Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 63

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


‘’Rudra…please…I …I don’t…’’

Before she could complete he held her by her shoulders and his grip tightened while he looked at her , precisely her eyes.

‘’Rudra you are hurting me’’ she almost had tears in her eyes

His grip loosened a bit, and they shared an eyelock

‘’Rudra …i…I think…you…you must leave…you know ..we have nothing to talk more…everything end..ended….’’ she looked away

‘’Really?’’ he asked  to which she tried to look away but he tightened his grip and spoke in a destroying yet subtle manner

‘’Do you really think everything ended Saumya…answer me Saumya? Why are you silent?’’


‘’Yes Rudra …the same Rudra whom you used to call me Duffer, the same Rudra whom you used to tease me to the hell, the same Rudra who was supposed to be the only special person in your life, the same Rudra with whom you shared your first Kis’’ he stopped while she looked on


‘’What please? What for please? Answer me Saumya…if you feel everything is over I will leave from here right now and I promise I will never get back to you…but before you say me the answer , I have something else to ask’’

She looked questioningly

‘’If everything was over for you, why were you a part of my special day? Why did you help Annika didi and Gauri didi? Why did you ensure that everything was of my likes? Why did you guide them? Why did you do this for me? why damn it why?’’ he screamed

‘’Yes I did….’’ She too screamed and then calming down she spoke ‘’yes I did…because I can’t see you sad…I can’t see you the feeling of not celebrating the birthday and treating it like any other random day….i can’t see you hiding the pain under the mask of smile….’’

‘’Why? Why Saumya…why can’t you see me so? For you everything ended right?’’

‘’Didn’t it end for you Rudra?’’

‘’Did I ever say it ended for me?’’

‘’Your actions spoke so….’’

‘’You remembered my rudeness , the actions I did in anger…but you could never see the emotion behind that anger and rudeness….Sumo…’’ he stopped

‘’Sumo….’’ This name echoed in her ears

‘’You know when you asked me not to call you Sumo, how I felt…I felt as if I am not calling myself…then your cold behaviour towards me…it irked me, it irked me that I started hurting you, but what you never realised was I was hurting myself much more than it hurt you…I tried to deviate myself, concentrate on my work , but I failed…I failed because you were not with me…how to say you Sumo…it never ended for me, instead it kept on increasing for me ‘’

‘’Rudra..’’ Sumo’s supressed tears were let out

‘’Now speak out Something Sumo, else I will , I will’’ he had tears running out

‘’You what? You will cry right Duffer…you can do nothing else than crying…dumbo, duffer, idiot’’ she cupped his face and scolded

‘’I missed this Sumo…I really missed this’’

‘’I too Rudra…’’ she hugged him

‘’by the way Sumo…from past few minutes we have been saying it, it , it….what is this it?’’

‘’Rudra you know what you are seriously duffer….’’

‘’and I would like to be your duffer sumo, before , now and everafter’’

‘’are you flirting or proposing me?’’

‘’I am duffer , you are intelligent…so you can understand whatever you want to’’

‘’Rudraaa’’ she called him cutely hitting his chest

He held her hands , pulling her towards him , not deviating his looks from her eyes…he leaned towards her….she closed her eyes , while her breathe went uneven….he took her lips with his , while she reciprocated his action….indulging in the sweetest delight they kissed passionately for few minutes….drifted apart in need of oxygen…both smiled and hugged each other ,,,

‘’this is indeed the best birthday of my life…thank you Sumo, for making this so special for me…Rudra whispered in her ears while hugging

‘’Is that all you want to say me Rudra?’’

‘’Are you expecting something else Sumo?’’

‘’Yes…I mean No’’

He smiled , while she tried to break the hug

‘’Sumo, don’t break the hug…I want to say something else too’’


‘’Promise me…you will not get angry after I say…and…and …even if you feel bad, don’t try to go away from me’’

‘’Duffer….speak out fast…you are scaring me’’


Sumo at once broke the hug and looked at him…’’You are kidding right’’

‘’Not this time Sumo…I realised late but I realised and this time I am serious’’

She couldn’t believe what she heard …but she was happy, happy from inside and she hugged him back ‘’I LOVE YOU DUFFER….I REALLY LOVE YOU TOO’’ she spoke

Their hug continued




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