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She said no she whispered knowing well what she is doing crushing her self respect, her dignity and facing herself in mirror with pride.but all this is nothing in front this man ,she don’t know why but thought of leaving him terrified her ,she pushed him weeks ago and now he asking her get lost but giving her condition to accept it or go.
Sanskar was shocked like hell ,he was not expecting it not in blo*dy f**king way and then he saw something which him froze at the spot her eyes showing madness,possession even obsession .
Sanskar said dangerously- You are being mad Miss bose ! Because i am not joking and you get the pain and mostly pain.

Swara said determined- “I heard what you said. I’m not the silly romantic you think. I don’t want the heavens or the shooting stars. I don’t want gemstones or gold. I have those things already. I want…a steady hand. A kind soul. I want to fall asleep, and wake, knowing my heart is safe. I want to love, and be loved.
Sanskar breathe stopped hearding her but he know that all this is bullshit just to get forgiveness and again hurt him.
Sanskar – i don’t trust you because you are not worthy of my trust or friendship .and the things you said will just shit in somedays for you.I am giving last chance get out from my life or i will throw you inside my bed which would be only place after this day .until i get enough of you!
Swara said again determined- I am ready to became your mistress.

Swara woke up feeling like hell last night what happened change her life.He didn’t touch her ordered her to go and sleep in her room.what she did was madness but if she walkaway from him she will dead and know it.those two weeks was hell and she don’t want that again it was hurting!!
Swara finally put the juice on dining table when Sanskar walk into the dining area and sat .Swara was about to go bring her breakfast when she heard Sanskar calling her.
Swara – you want something?
Sanskar forced himself all mighty to said those awful words – Undress now.

He know he is mosy horrible man in this world but he can’t tolerate this girl who became mad even obsess with him this hardly to accept something like this.
Swara was first stunned then silently closed her eyes but then she saw Sanskar smiling face ,his pouting, his playful ways,his smirk,his hot eyes looking direct at her soul.and she know she can do this .
She opened her eyes and boldly pulled the hem of her top which fallen down then her skirt and then she was standing in her undergarments and her hairs left opened.
Sanskar was again shocked by the guts of her!!He never thought Swara,a girl who belonged from middle class family very much traditional and sophisticated will do this .
He didn’t move his eyes from her eyes once to look down ,he don’t need to because now he know that she is his to do anything .
He voiced out – come here…
She walked upto him when a sudden pulled make her off balance and then she was sitting on his lap and then he covered her with his coat making Swara surprised.
Sanskar held her face in his palm and ask her – Why you say that way with me? You didn’t meant anything i know but you said me those awful word’s?
Swara eyes turned teary and she started sobbing hardly while Sanskar pulled her more close to him shooking her little.
Swara hiccuping said – I waa jealous …i didn’t understand anything when i saw kavitha hugging you and kissing but my rage increased when you reciprocated her gesture with your smile. Then i heard colleagues saying..that you and Kavitha were in hotel room spend many nights during paris project .and you spent many night with many women. So i left hastily and then when i in angry mode i can’t think something and you too came and pressuring me asking me so my control broken and …..those words were out …please forgive me.
Sanskar signed and said – Swara I have forgiven you

Swara look at him with twinkling eyes -Really!!
Sanskar nodded and said calmly- yes i have forgiven you that’s mean i am just letting that feeling of hurt passed away but …it doesn’t mean i am forgetting those words . whatever reason Swara but your words hurted me deeply and it will only go when i will see you in that hurt .then only i will get satisfaction from inside . but i know you don’t deserve it ,so just go away Swara and live your life because i can never forget those words until i will hurt you that extent. And i meant it.
Swara bit her lips trying to stopped herself from sobbing and she said helplessly- please Sanskar don’t do this with me , fine hurt me however you like I will go through all this if last i have to cry then i wanted to cry in your arms please.
Sanskar closed his eyes feeling helpless he know himself that he can never get over anything until he did same with that other person ,its his nature and its not any movie that he can happily moved some times few word’s are enough to make someone faced hell and the demon’s from which you were running away all your life.and Swara did that with him.but he have soft corner for Swara which care for her and cherished her but his demon’s are more powerful then that soft corner,if she wanted to get hurt then he have no choice because he know once she will get even glimpse of hurt she will leave him and that would enough for him.

Swara was still sobbing – Sanskar please …i will do anything but don’t leave me!!
Sanskar sternly said his beast side which swara was now going to see – Stop ! Call me SIR and don’t cry i will make sure you cry your heart and learn the lesson not to speak too much.
Swara stopped immediately hearding him she know she will go to extent but never leave him.
Sanskar wiped her tears and removed the coat making her tremble he ordered- took off your bra.
Swara with hesitant hands took off her bra she don’t know why but she is feeling really hot and too much humiliated .and she was trying to keep her fave straight.
Sanskar snapped- don’t.. I want every emotion on your face and will tell how are you feeling to me is that clear!
Swara nodded and took off her bra and keep it on table and Sanskar look at her assets .
Sanskar whisper -What are you feeling and only truth!
Swara said shying – i… and humiliated.
Sanskar smirk and bit her hard near her nape making her cried out his name as she clutched his shoulder tightly asking him to stop but he bite more hard and pinched her waist hard .she was totally drained out by crying and shouting his name.after like eternity he stopped as he saw sweating face and then gaze fall on red purple spot on her nape as he traced his mark on her ,his first mark on her and very soon he will make her his ,make her more crazy about him and her madness would reached at that level she will not dare to think to walk away from him. He smirk at her teary face.
Sanskar ask softly – now what are you feeling my lady ?
Swara look at him she was in pain but more then that she loved it and her abdomen is aching for his touch ,she spoke truth- its paining ,its hurting too much but i loved it and i finding more ache in my abdomen.

Sanskar shook his head amusement that she is getting hurt and she is enjoying. But he is satisfy seeing her tears and the mark .
Sanskar said – this is just start Swara and now each moment you will feel more hurt ,more pain and tears but now you can’t escape from me because i marked you mine . only MINE.
Swara applied oinment again in evening on that mark after morning happening Sanskar bring oinment and ice cubes and applied gently on her skin while give her painkillers to reduced the pain .she smile seeing his concern which always he do .she heard door clicking sound .she walk to him but when she saw his face have deep anger and he is clenching his fist .
Swara worried- you ok?
Sanskar come back to sense hearding her worried voice and just nodded walk towards his room.
After they both have dinner they were sitting in Sanskar bedroom on couch.
Sanskar give her some papers and order – sign it .
Swara look confused and took the paper but when she read it her head snapped at his face its written that she is bind in contract with him as mutual decision and will do as he said until he have enough.
Swara – why this papers?
Sanskar – because i don’t trust you.

She get hurts hearding him but silently signed on it.Sanskar took the papers and pulled her towards him and ordered removed her skirt and panty now.
Swara looked at him shocked but then one stern glare it was enough for Swara to do what was asked it made her killed from inside like she is killing herself completely and it never be her only he and his needs then she knows she would die without him .tears started from her eyes while she what he asked and then he touch her there and then he hold her firmly pulling out of his trouser he took her rough and hard ,she was virgin and it hurt like hell her tears were not stopping at all.she deeply hurt by his this act she thought it would be most beautiful sensation but he broke her dream and then he thrust more rough and she don’t how but she lost in that pleasure, roughness which she started loving it and met at his every roughness .it surprise him but he too loved it.
They both are breathing hard and feeling content .he know it was best s*e*x of his life ,he never took any women this roughness and hard but Swara always pushed him at something that he turned into beast her beast.he make her face him ask – How was it?
Swara eyes finally found tears as she sobbed- you broke my dream of my first time.and then it hurts deeply but then it was something out of world which i never felt before it showed me stars.i can’t believed but i love this pain ,this hurt .

Sanskar chuckle and said – i told you Swara that now you will only get hurt and pain but you will soon get used of it . you will love it too much and soon i will turned you like this who only love roughness and will forget the word gentle .i promised you.
Swara looked at him stunned and ask – why? Why you wanted to change me?
Sanskar traced her hip bone to her br*ast saying – because I want you to be . now you are mine to hurt and posses .i will change you soon baby very soon. I will make like. I wanted and you will change right!
Swara look at him now with fear she don’t know why but something made her fear from inside but she said – I will change .
Sanskar smile – Good girl. But what are you thinking?
Swara hesistatly – i am started fearing of you .
Sanskar laugh and said – don’t worry this fear,this madness,this hurts,this pains, this obsession, this possession and your love for me will make you what i wanted to see !
.Swara hugged him but the seed of fear started growing which Sanskar now wanted . He will hurt until she breakdown like he breakdown weeks ago that he needed to take again those drugs to get his mental strength, his asthma attack made him to see the last moments of death .But he will not drive her to death because he …fallen in love for her which he realized now.he warned her ,hurt her still she is here then she have to face everything. And he will do it myself.
Sanskar said sternly – Call me SIR .
Swara looked surprise but do as told – Sir..
Sanskar ordered – from now when ever take you will call me Sir until i tell you to take my name .
Swara nodded and said – Yes sir.
Sanskar – come you have to take shower.

Swara come out wearing bathrobe of her .she still can’t believed that she now belonged to him ! But he hurt her this much and he wanted to change her , is she ready for all this ? But when she agreed to be here with him then she will go to any extent.
But she never know for what she agree…
Its been two years that he made her what he always wanted .a women who can change her mood according act as wild cat or fearing kitten. He made her dress according to his choice like jeans or miniskirt and stopped her to wear any other cloths,he changed her hairstyle, he changed her speaking manner even make her learn other languages, he made her to study business so that she can take care of his half business, he made her to eat what he wanted her to eat like salads or even oilly food , he made her to turn as sternly and cold hearted like him when time needed,he made her s*xual active women that she will always wanted him for everything she made her to believe herself and made her to live life with joy and happiness.he made her what he wanted and she became. But she lost herself far behind and she sometimes wanted to be the same but know it was impossible because she love this man crazily ,madly ,possessively… And she need him which he created in her .
Swara came back from office as she saw him lying on louge ,he came early she went towards his head side and started massaging him saying softly – your meeting got over soon?
Sanskar eyes opened and he saw her beautiful face he pulled her towards him making her come top of him as he caress her face saying- yeah it gone good like how was your?
Swara smile- it went great.
Sanskar hugged her tightly and said – Swara …your mom is no more.
He felt swara hands stopped moving on his chest .he hugged her tightly – i made arrangement and we both will go there in few minutes.
Swara nodded and she looked up her eyes teary – Siirr..mumma…
Sanskar kisses her gentle on forhead – call me Sanskar ok baby.and i am with you .
Swara hugged him her teara wet his shirt but he didn’t stopped her knowing she soo much heart.

Its been one week and Swara was not at all out of her grief ,they are back next day itself as Sanskar asked her to be there but she stubbornly came and now she is lying on bed when she heard footstep she look at door saw Sanskar gazing at her. And she knew that gaze he is angry and rage .as he come to her and sat beside her asked her – what are you feeling?
Swara replied truth – I am mising dad ,home ,everyone my small world and most important myself after mom her last wish is that i always be happy but i am not happy, i am just leaving. I can’t live without you but i am not happy what i do ?
Sanskar knew all that and he was sure one day she will ask for herself .
Sanskar – strip now.
Swara now was habituated by his words she moved from her dress and stood infront of her with her bare body.Sanskar moved towards the closet and bring out her old he given her and said – wear it.
Swara did as he said and stood infront of her in a old top and long skirt wearing long earrings and hair tied.
Sanskar come closely to her and kissed on her lips making her shocked they never kissed on lips he always avoided it .
Sanskar said calmly – you free now Swara I have enough of hurting you and now that wound too get filled with time. But now your family need you .so go this time .
Swara didn’t know what to say he again telling her go away for ever.
But she have enough now he is pathetic ,sick ,bipolar and sadistic!!! But she love him give damm to leave so she did what she know slapped him hard .

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