking- then you have to call me Ragini.
Laksh chuckle- same with you call me Laksh !
Ragini seemed to think and then say – Okay My hot boss..
And Laksh look stunned then they burst into laughter.
Here my first One shot which turned into Short story because of you all love completed. Take care and please give your response …Aryna

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