Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 66 – Season 2

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


Author’s Note :   I know everyone of you are angry/disappointed and uninterested in reading my written stuffs. But trust me my laptop gave me a tough time for almost all these months and I couldn’t do anything. But from now on I would try giving sequential updates. Hope you all would forgive me understanding my situation.



Annika (stupid) & Shivaay (khadoos) are childhood friends where Annika’s parents work for Oberois.
Jhanvi being pregnant with Rudra. On the day of delivery of Jhanvi, Annika’s father Harsh was being murdered while Annika’s mom as well as Jhanvi was being poisoned.
However Jhanvi &Rudra survives while Annika’s mom Meghana dies.
Annika comes to Oberoi office to meet Harsh, but sees Tej holding the knife while Harsh lying in pool of blood.
Later she tries to run, when someone hits on her head.
On the other hand Annika’s sister Gauri is sent with her Aunt, while Annika finds herself in orphanage.
Oberois sell their villa to Rana’s and move to other mansion naming it as Oberoi Mansion .
Annika is been adopted by Chaturvedi while Oberois except Kalyani Oberoi moves to London and set up their business.
Annika requests chaturvedi to take her to oberoi villa and finds none there…time passes by and Shivaay couldn’t ever find Annika.
Sahil is born to chaturvedis and one day while coming from somewhere chaturvedis along with Sahil and Annika meet with an accident , where by Sahil loses his one leg and Annika loses her memory.
However she dreams of the murder and car accident.
The time leaps and Kalyani Oberoi asks a Oberois to come back to India. ShiOmRuPrinku come and start handling the business.
Gauri and Annika also grow up to be independent and in search of Job opportunity reach Mumbai and join Oberoi Industries.
Oberois in London face issues with Riddhima kapoor who also comes to India to avenge the death of her sister Mallika Kapoor.
In the meantime, Shivaay recognises Annika as his childhood sweetheart through the locket he gifted to her in his childhood and finds the picture of him and her in the locket.
However due to memory loss Annika fails to remember anything and acts hysterical.
Saumya works as temporary employee in Oberoi Industry and studies in same college where Rudra goes.
In course of time all the couples develop fondness for each other.
Riddhima reaches mumbai to take revenge.
In series of events, Gauri gets shot by Riddhima and falls into critical state.
Gauris maasi reaches there thats when Shivaay and Kalyani dadi realises Annika and Gauri to be sisters.
Annika saves Gauri through Bonemarrow transplant .
At the same shivaay gets to know Annika has Anterograde Amnesia and that there is one expert to handle sich cases , while he resides in Paris.
Shivaay in pretext of sahil legs injury treatment takes Annika to Paris. While om and Gauri move to London to handle the mess created by Tej.
Shivaay reveals the truth of who Annika is by showing her pics, videos and other stuff.
However Annika still fails to remember anything but accepts the truth about her past.
In the meantime om tells Gauri why they don’t celebrate Rudras birthday , which Gauri shares with Annika.
Annika calls Dadi and convinces her to give permission to celebrate Rudras birthday.
All the couples reach Paris and celebrate Rudras birthday.
Later the same night the couples confess love to each other and were in happy state of mind.

7 years Later :

‘’Chutki…wake up…we are getting late’’ a voice screamed

‘’how can we be late, when we are the one who are ..’’ Chutki aka Gauri was about to complete the sentence but the other voice stopped her

‘’It doesn’t matter who we are…what matters is how we are and what needs to be done…so wake up…we have an important meeting to attend and this meeting will end my dream’’

Gauri’s face fell down and she got down from the queen size bed , a maid came and set everything ready so that Gauri can get ready quickly

‘’Maasi….i will handle, no need to do all this everyday’’ Gauri spoke politely

‘’Nahi beta….i like to do all these, these works gives me a feeling of satisfaction that I am atleast able to return all the favours you sisters have bestowed upon me and my family’’

‘’Maasi…we did nothing great and please early morning no sentiments and moreover this is a huge villa and only we sisters live here, Sahil left for higher studies and it can definitely provide shelter to your chutku sa family which is now ours too…’’

‘’Not everyone thinks like you both sisters…’’ she smiled brightly

‘’I can’t win over you in this matter’’ Gauri raised her hands as if giving up

‘’then why do you start all this ?’’ a voice again heard

‘’Anikaa diiiiiiiii’’ Gauri ran towards Anika , the one who spoke and hugged her , smiling brightly

‘’Come on Chutki, I don’t want to miss on this deal and you know without you I cannot ..’’ Anika was about to complete the statement when

‘’Dii…just 5 minutes and I will be ready’’

‘’5 minutes means 30 minutes isn’t it’’ Annika patted Gauri’s shoulder , smiled and left from there

————in the large Living room

‘’Hello Sahil…Good morning’’

‘’Annika dii…how are you and howz Gauri didi? Today is your deal finalisation right…all the best and listen once the deal is finalised , you will give me  party…also listen I need that new Mercedes Car , I will be sending the pic, also …’’

‘’Sahil…sahil…will you let me speak…we all are fine here and how is Madhu maasi ji? Are you taking good care of her…I couldn’t stay back to take care of you and at that moment Maasi has extended her helping hand, so do take very good care of her…’’

‘’Dii…we both are taking care of each other…and guess what we both are going for evening walk these days and maasi ji had her make over done…you know now she is looking haawwt…like really haawt…’’



‘’Send me the pics and I am happy , you both are enjoying’’

‘’I will send , but for that I need the new car’’

‘’Sahil, complete your studies and excel them and then I promise I will buy you the best car from the best company you ask me’’

‘’Lamborghini then’’

‘’whatever you put your hand on, but remember you need to excel in your studies’’

‘’okk fine…give my love to Gauri dii too and yes I will send pics of maasi ji in the evening and I promise I will work very hard and make you proud….I love you Annika didi’’

‘’love you too Sahil…take care and give my regards to maasi ji’’

‘’bye dii’’

The call ended

‘Dii…whose call was it?’’

‘’Sahil’s …who else will I talk to?’’ Annika’s face shrinked

Gauri put her hand on Annika’s shoulder and pressed, Annika looked at her and smiled and cupped her face not looking into her eyes

‘’Dii..please , don’t try to hide your looks away from me….’’

‘’Gauri, whenever I see you, I feel guilty, Guilty of snatching your ‘’

‘’Sshhhh…Dii….you haven’t done anything, so stop being guilty, I have taken decision on my own and came with you and I am proud of my decision’’

‘’But Gauri…you know right, I will never stop you if you want to ..’’

‘’No didi…this is our life , our decision and we both will work towards it together’’

‘’Ye Lo Curd and sugar…’’ maasi came towards them with a bowl , both sisters smiled and asked her to feed them, she happily fed them and they both bent to take her blessings , she blessed and Annika and Gauri left for their workplace


———————-OM, Mumbai

‘’Shivaay’’ Tej shouted

‘’Jeth Ji, why are you screamings? ‘’ Pinky came and taunted Tej

‘’I should not only scream but yell at your son for his doings’’

‘’What did he do’s now?’’

‘’ask me what he did not do? He has thrown everything into waste and remember one day we will be ruined , ruined to streets’’

‘’Say that you will be ruined, not we’’

‘’ohh really Pinky, remember Shivaay has named everything on Om, Rudra and Prinku’s name , so logically we will still have a place to stay but you, shakthi and Shivaay will be on roads’’

‘’Jheth jii’’ pinky screamed

‘’why? What happened? Are you feeling bad? But let me say you, this is your truth’’ Tej gave a sharp look

‘’What’s happening?’’ A guy with bluish green orbs in rugged jeans and white T-shirt came playing with Bike keys

‘’ohh Welcome…welcome Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…I was asking for you’’

‘’Me…but why?’’ Shivaay spoke frowning

‘’How can you be so cool when we are losing every battle’’ Tej questioned

‘’I don’t understand what you are talking about?’’

Om, Ru, Prinku, Dadi, Jhanvi, Shakthi gathered in the hall where Pinky, Tej and Shivaay were already present.

‘’really Shivaay…you don’t know what happened or are you acting smart. Now what are you upto?’’

Shivaay smiled and looked at everyone

‘’Like seriously I don’t have any idea of what you are speaking and I have no interest in knowing too…and if there is something you want to speak , I have 15 minutes time to leave, so you can speak , after that I need to party, have some drinks and do some dance…you know my schedules are always busy’’

‘’Yeah, I know very well, and where from the money will come for all your these stupid luxuries and parties…have you ever thought? ‘’ Tej reprimanded

‘’That’s not my concern, that’s your problem bade papa …I have given whatever I owned to your family and you promised me that you will give me luxuries…am I right…like everyone standing here are the proofs , so now it is your problem to supply me my luxuries whenever I ask and whatever I ask’’ he moved the keys in a circle over his fingers

‘’Ohh stop it Shivaay…you know I can step back from my promise If I feel it is going overboard’’

‘’Fine…then you do whatever you want and I will do whatever I want’’

‘’what do you mean whatever you want’’

‘’I know today is a major deal for you and without my presence you cannot win over, I thought to come from my party to be present but since you are denying me my right’s, I am not feeling like coming and then………..’’ he dropped the key chain from his hands and spoke ‘’the remaining business will fall the same way’’ he smiled

‘’So you have come on blackmailing your own family’’

‘’My family…like really…wowwwwwwwwww……good joke bade papa I mean Mr.Tej Oberoi….’’ He smiled

Om-Ru , Prinku-Dadi were getting shattered seeing Shivaay’s state …

‘’Enough Shivaay…enough’’ tej yelled again

‘’Exactly enough Bade papa…I am not the once upon a time old Shivaay Singh Oberoi , who will nod for everything and go away silently thinking this is my family, these are my people, I am the one to take responsibility…that Shivaay is dead, he is dead long back…this Shivaay is selfish, cold hearted and nothing can melt him, neither your taunts nor your love …so pay the party bills whenever they arrive on to your desk and yeah, don’t even think of cross-doing something which will make you repent later’’ he spoke subtly yet dangerously

Shivaay left from there and everyone just looked on

Dadi had tears and OmRu Prinku were holding Dadi…

‘’My heera beta has lost all the charm , he has done everything for the family and today you all have made him like this’’

‘’Ohh Pinky just shut up….everyone knows who did what’’

‘’That Girl, that girl has destroyed this family and is still on verge of breaking us’’ Tej sat in the sofa with a thud

‘’why should you blame her Tej…one day karma comes back, we destroyed her family and today it is coming back to us. Our mistakes are making us suffer ‘’

‘’Dadi please….please stay calm. Everything will be alright’’

‘’How will everything be alrights? Till that girl is there nothing is alright, I so wish she should have died..’’

‘’Chotii maaa…..enough….please don’t stoop much low than this….it is not her mistake..you also know this…’’

‘’you are saying this Om…she took away your ..’’

‘’I don’t mind that Choti maa, because what she did was right and I am proud of her..if was in her state, I would have also done the same’’

‘’Huhhh…good that she is out of our lives, the moment she stepped into our lives our bad luck started…I don’t know when will all this end’’

‘’this will never end till we all bend before her and this she will make us do. So get ready ‘’ Dadi warned

———OM, Pool Side

‘’O….i am not able to see Shivaay bhayya like this…’’

‘’Do you think I can see him like this Rudra?’’

‘’What should we do O…how can we make him normal?’’

‘’you know the only solution and that solution is impossible’’

‘’Shall I go and talk to her O..i am sure she still loves me and will not deny me’’

‘’no Rudra, she will not listen to you too….she is not the same old one that we knew, she changed and she changed Shivaay too…how happy we were and then everything doomed…’’

‘’I am not able to do anything that will make everything normal…I wish I could do something’’

‘’Time changes everything Rudra, if the time had changed Shivaay and her so, it will change both of them back to what they were’’

‘’O…everything was so perfect on the birthday night of mine and later everything started falling apart and now it feels as if we all travelling on parallel lines, had she not regained her …’’

‘’Don’t say so Rudra, it was necessary for Shivaay to get her back as to how he wanted and it happened too but probably none of us imagined the outcome would be a disaster.’’’

Silence prevailed for some time and it broke when Rudra’s mobile rang

‘’I hate when she calls me’’ Rudra tried to throw away the phone

‘’I have always said you Rudra, she is not at fault , they spoke the truth ‘’

‘’Had they not spoke the truth probably things would have been much better…what do you say …jalti huin aag mein ghee daalna (pouring clarified butter in the fire) “

‘’I think you should talk to her once Rudra. If not me and Shivaay atleast you can get back your’’

‘’O please…my every feeling died after that day…she had every chance to stop but she didn’t…’’

‘’Rudra being elder to you, I would still say, anyone in her place would have done so as she did…rest I leave it to your own senses….but I strongly believe it is your fault to blame her’’

Saying Om left and Rudra slipped into thoughts !!!!


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