Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Antra comes close to AJ

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ and Guddan put his clothes in the closet. Guddan’s saree gets stuck in his watch. AJ touches guddan’s face. Antra comes there. Antra says what are you doing in her room? Guddan says this saree got stuck. Antra picks a scissor and cuts it. she says done. Don’t be seen around my husband. Hope you dont’ get trapped. Antr says sorry if you mind I am straightforward. AJ says antra.. ANtra says you don’t need to speak between women. I know I am the only special one for you. Guddan is married I know she would understand. Antra says I have planned a surprise for you. Guddan will help me in it. AJ says she is busy in wedding preps. Antra says she can help and she would learn too how to keep husband happy. Maybe your husband doesn’t leave you alone like this then. He would stay like AJ. She takes Guddan downstairs.

Antra says to Guddan is this? The whole room is decorated. Antra says recalling your wedding night? Saru and Durga did all this. I want everything to be perfect. Tonight is very important for me and AJ. Plan everything for me. Durga says we can’t say no to Antra. Guddan says I can’t decorate this room. These things are related to emotions no one can do this better than the wife. Antra says you are right. I don’t need a wedding planner I need my husband’s love only. Guddan leaves. Laxmi says to Guddan I know you’re hurt. BUt you are so strong. Guddan says I trust AJ. He gves me this strength. Durga says wow guddan. How stupid are you. Antra is AJ’s first wife. She has right on AJ. Your love can’t defeat her. For how long would you stop him? Their relationship is older.

Antra brings AJ to room. She says do you like it? Durga says open your eyes. She she is AJ’s past present and future. She loves AJ madly. AJ wont be able to stop himself from going to be close to her. Tomorrow will bring you a truth. Antra comes close to AJ. She says time took our past from us but not our present. Guddan circles money on Durga. She says this isn’t for bad eye. Tomorrow will bring more trust for my husband in my heart. All your efforts would go in vain and I wont feel bad for you. Durga says AJ wont be able to stop himself. I will show you Guddan, you are the third one.

AJ comes out of the room. He stands in the balcony. Guddan sees him. Antra comes and takes him inside. She hugs AJ. AJ says this isn’t right ANtra. She says I am your wife Antra. AJ says I am sorry I can’t do this. Antra says why? I thought I was overthinking but I had this feeling You don’t love me anymore. Tell me to do you love me or not? Who is it? Who took you from me. AJ says yes there is someone. The one you called guest is my wife. She is Guddan Akshad Jindal. No one took me from you. You left my life. You were my past and she is my present. Antra faints. AJ was dreaming all this.

Durga says to AJ pray for AJ’s strength tonight. Guddan says do you have any shame you are listening to me. Durga says brought this cold milk for you. Guddan says I dont’ need anything. I trust my husband. Durga says do you know what wedding night is? How would you, you and AJ are friends only. AJ is a man how would you stop him from going to Antra. Drink this milk and sleep alone. Get used to of sleeping alone. Guddan spills the milk on Durga. She says your dirty mentality wont be clean from water so I thought I should try milk. You are the eldest DIL yet you have no shame. You are saying all this about your FIL and MIL. Let me repeat again, I trust my husband and I know he respects this relationship.

Precap: Antra check hand print of Guddan near her hand print, Guddan say it was by mistake and Antra ask her to remove her mistake, durga and saraswati smile, While doing so, Akshat hold Guddan hand and declare that Guddan is his wife, MIL and DIL of Jindal house….

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why antara is as despicable as that .. She thinks she’s a princess, really she’s pathetic .. Just arrived she wants a romantic night and spent with Aj .. Really .. AJ should ask questions .. Why so much of precipitation to revive so quickly .. In his way of being is so .. To speak .. In short he should ask questions .. In short to like the answer of Guddqn for durga .. Finally she wakes up the little .. It’s difficult this track because I like the actress who plays Antara .. But I do not like it in the negative role …. Durga deserves much more .. Fortunately Laxmi is there to support it .. She’s a very good friend .. Waiting to see the episode

  2. Leisa s morris

    Durga needs more than a glass of cold milk thrown on her this woman is soo shameless. Despite knowing that aj is guddans husband she is encouraging dis. Where d hell r their husbands dat these two can roam around causing trouble. Aj is in enough of a tough situation without dem adding to d situation. On one hand his long thought dead wife whom he loved immensely and on d other is his new wife who he has fallen in love with. Antras his past but dis woman can make his present troublesome.

  3. Waw guddan you’re awesome. Durga has had one of her payback.
    guddan told her the right things. go guddan. This antra . antra really works on my nerves. she loves to interfere terribly. if you ask me i think akshat is a bit tight. he can get stronger

  4. Sorry, I mean durga loves to interfere not antra.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Cupboard secene was cute ??I was hoping that was not dream, but it was…????? but I am liking day by day growing bonding b/w Guddan and Akshat??????, and last secene was mindblowing when Guddan threw Milk on Durga??????

    Precap: Antra check hand print of Guddan near her hand print, Guddan say it was by mistake and Antra ask her to remove her mistake, durga and saraswati smile, While doing so, Akshat hold Guddan hand and declare that Guddan is his wife, MIL and DIL of Jindal house….

    1. Wow the presumed dead wife is ready to rekindle her married life. This a bit too convenient for our liking. Rawat needs to come clean about Antra because he had accused AJ of murdering Antra. Durga and Saru need a life with their husbands instead of hurting AJ and Guddan. Why don’t their husbands control their meddlesome ways. Hope that Antra secrets are disclosed by Rawat and AJ saves hid marriage with Guddan.

  6. Omg guys did yourll watch the precap? Guddan was imprinting her hands on the wall and antra got angry and said how can a guest imprint her hands in their house and guddan told antra it was a mistake and antra went crazy psycho and pulled her and told her to wipe that off the wall and Akshat came and stopped antra and told antra that guddan is not a guest, she is guddan Akshat Jindal, this house saas and his wife. It was so awesome omg I can’t wait for tomorrow but I hope it’s not a dream. I don’t think it’s a dream though because aj already had one dream sequence today of telling her the truth so maybe tomorrow is for real because he couldn’t tolerate antra dragging and pulling guddan like that, could see anger in his eyes. But what I’m afraid of is that she will go unconscious and still remember everything but maybe pretend like she doesn’t remember and then doctors will say don’t ever give her such a big shock again or she will lose her life so she will use that to her advantage to get close to Akshat and Akshat will have to do everything she wants. I don’t even know how Akshat is going to get out of this suhag raat but the way antra was made and crazy in precap, it doesn’t look like she had a good night so definitely Akshat escaped. If anyone knows any upcoming news, please share. So excited for tomorrow’s episode

  7. Hey guys. I just watched latest news on the net that guddan shoots aj in the heart and it’s either bcoz barf escapes from jail and kidnaps guddans father and tells guddan to shoot aj to release her father or it’s bcoz there’s some secret regarding antra that guddan and aj want to find out so they stage an acting of the shooting where aj knows it’s not a real bullet but pretends. Whatever it is, guddan can never really shoot aj, even if her father is kidnapped, she will find some way to save her father without shooting her husband. I just hope this is fake news or that it’s both aj and guddans plan because if it’s not, and she really shoots him and he survives and hates her, I’m never watching this show again. Writers, please take into consideration that guddans character is such that she can’t even hurt a fly so do not make her character bad bcoz audience will not accept it

    1. I agree….can’t the the writers let Guddan all AJ have some peace and quiet in the lives to work on their budding romance? A little Guddi would be so cute…….This Antara track needs to end….it is really working on my nerves…by the way, she is back 2days and she knows that Durga and Kishore have marital issues? Ankara have been resting most of those 2 days??? Read the article on Guddan shooting AJ! I hope this doesn’t cause another separation…..of leap that these writers so love!

    2. I fail to understand how can AJ have loved such a selfish n self-centered person. The way AJ n Dadi used to talk about Antara I had a specific image of her in my mind . AJ had literally put her on a pedestal n worshipped her for so many years. But Antara is nothing like that ,she is very strong n has her own mind n verrry stubborn. Also how can AJ all of a sudden bcom so detached from her ? Loved d part where Guddan gives back to Durga . I think Guddan’s character needs to evolve a little more b strong. She sud not allow Durga , Saraswati n Antara to run roughshod on her. Yes saw d new promo n was completely flummoxed, Guddan shooting her AJ in front of her entire household. Also heard that Antaras brother Rawat was s coming back…Hope once d truth is revealed to Antara in 2dsys episode AJ will shift in Guddan’s room .

  8. Leisa s morris

    I know dat when someone awakes from a coma everyting is just like yesterday for dem so it could b understandable for antra to just fall back into d role of wife but if she really was antra and knowing dat so much time has passed she wouldnt b focus on romancing aj in d bedroom but b trying to figure out all d changes dat took place and give aj time to deal with her return. Dis woman however has been hot for ajs bod since her entrance and cares bout nothing else. Wasnt she and dadi close yet shes not even interested in talking to dadi and finding out how shes been since she was gone. Also if its been 15 yrs since she died dat would mean dat d dil should all have children by now y isnt she enquiring bout family members. Or is it dat d dil came after her death then if so how does she know dem. Also since her entrance she has warned guddan twice to, stay way from aj y would she b when she was told dat guddan is married unless she knows for a fact dat guddan is ajs wife.D way aj and dadi spoke bout antra dis woman is nothing like dat.


    If she is truly Antara then why did she not inquire about her sons Kishore and the others and last episode when she pulled guddan’s mangalsutra she kind of proved that she knows everything about aj and Antara when ever antara questions Guddan Durga smiles and her dressing code geez she dresses like a 20 yr old who just married!

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    I m actually surprised a lot of ppl started watching this show for this track ? at least no. of comments says so
    I haven’t been watching the show for a while but caught up with all the episodes yesterday
    This Antra track isnt as bad as I thought it will be, but still quite a cliched track
    I have a very strong feeling this is not the real Antra. AJ can never love such an obsessive n rude lady. I think even Aj knows she is fake.
    Its really annoying when Guddan stays silent or doesnt say anything, but i love it when she opens her mouth to shut others
    Guddan throwing milk on Durga is ???
    But I hate how this weird track has such beautiful Akshan scenes ??
    The current Antra track isnt that good but the Akshan scenes r amazing ?

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