Fantasy thriller (Ipknd,vishkanya, ishq ka rang safed,ek duje ke vaaste and dehleez) epi-3

The episode starts with Swadheentha smiles at flowers and walks there.. She tells viplav done big mistake otherwise dhaani would have been queen..

This epi is flashback epi…….
Adarsh came to rang dynasty to get some goods. As barter system. Swadheentha works as helper to shop keeper who sell goods to adarsh. Swadheentha always has eyes on them.. She one day meets him and tells her feelings.. Adarsh accepts her love and hugs her..

Adarsh brings her inside room and makes her sit on bed and kisses her and sleeps with her.. Viplav comes to know about this.. He gets shocked.. He calls adarsh and asks what is his wish about swadheentha? He tells that she loves her. Viplav gives his big punishment to hang and orders guards and tells them to take him away from here..

Swadheentha pleads viplav.. Dhaani supports viplav and taunts her and tells u slept with another state person for money and taunts her badly.. Swadheentha tells enough is enough and beats guards and takes her nail and stabs dhaani.. Viplav gets shocked.. He holds her.. Adarsh leaves from there silently and he makes guard falls on fire and tells adarsh is dead.. Which makes swadheentha shock and she cries..

Swadheentha tells viplav that he has one choice that if dhaani life is to be saved I should be queen and dhaani should be servant to me.. He does not.. Swadheentha tries to leave.. Dhaani was unable to breath. He tells OK and announces infront of all.. Swadheentha smiles and becomes Queen.. Dhaani got normal.. Now she is servant…

From today epi u would have got idea why dhaani is servant.. Soon dhaani will find out why adarsh did not meet swadheentha? Even though he is alive? She will bring adarsh truth out soon.. So get ready.. Bye guys

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Wow unexpected … Finally got to know the truth behind swadhernth … Good episode…

  2. Excited for the next episode ….

  3. Awesome twist but its too short… Waiting for next epi so please update next one soon

  4. superb bro 🙂

  5. really appreciates ur writing skills naren……..good going…..i think she is positive frm heart…..but sad for vidhani

  6. Amazing I hope u r fine now…

  7. Nice epi..dude..keep continu

  8. It was really good.
    Good to know about their past..??

  9. main kabse theri episode 4 kaliyae wait kar raha huu.plzzzzzzzz upload fast it was a kind request

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