Horror story season-2(Manmarziyan, edkv,krpkab,matsh,vishkanya,and qubool hai) episode 4

The episode starts with Arjun and radhika smiles at each other. Shravan and suman sleeps and all others sleeps..

Next day… One man comes inside and tells Bose family and others that today is temple function. So u all are invited for it.. Bose family and arora family nods head.. Arjun and radhika comes to room and gets ready.. Arjun sees mirror and gets ready. Radhika pushes him and gets ready. Arjun pushes her.. ??Zoya comes there and tells them to move and she combs her hair… Arjun and radhika pushes her.. And smiles at each other.. Asad comes there and pushes them and gives hand to zoya.. She wakes up and smiles.. Allah warriyan plays. They share an eyelock. Dev and sonakshi comes there and tells we are newly married couple so we will get ready and pushes asad and zoya also.

Ranveer and Ishaani comes there and tells we are youth so we should get ready and pushes them and they gets ready.. Shravan and suman comes there and tells I am elder than u.. She and he pushes all in bed and combs their hair… Apu and Malay comes there and tells so all are fighting for mirror.. He shows small mirror to all..

Others takes each one and combs their hair. Apu smiles and tells my husband is always genious. Malay smiles and he also combs his hair. All comes down.. Kalpana and ramnath sees each other and comes down and walks towards temple.. They all pray to God.. All takes aarati.. When kalpana and ramnath takes fire offs.. All pandit tells it is abashagun.. They tells them to get into water and get up for 10times.

Shravan and suman tells it is not true. It is superstitions belief.. Shravan tells them Mark of Vishnu story about kal nag and gunga ram… Pandit tells It won’t happen always.. Shravan tells it happens and leaves from there with whole family.. Pandit smiles and comes to room and changes into adarsh he smiles..

Shravan and suman comes to house and tells we all left our mobile there itself.. Kalpana tells I will be here u all go and take it and come.. Ramnath goes to his room. Kalpana in kitchen cleans it..suddenly she hears some noise.. Her hand gets tied by rope.. she was dragged by someone and she comes to Hall and her head hits in table.. Kalpana shouts in pain… All comes to temple and takes mobile and comes back… Kalpana was thrown here and there.. Suddenly rope ties on up.. Kalpana sad again dragged to another room.. It hangs her up.. She shouts.. She dies..????????swadheentha and adarsh smiles.. All comes and calls kalpana.

She does not come out.. He comes there and sees room.. Blood falls on them.. They all sees up and gets shocked seeing kalpana hanged herself.

Precap:More horror wait till Sunday..

Sorry for late update I am writing 8 ff so this ff I get less comment so I am updating late.. If less comments continuous then I will kill 2 leads..??already one lead is Confirmed and another is waiting list.. New leads will be added to that two leads place..

Credit to: Narendran

  1. PLEASE DONT KILL ISHVEER NAREN BRO!!! I AM BEGGING YOU!! But I liked this episode a lot! the beginning was cute and funny! And the ending was soooo good! I cant wait for the more horror! Awesome job bro!

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode bro and I am eagerly waiting for ur Sunday update.

  3. Oh no naren u killed kalpana…?????

  4. Enjoyed mirror part… So funny …?

  5. I think naren u enjoy killing … I mean in this episode … ??

  6. Hey pls don’t kill any of pairs … U can kill ramnath instead them,.. ?

  7. superb horror comedy…. 😛

  8. “kal nag” and “gunga ram” 😛 😛 😛

  9. Nice epi bro!! Loved the starting..

  10. Starting was funny and further the episode was good and don’t let ishveer die

  11. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    know u will not kill ishveer as they r ur onw of the top fav. serirs and family .lol……
    bro ne english paduchutapa na othukaren . nane aatho studiea alla maranthutu vetula jolia leava enjoy pannitu erukare . athuvu 1 week matutha . ne athulau entha eng . neyapaga paduthura . why ya ?
    cha . pullarikuthu . paduchatha ethukela use panarom nama . wow …

    and plsssssss dont s
    top it dear

    PRINCE bro i am not a boy . i am girl studying 12th in tips erode , tamilnadu . and my name is amirtha ( short name )

  12. Ya bro plz don’t kill ishveer plzplz kill ramananth

  13. interesting episode……..update soon.tc

  14. why r u making adarsh and swadheenta negative role???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      They are ghost and they are taking revenge and not negative role like that..

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